SHOCK: Republican Cosmo Pin-Up Scott Brown Beats Martha Coakley for MA’s U.S. Senate Seat

Well, it would be a shock if you were seeing this headline some six weeks ago. But after bungling her campaign and expecting a cakewalk to the Senate, Attorney General Martha Coakley finds herself with nothing of the sort: She’s lost the election. Democrats, meanwhile, have just lost their supermajority, and now all options are being explored to ensure health care reform passes, including an attempt to delay Brown’s seating.

Minutes ago, Coakley called Brown to concede.

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  • ossurworld

    This is a surprise to everyone except Republicans living in Log Cabins.

  • Kieran

    Making a statement that Catholics shouldn’t be working in emergency rooms would have been a stupid mistake for a candidate running in Alabama, but to say something like that in a state like Massachusetts that is teeming with Catholics is just downright dopey.

  • Republican

    Given the polls over the last few days and weeks, this is not at all surprising. Decent margin of victory for Brown all things considered. Putting aside their positions on specific issues and focusing only on the quality of their campaigns, Brown deserved to win and Coakley deserved to lose.

  • YellowRanger

    So what are the odds that any significant gay rights legislation is dead for at least 12 years?

  • Jake the libertarian

    @YellowRanger: What did the democrats do for us for the last year? Fuck them. I hope they rot. They did nothing but spend money and increased rights for none of us. I can’t think of a better place for Obama and Pelosi than on the ash heap of history, right next to G.W. Bush.

  • Tyson

    At this point, I won’t be surprised if it’s a one-term presidency for Obama, and he has noone but himself to blame.

    I’m a progressive Democrat, and I worked very hard for Obama, but I could not be more disappointed with his first year.

    I really thought he would be different, and I feel betrayed. He has broken promise after promise. It has been backroom politics as usual — so much for a transparent presidency.

    Now, I wish Hillary had won.

  • Toby

    Not surprised at all. The Democrats have talked a lot but have done nothing. Wake up call Dems!! You work for the people and if you don’t listen you will be out.

  • Warren

    @Tyson: I couldn’t agree more.

    Obama’s arrogance and hypocrisy may well cost him his second term.

  • Bertie

    A vote for change ( or a vote against a shorty healthcare bill full of concessions)
    can work both ways.

    Obama is gonzo as we predicted
    disenfranchised Dems no longer want to feel like conned puppets.

  • Devon

    This isn’t a shock. Obama, Rahmbo, Axelrod, and their congressional henchmen have spent the past year throwing gays under the bus, breaking campaign promises all over the place, selling out to private insurance companies, continuing Bush’s warmongering, squandering their super-majority, bending over and taking it straight up the ass from people like Joe Lieberman(before thanking them and asking for more), all the while demonizing the far left base of the party, writing us off as “irrelevant” whiners and labeling us a loud minority within the party. Then in the past few weeks they’ve been sending out a SOS to get the hard left to swoop in and pull their asses out the fire. And surprise, surprise it didn’t work. I guess liberals aren’t so irrelevant to the party after all…

    Have fun in November guys.

  • Bertie

    I wish sexy Scott Brown would tea bag ME.

  • Andrew

    Obama’s agenda is now dead. Good thing gay rights to marriage was so far back on the back-burner.

  • Jason

    No surprise here and most likely a precursor to what will happen in the fall. This Pres and the Dem leadship has screwed up “ONCE AGAIN”.. It seems each time they have a chance they screw it up by worrying about kissing someones ass. Well its time they started kissing ours and for me its to late. The Dems are over for me until after 2012 (unless of course they manage to repeal DOMA, DADT and get ENDA passed…..which could have ALL been done if the Pres and the Congress had stood up for what they were put in office for.

  • Alex

    Poor Teddy must be rolling over in his grave.

  • Brian

    I must say, that damn Republican is one handsome daddy.

  • tjr101

    Well if you think Obama didn’t get anything done the past year just wait for the next 3 years. Obama is unofficially a lame duck right now. The GOP will be having a filibuster party from now till 2012.

