SHOCK: If Anti-Gay Gov. Sanford Leaves Office, His Replacement Will Be an Anti-Gay Homo


Because this is how the universe works, the man who is set to take over for cheating anti-gay South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford is, himself, a gay.

Lt. Governor Andre Bauer, who’s calling on his boss to resign after admitting to cheating on his wife, is a homo, claims Mike Rogers, the man behind Larry Craig and Mark Foley’s outings.


Is there reason to believe Rogers at his word? Yes. Just because he’s a one-man reporting machine doesn’t discount his accurate record of exposing anti-gay politicians who go gay behind closed doors. That, and Rogers has multiple sources confirming Bauer’s sexuality, including one fella who slept with him. Twice.

Why such a big deal? Because like Gov. Sanford, former state rep Bauer is also a raging religious conservative, and we’d be hard pressed to find any difference between Bauer’s beliefs and Sanford’s own voting record, which includes voting against civil unions and for limiting marriage to one man and one woman.

This is your future, Charlie Crist.

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