SHOCK: Gays Find Out How to Marry By Swapping Genitals!

Shhh! Gays, huddle ’round, because boy do we have a secret to share with you. Tired of having to lobby elected officials, convince judges, and appeal to the White House to get your same-sex marriage rights? Forget about all that, because a new scientific development has just been released to make the process of marrying your loved one easy-peezy! If you’re a dude who wants to get gay married to another dude, just visit a qualified medical surgeon, or a butcher, and you’ll be on your way to the altar!

Ugh, but according to this report, they’re on to us!

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  • edgyguy1426

    This was hysterical

  • Miss Understood

    It’s barely a parody considering the stuff on Fox.

  • RichardR

    Love the Onion. Hilarious all the time.

  • Smokey Martini

    Sadly, this is a reality in Iran where gay men undergo sex changes to work around the criminalization of homosexuality.

  • Colin

    the onion is amazing. i love that tattoo, ahahaha.

  • christophe

    How did this uneducated bigot even get elected??? I can’t even think straight after watching this.

  • christophe

    I thought that was actually “real” until I looked at the video closer and read the comments! Stupid me.

  • asffasf

    Join us tonight for a related story on “How gay men are killing straight women, assuming their identities, and stealing their husbands.”

    Hilarious :D

  • Stephen

    Just to clarify, this hilarious video is just a joke. Everyone gets that, right? The Onion is a wonderfully hysterical, satirical, fake news source. Gotta love it!

  • BobP

    Gay buses? I loved that one.

  • Michael vdB

    OMG! I can see the “Bearded Lady” lawsuits now.

  • dgz

    a penis-vagina exchange program! rofl.

  • Doug

    I still thought it was real after they reported Alabama’s governor wanted to give full body exams to all couples wanting to marry, Sadly that sounds about right from that state.

  • Scott

    @Miss Understood:
    You are spot on! This is something you’d expect to see on “I don’t have anything against gays but America might” O’Reilly.

  • KyleR

    I’m scared that this satire might give ideas to the Repulsives. Most of them are stupid enough to believe that this is all real.

  • jack

    i am from kuwait i want sex

  • bryce

    so fast! i had to watch it a few times to even get it all.
    something about ‘rooms full of garish half human ghouls wearing skin like masks’ . . . ?
    the onion is pro gay all the way.

  • Breefolk

    Being transsexual myself, I don’t really find this all that funny. There actually ARE people that think that way, and it gets really tiring dealing with them.

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