    Healthcare reform, FILIBUSTERED

    Massachusetts will certainly get what they voted for. Scott Brown is so far to the right he makes Sarah Palin blush.

  • Devon


    After the health insurance industry was allowed to practically write the “healthcare” bill, I’m sure he’s used to it by now.

  • christopher di spirito

    The people who have Obama’s ear, like Rahm Emanuel, and the DNC should’ve seen this coming.

    But President Obama chose to spend most of 2009 on healthcare reform, as the economy continued to shed hundreds-of-thousands of jobs every month and unemployment reached record levels. I don’t blame the president for the recession — it began in 2007 when Bush/Cheney were in charge

    However, in every poll I’ve seen, Americans cited the economy and jobs as the two issues they care the most about. Little wonder Democrats lost the independent voters in Massachusetts.

    Maybe Scott Brown’s meteoric rise will be a wake-up call for the people who surround President Obama? They need to glue his ass to the chair in the Oval Office, forcing him to stay in town and solve the issues people care the most about.

    No trips to Norway for Nobel Peace prizes, no trips to Denmark to attend climate conference. Just roll up his sleeves and start fixing the economy. Otherwise, the voters will escort him to the door in 2012.

  • Todd

    I admit to an appalling ignorance of the specifics of the innerworkings of Congress.

    Will one of you political junkies please comment on whether this specific Republican victory is likely to have much effect on the confirmation of SCOTUS nominees.

  • christopher di spirito

    Todd — No. Because the loss of the senate will force Obama to move from the center to center-right and any nominee(s) he gets the opportunity to nominate will be a centrist jurist.

    Difficult for a Repug to oppose. Unless they’re an utter douchebag like Mitch “Button Eyes” McConnell or John Cornyn of Texas.

  • Em

    Thank GOD we’ll have a real, pro-gay Senator from MA. Don’t you kids know? The problem is that we don’t have ENOUGH Conservative Republicans in the Congress! This’ll teach those Democrats. I’m sure Brown and the coming Republican majority (Majority Leader McConnell, R-Kentucky) will pass the real reform gay and lesbians need.

    Like cutting off our nose to spite our face…

  • Matt

    I wonder what the June 1982 issue of Cosmopolitan will be worth now. Have you seen that skinny fcuker’s treasure trail?

  • Wade MacMorrighan

    Sadly, I have it on GOOD authority from a few friends of mine in mass. that LOTS of straight women were actually voting for brown ONLY because of how attractive they think he is!

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Obama: Lame Duck Waddling!

  • AlwaysGay

    Wake up Democrats!!!! Just because Obama got elected doesn’t mean it’s over and you don’t have to work anymore. We better start working now or it will be a bloodbath in November. Obama needs to focus on the economy hard, scrap amnesty for illegal immigrants and pass a limited health care reform bill. Luckily this was a special election and a regular election for this same seat will occur in 2012.

  • Josh

    The Democrats passed the Hate Crimes Bill and if they had kept their super-majority they would have passed ENDA and a repeal of DADT too.

    But now none of that is going to happen (most likely).

    A repeal of DOMA was never going to happen (come on we all know that is going to be 4th rail for a looong time).

    Scott Brown is against gay marriage and in the past has said that he is against gays having children and is against repealing DADT.

  • rainfish2000

    Oh, yes, we have such great choices. On the one hand you have the Republicans who gleefully push the GLBT community into the ditch; while on the other hand, you have the Democratic Politicians who ask the GLBT Community to throw them our votes and wallets first, and then they casually walk by and leave us to flounder in that same ditch. Yep, great choices all right!

    How about let’s all join together with our truly progressive friends in the straight community; environmental movement; women’s reproductive freedom coalitions; in the labor unions (what’s left of them, that is), etc., and then unite behind a viable 3rd party and/or Independent candidates.

