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SHOCK: Harry Reid Working With John McCain To Abandon Gay Troops In Dropping DADT Repeal

From the unbelievable world of Democrats Inc. comes word that after a failed — and lackluster — campaign to kill Don’t Ask Don’t Tell by attaching a compromised repeal to the Defense Department’s budget reauthorization bill, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is going to strip DADT from the Pentagon bill altogether.

Working with none other than DADT lover Sen. John McCain, Reid is moving forward with a bipartisan attempt to more swiftly pass a military budget bill — at the expense of openly gay troops. The two top Senate Armed Services Committee members, the WSJ reports, are working in cahoots to keep DADT repeal out of the bill. Oh what a difference two months and a mid-term election make.

A spokeswoman for Mr. McCain, who opposes the repeal, confirmed he is in talks with Mr. Levin on how to proceed on the defense bill but didn’t provide details.

Moving the defense bill is also complex, especially if it includes controversial measures, because it could take two weeks or longer on the Senate floor, and the coming session is expected to last only three or four weeks.

Tommy Sears, executive director of the Center for Military Readiness, which opposes a repeal, rated the chance of action “extremely low.” Richard Socarides, an activist and former adviser on gay rights to President Bill Clinton, said it was “extremely unrealistic” that Congress would take it up this year.

The move comes on the heels of Defense Sec. Robert Gates offering a meaningless wish that DADT would be repealed during the lame duck session. Also worth noting: Gates’ replacement could be none other than ousted Rep. Ike Skelton, the pro-DADT former House Armed Services Committee chairman who’s rumored to be in consideration for the defense secretary gig. (Also under consideration:John J. Hamre, a deputy defense secretary in the Clinton administration who’s now a Gates advisor).

All of which means Reid, fresh from a career-saving election victory, is celebrating by throwing gay troops under the bus. And working with one of the Senate’s most homophobic officials — and a guy who Reid himself said of, in 2008, “I can’t stand John McCain.” And just two months ago, in debating immigration attachments to the defense bill, Reid addressed McCain publicly: “Any American so courageous and patriotic that he or she wants to serve our country in the military should be able to do so. Senator McCain and anyone else who thinks the DREAM Act is not directly related to our national security should talk to the brave young men and women who want to defend our country but are turned away. Senator McCain should know better than anyone that patriots who step up to serve our grateful nation should be offered a path to citizenship, and that anyone who volunteers to serve should be welcomed regardless of their sexual orientation.”

And just when Obama called on groups like the Log Cabin Republicans to get him a handful of Senate votes to support repeal, the president’s top Senate Democrat is already giving up hope. Change you can believe in?

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  • Dale

    LCR and GOProud responded to Obama’s plea by endorsing openly homophobic candidates. I tend to agree with the gay Republicans in that the era of special rights is over and we need to work on common ground issues such as the death tax and repealing Obamacare. As GOProud has stated, a public official is not a ‘homophobe’ just for opposing our lifestyle or practicing a faith which prohibits homosexual acts. Senator McCain and Speaker Boehner have every right to question Obama’s agenda and any risk it may pose to our troops.

  • Andy

    @Dale: When were there special rights?

  • Adam

    @Dale: Though I agree with your points about finding common ground, I have to disagree with your (and GOProud’s) point. If a politician doesn’t support marriage equality or repealing DADT, they are a homophobe. Are they as gay bashers? No. But the era where these politicians get to vote against our rights and claim to be gay friendly is over. They are homophobes, there is no other word for them. And Harry Reid should be ashamed of himself.

  • patty

    Dale: Since when is the Paris Hilton tax a common ground issue?
    Also, claiming that homosexual acts are wrong when heterosexual acts are, presumably, ok is biased against the gays. See: anti-gay. Fear and hatred of the gays, which defines homophobia, motivates such attitudes.

  • adman

    @Dale: You said “Our” heh. hehehe, LMAO. Crazy town is the next stop, I’m gonna sit here and listen to you argue with your alter ego from the seat behind you until we get there, OK? And Reid? Well suuure, he’s with MacCain, sucking birther dick, isn’t that special? Meh, I’m over politics in this country. Let me know when my pay-per-view choices directly affect who gets smart bombed in the middle east, I might vote then; until then, queer tea party of one sounds better every day.

  • damon459

    Well we had our chance we blew it we let the GOP and the Tea Party Tea Bag us doesn’t it feel great. Even Queerty holds a share of the blame for taking every chance they could to blame the Democrats rather then blaming the party of No which has now gained just enough power to make sure that nothing happens in the next two yrs. The GOP and the Tea Party are more concerned with trying to Impeach Obama and repealing an health care btw which I should point out if they are successful it will cuts Billions more to repeal this bill creating more debt that won’t be paid off do to even more tax cuts to the people who now own the majority of this counties wealth. I want to give a big thank you to the fragmented LGBT community that can’t agree even to disagree.

