Shock: Bristol Palin Baby Daddy Not That Bright

Oh lordy: someone actually tracked down Levi Johnston, the baby daddy of Bristol Palin’s spawn, for an interview about his position in/on the current politic climate.

Confirming most people’s suspicions, Levi (who dropped out of high school after the proclamation of his fatherhood), is the type of guy that makes Brody Jenner look like Dr. Gregory House in comparison. No biggie – that just means he will have no problem communicating with his future in-laws.

Some pearls of wisdom from the hockey hunk, after the jump…


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  • Kid A

    lol @ the men-sar focusing on black people all the time. what a failure of a human being.

    OBAMA BIDEN 08!!!

  • CastleRock

    Jesus Christ….leave the fucking kid alone!

  • jGrrl

    He has nothing to do with anything unless you’re buying into the silly “slam the families” mentality of the majority of republicans right now but otherwise – its just cute gossip, nobody gets mad when we call LiLo or Brittney foolish, who cares as long as it doesn’r become menacing? Aside from all of that – the kid is so deliciously dumb that I can’t help but love him! I have two teen daughters and if it wasn’t for his libido I’d be happy to let him date them, or Bristol for that matter – she’s a very pretty young woman.

  • marco hussein channing

    “lol @ the democrats focusing on sarah palin’s daughter’s boyfriend. what a failure of a campaign.”

    Oh you poor uneducated Men-Sar. Queerty is a blog, not a campaign.

    Pronunciation: \ˈblȯg, ˈbläg\
    Function: noun
    Etymology:short for Weblog

    a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer ; also : the contents of such a site

  • osocubano

    Dumb, but cute.

  • fredo777

    Btw, lol @ you for talking about a “failure of a campaign” while championing McPalin’s shaky, flip-floppy, downright disorganized campaign.

  • Alan down in Florida

    His feelings about her surprise pregnancy:

    At first, I was nervous,” he said. “Then I was like, ‘Whatever.'”

    Well this certainly seems like a boy prepared to be a father. I’d take book that the 2 will not be together anymore within 18 months of the child’s birth.

  • Darth Paul

    This is pretty tame and irrelevant compared to the endless and shameless antics of the Bush brood.

  • Dom

    Hey, that Republican/Christian abstinance education sure did Bristol a lot of good, didn’t it? Oh, and all of you complaining about poor widdle Bwistol and Wevi being dragged thru the mud during this election season, start bitching at her wacko mother, who dragged her daughters pregnant ass on stage during the Republican convention and had the gall to subject her other 7-year old daughter to boos at a Philly hockey game by trying to use her as a shield against the derision at that game. And the reason , you RW boneheads, that many Dems and others are upset about Palin’s daughter is the double standard applied. If Bristol was some black or poor kid, the Repubs would be screaming about how irresponsible she and her parents are, and the need for abstinance. Too bad Palin’s crackhead son isn’t gay – she and the Repubs might be fighting against Prop 8 in California. What a bunch of fucking hypocrites. I hope they are ground into political powder by Obama and the Democrats.

  • fredo777

    Gee, Dom, I get the sense that you’re kinda holding back.

    Tell us how you really feel. ; )


    What a bunch of F%cking losers, attacking the daughter and her boyfriend.

    Is trashing the Obama girls fine with you drones also?

  • walt zipprian

    Are the Obama girls giving interviews to the media?

    Are they even consenting adults?

    No, they are not.

    Chur-chilly you are a fucking moron.

    Look, I even spelled fucking correctly.

  • surlygirl

    MEN-SAR, what does race have to do with anything? Wow! You are an incredibly angry guy! Did a Black guy steal your girlfriend or boyfriend? Poor baby! Why don’t you go blow off some steam at one of McCain-Palin’s Klan rallies? You’ll fit right in.

  • Republicans = Hypocrites

    Is trashing the Obama girls fine with you drones also?

    You mean like when John McCain told a “joke” in 1998 nabout how ugly Chelsea Clinton was?

  • Mr C

    MEN-SAR You and Churchill-Y are 2 punks wouldn’t have the nerve to say some really FUCKED UP Shit.

    But could you be as bold and say it in person???? I don’t think so and I know ChumpPunk-Y is a illegitimate Love child from a Black Man and she is just so angry beause her daddy is Black.


  • Chuck

    Give Sex On Skates a break. He was still charged with the Best Crime Ever, fishing in Moose Lake out of Season.

    And what man among us would not do him in a heartbeat.

  • Darth Paul

    Mr C is funny.

  • ChristopherM

    I wouldn’t do him, Chuck. Dumb is not sexy.

  • Dom

    As Shirley Hemphill used to say, “I’m crampin’, baby, I’m crampin'”.
    And here’s a bit of advice to all you str8 male teens out there: if you are going to have sex with your girls, wear a condom. And if you don’t want to wear a condom, ask your gay friends if they can give you a blowjob (you know who they are!). Both of these actions will save you a lot of trouble down the road.

  • Robert

    Hey… I posted earlier today (my post was clearly there) and now its gone… maybe its because I directly admonished Querrty for this post using negative words to describe an unborn child?

    Hmmmm… just wondering…

  • michael

    It actually makes me quite sad. Here are two really adorable teenagers, just living their lives and doing what teenagers do, FUCK! Had her bitch mother taught her about birth control then they would have so much to look forward in life. Now they are being forced, and you know that is what is happening, and their lives are being determined by some cunts ambitions. I hope Levi is getting a big fucking check from the Republicans for doing this and I hope he cashes it before his bitch in law loses her election. All Palin cares about is winning this election. She would put her youngest child in a carnival sideshow and sell tickets if she thought it would get her into the White House.
    Palin defines white trash.

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