  • Rob Moore

    @Dale: Dale, fuck you. Special rights!! What is special about being allowed the same rights as the heterosexual people in the world. The right to serve without fear of persecution.

    And while I am on the subject, what is the problem with the estate tax. Number one, it affects very few in fact. You right-wing nut jobs are always blathering about the intent of the Founding Fathers, but you should try reading some of their opinions on estate taxes, which are practically draconian. To the Founding Fathers, it smacked of privilege and aristocracy to inherit wealth and position.

    You might be one of those self-righteous equivalents of a Jewish Nazi. I am one of those people who cannot purchase insurance under any circumstances even if I could pay for it. Believe me, I tried. I had malignant melanoma thirty-three years ago. I did not even have to wait for HIV to appear to be banned from donating blood. Now, I am diabetic even though I was not obese, got lots of exercise, quit smoking 22 years ago, drink sparingly, and eat a healthy diet. I was just unlucky in the genetics department and both my parents developed diabetes although my father weighed 165 pounds and was over six feet tall and my mother weighs about 100 pounds. I am more fortunate than most because I do have access to good medical care and have a very comfortable life. By rights, I suppose I ought to be a Republican so I can shift more of the burden of supporting our country to those with less since obviously I should be able to get more.

    Perhaps, you are one of the heterosexual poseurs who pop up here from time to time, or perhaps, you are a sad sack of self-absorbed and self-hating putrescence.

  • John (CA)

    @Dale: I see.

    So, fundamentalist Muslims are definitely not homophobic because they merely oppose our lifestyle, practice a faith which prohibits homosexual acts, and enact public policies that reflects their values?

    Christians in Uganda are definitely not homophobic because they merely oppose our lifestyle, practice a faith which prohibits homosexual acts, and enact public policies that reflects their values?

    Or does your little sophomoric argument about “special rights” – lame and idiotic as it is – only apply to the Republican Party and White America?

  • Dan

    There is no evidence that GOProud is actually a gay organization.

  • JustWatching

    No, Damon, the Dems blew it.

  • Cam

    Reid is pathetic. It is a military bill passed by the house, he could force the bill through the Senate by reconcilliation, the same way they did with health care. But Reid is a wimp and would never do that. Now he is giving a gift to the GOP because passing it separately will allow them to fillibuster without any possibility of a reconcilliation.

  • Mark

    @Dale: What an insulting perspective.

  • jason

    Dear Tragic Gays,

    You’ve been dudded by the Democrats yet again. You’ve been water-boarded, had your eyes poked out, and your teeth pulled out by the roots. Surely you can’t still be sending your hard-earned dollars to your Democrat-torturers?!?

    It’s time you grew up and stop being so damned gullible. You give new meaning to the word “tragic”. How much more of Obama’s lies and set-ups are you going to take? You’ve been the victims of a classic dog-and-pony show courtesy of Obama, the Democratic Party and the Pentagon.

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  • jason

    Maybe Dale thinks that looking at lesbians is natural. I bet that many of the currently serving male military personnel are pervs of girl-girl action in the adult magazines and videos. Why is it OK for them to ogle homosexual activity between women but we gay and bi men are automatically dismissed?

    I’m going to look into whether the military allows the sale of any of these magazines on its premises. If it does, it will be proven to be a hypocritical organization.

  • i_dunno_but...

    @Adam: A person must have integrity in order to be ashamed of oneself….

  • Chris

    I can no longer tell the difference between democrats and republicans. They are all the same anymore. They are all rich, overpaid, self serving, lying, inept douche bags. Politicians are all crooks…..all of them! I almost feel like we would end up with better representatives if they were only allowed to be elected by children under the age of 15. And even then I would outlaw campaigning. All that ever does is give these jerks the chance to flash their money around and throw duck shit in each others faces.

  • Oh no you didn't...

    @dale. Sorry to pile on Dale, but no offense man, you need a perspective adjustment or a big dose of self-esteem. First, they are called equal rights, not special rights based on the principal of same, not similar. Rights are inherent, not dispensed or voted on.

    As for GOProud. They don’t claim to be a gay rights advocacy group. They’re more akin to court jesters. Then again, they might really be a couple of savvy gay politicos, who figured out a way to get people to pay for them to go through life accomplishing nothing, attending great parties and living comfortably while they do it. When you get too old for the party circuit, you can just switch to the speaking circuit trolling young republican clubs for impressionable twinks. “Hey, you wanna come up to my apartment later and see my autographed copy of W’s memoir?

    The undeniable truth is that from this point forward, equality for GLBT Americans will only be achieved through judicial action. The legislative arena has been corrupted by special interest money. As for the electorate, well let’s just say that prejudice thrives in the sanctity and anonymity of the voting booth.

    So, LCR by attacking DADT through the courts has demonstrated a model for success. This was also emulated in the focused challenge to DOMA by GLAD in Massachusetts. HRC has in effect been rendered impotent and irrelevant as evidenced by Harry Reid’s jettisoning DADT from the Defense Bill. HRC survives due to nostalgia not impact. They are the big gay con.

    The smart money from this point forward will be focused on niche organizations and watchdog groups who actually intervene such as SLDN, Lambda Legal and GLAD or humanitarian efforts such as the Trevor Project. If groups like GOProud don’t get in the way of this and help lesson the “disgust factor” that older white male conservatives have regarding homosexuality, then let them have their fun.

  • Mad Hominem

    The Dems still have control of Congress. Why are they NOT pressing on this while they still can? Ugh.

  • samthor

    we all need to speak up and make our point of view heard.
    we are losing because the other side is louder and more obnoxious.
    we need to write/ email/ call our representatives and let them know what WE want/ need.

  • Jack E. Jett

    FUCKING WUSSY MORMONS. Reid has to go as in no longer the Senate leader. Could we get someone with balls?

  • Devon

    Sooooo…….30% of gays voted for repukes in the last election and instead of trying to win them back, Harry Reid is now actively trying to drive that number even higher? Yeah that seems smart…

    Jesus fucking Christ Barack, congress isn’t. going. to do it. Grow a pair and just kill DADT with some of that executive authority already.

  • Queer Supremacist

    I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again: the only good Mormon is a dead Mormon. God bless Lilburn Boggs.

    @Devon: At this rate, that number will be up to 40% by the end of the decade, and possibly above 50% within 20 years.

  • emb

    To all of you who said, “Oh, we must vote for Dems and keep Reid in office, or DADT won’t be repealed,” i say: pbbbbbbbt! Harry Reid is demonstrating clearly that when it comes to the homos, both parties are pretty much happy to throw us bus-underward.

  • GOProud stands for "Gay Oppressive Pricks"

    So Dale @1 – Just like all dumbass conservatives, you believe that equality should take a back seat to “death taxes” and “Obamacare,” because “those” are “common ground.”

    Give me a f*ing break…

  • DR


    No, Sam, we’re losing because the Democrats have no balls and no leadership skills.

    Reid’s last-minute temper tantrum in October? Not helpful.
    Obama appealing everything he can on DADT? Not helpful.
    Agreeing to go from a full legislative repeal to an amendment? Not helpful.

  • SpiffyShindigs


    Reid tried to push DADT repeal through the Senate. THE REPUBLICANS BLOCKED IT.

    Democrats trying to do something, Republicans block it DOES NOT EQUAL THE DEMOCRATS’ FAULT.

    Democrats are, god forbid, trying to make progress in the country, unlike Repubs who blindly block anything they don’t care for.

    Also, take heart, Nancy Pelosi has said that Democrats are going to start sticking more to their actual values, after noting how Blue Dog Dems got lost by the most in midterms.

  • the crustybastard

    If you’re actually shocked by this, you didn’t pay attention when Harry Reid postponed the first vote to accommodate John McCain’s primary campaign.

    And Reid did this AFTER McCain promised to filibuster the bill.

    Reid — that fucking Mormon liar — has been against us THE ENTIRE TIME.

    Nothing new here. Nothing at all.


    Sorry Mr. Choi. It’s over and you’re not getting the ring back.

  • abimael

    Well i think, reid is waiting on the pentagon report to see the results. so he can move the defense bill with less oposisiton like for example John Mccain he liked the DADT policy and when the Defence bill came with the other attached provisions like the dream act and the repeal of DADt he didnt support it.

    Reid is trying to balance things out a bit.

    the DADT will be repealed soon…

  • JusticeontheRocks

    Abimeal – here’s a tip for you. When you get an email from someone in Nigeria promising you $10 million if you share your bank account info, it isn’t true.

    I say that because if you really believe the nonsense you wrote you’d believe anything.

  • Flipper

    @SpiffyShindigs: Reid tried FEEBLY to push DADT repeal through, and then he voted against it anyway. How is that an example of the Democrats “making progress”?

  • J. Clarence

    @Mad Hominem: I would figure a guess that the argument from Reid’s office is that to include the DADT provision would take up a lot of time on the Senate floor, and since our Congress–at least in regards to the Senate–can’t screw gum and walk at the same time, if they want to modify the Bush tax, which is a higher priority for Democrats, they have set their strategy to that tune. Which means making sure that the Defense Department is funded for the wars, at the cost of not enduring Republican stall tactics.

    It’s Democrats being spineless again.

    I really think Reid can get Sen. Collins vote this time around and get them the amount votes they need to defeat John McCain’s filibuster.

    But, hey, when Republican bullying puts Democrats in the corner their first action is to just hand over their lunch money, so lets not act too surprised.

  • Rafalo

    @Flipper: Reid voted against it so that he could bring it up at some point in the future. Its obvious you or most people posting don’t know shit about the Congress and how it works.

    To everyone who thinks voting more Republicans into office would help our cause, you are ignorant to enth degree… If we had 4 more strong Dems in the Senate, this would of been a done deal in October.

  • No Surprise Here

    I’m sure after protesting him and trying to embarrass him and then even calling him a “pussy,” he was anxious to help us out.

    We burned this bridge. Besides, we don’t have enough votes in the Senate anyway. Try again in 2016.

  • Bareback Hussein Osama

    Yes We Can!

  • Cam

    @SpiffyShindigs: said….”

    Reid tried to push DADT repeal through the Senate. THE REPUBLICANS BLOCKED IT.”

    The type of bill it was attached to meant that Reid could have forced it through by reconciliation, just like he did with health care. He didn’t do that. He Could have, he didn’t.

  • Fed Up

    No, no, no. You guys have it all wrong. If the straight, under-educated/uneducated majority in this country want to vote these idiots into office so that they can declare stupid wars; allow them to recruit just straight men and women and not gay ones. Fuck em. There are plenty of other ways gay men and women can serve this country.

  • Zoe Brain

    For those relying on Snowe and Collins – we have 3 new anti-DADT-repeal senators due to special elections, one Blue Dog and 2 GOP. Even if the Blue Dog gets their arm twisted, that’s still +2 votes against repeal, -2 votes for.

    Had Reid wanted DADT repeal, he could have had it. Now, not so much, even with Snowe and Collins on-side.

  • Isaac

    I’m a little confused because I read on the Advocate website that Senator Levin (the chairman of the armed services committee) was the one neogtiating with McCain, not Harry Reid, on the possibility of removing DODT from the defense authorization bill. That article appeared to imply that Harry Reid is AGAINST stripping the DODT provision out of the defense authorization bill, reiterating the position the White House took today. Because Queerty has it in for “Dem Inc.” doesn’t give it the right to twist facts in an attempt to make a point.

  • SteveDenver

    So crazy lady Sharron Angle lost, but we ended up with cushy anti-gay Mormon Milquetoast Harry Reid.

    We really must change the nature of elections so incumbents aren’t automatically on the ballot for Democrats. Reid has been useless, ineffective, and now blatantly wrong and offensive.

  • The Ones

    @jason: You never cease to be a misogynistic idiot.

  • Steve

    The undeniable truth is that equality for gay Americans cannot be achieved by political means. Gays have no political power, because we are a small, intensely-hated minority. Concerted efforts over a period of four decades have yielded essentially no results.

    Equal protection under the law is a constitutional guarantee, not a privilege to be granted (or taken away) by the legislature. In our system of government, the legislature is controlled by the majority, and routinely ignores the rights of minorities.

    The role of the courts is to enforce the constitution, including to protect minorities from abuse by the majority by enforcing the equal protection guarantee in the Constitution. The courts are clearly the appropriate means of pursuing equal protection.

  • Celeste

    Special rights? Are you kidding me? The only ones being granted special rights are straight people. Lets get this right as the only ones without the same rights ARE the ones being discriminated against. Time to join reality, the democratic party has no claws, and the republican party is filled with corporatist pigs that wave their fascist flag often. Money = Power, Discrimination = An action of having power or simply thinkings you are superior to someone else.

    Welcome to the Corporate Agenda


  • showmeindc

    The Republicans want ONE thing: their tax breaks. The Dems and Obama are going to give in in the end to them on this one. Why are they not demanding DADT and The Dream Act in exchange? In the end, all the GOP cares is about millionaires’ money. They will go along.

    Reid and Obama will capitulate and the biggest shame is that they won’t hold out for something we want.

  • Rob Moore

    @J. Clarence: Getting Susan Collins to go along only puts us back to where we were in October. The Democratic senator who replaced Barack Obama in Illinois held the seat only until a special election was held to fill it. The special election has now been held, and a Republican took it. This is why I am shifting away from the Democrats.

    I live in a deeply fascist-minded part of Georgia which has two Republican twats as senators in a district that reelected Tom Price, who is a right-wing piece of human decomp, with nearly 70% of the vote. I have absolutely no remaining incentive to vote for the Democrats. I will either sit out the election, or perhaps, vote for a primary challenger to Obama in 2012.

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