    If you don’t think that could work, just remember a single non-affiliate party candidate by the name of Joe Lieberman who practically runs the U.S. Senate. So let’s put a few of our own “independents” into both Houses of Congress and break the stranglehold of the two party system which is holding back the progressive movement in America. It time for a “Change You Can Believe In”…. a real one, that is.

    The Democratic Party has become a wholly untrustworthy ally to the progressives in the USA. The party consist mainly of little more than cheap whores for Corporate America with their “greed is God” mob of robber barons running the show (with Obama and Reid) behind closed doors toadying to the Wall Street crowd. Just look how Obama sold out important liberal allies in his own party in order to kill a bill that would have made cheaper prescriptions drugs available to cash-strapped Americans.

    Oh, but the Dems say that their hands are tied on so many issues. Oddly enough though, the Democrats in the Senate seemed to have forgotten that they have the power to use Reconciliation (which only requires 51 votes) to bypass a Republican filibuster. They could have used it to give access to health care to every American citizen by reducing the age of eligibility for Medicare and, also, by allowing people to buy into Medicare via a monthly premium; thereby by-passing the carnivorous private heath insurance extortionists altogether.

    This is essentially the same system they have in Canada, and it works. Just like it does in most civilized nations in the Western World — contrary to the lying propaganda put out by the Health Insurance Profiteers and Extortionists.

    Expanding Medicare for All would not set up a new government agency, so it would not have to go before the entire Senate for an open-ended (filibuster inducing) debate. The only downside is that the Bill would have to go back to the Congress for renewal after several years. But, by that time, it would have been firmly entrenched into our system of government and the Republicans would not dare touch it — just as Social Security has become the third rail of politics that neither party wants to muck around with very much, except around the edges.

    The Republicans have rarely had 60 votes in the Senate and they have used Reconciliation many, many times to avoid a filibuster by the then minority Democrats. Why didn’t Obama and Reid show any courage and use this as the Republicans have many times (including the biggest tax break in American history for the upper income supporters of the Republicans Party during Bush’s first term)?

    No, the Democrats were too disorganized, too timid, and too inept to use the overwhelming power, bestowed upon them through an unassailable people’s mandate, which was handed to them in November 2008. Now, they don’t deserve to keep it.

    Vote Third Party. We desperately need a coalition government in order to be truly representative of all the people in America — including the GLBT community; the unemployed; the under-employed; victims of a ruined economy; a crumbling national education infrastructure; as well as a dispirited and war-weary people.

    It truly is time for a real change in Washington, and not just more empty speeches espousing progressive ideals regurgitated from warmed-over campaign-driven empty rhetoric and self-serving platitudes which has, unfortunately, only coalesced into a new clueless village idiot to disgrace the Oval Office once more.

  • Brian Miller

    I am tired of defeatists claiming that this “kills gay rights for another decade.”

    What a load of horse shit.

    If anything, think of it this way.


    If they can do that, there’s no reason we cannot have all of our Constitutional rights fully recognized within 24 months.

    We just need to be prepared to kick ass and take names (but take NO prisoners).

  • Brian Miller

    The Democrats passed the Hate Crimes Bill and if they had kept their super-majority they would have passed ENDA and a repeal of DADT too.

    Sure, because with a “mere” 18 vote majority, passing laws is just impossible, isn’t it?

    You do realize that the Democrats have a larger majority right now in the Senate than the Republicans have had in your or my lifetime, including when Bush ran the show?

    If you feel like being a passive bottom to the Democrats and letting them bareback you, go ahead.

    I intend to inform them that they can expect mass abandonment of the LGBT vote unless they deliver now. Our power is strongest when they’re at their weakest and dependent on us for any hope of clinging to power.

    We are now in a position to dictate terms.

  • A now confused John from England

    I’m confused. Everyone is really pro republicans on this site,so why did you just not keep Bush? When you had Bush,what was it like after his first year? Was their as much hate for him as Obama even though Obama inherited Bush’s legacy? Was it more us in Europe that made you get rid of Bush? I’m genuinely interested in how the gay American mind works…

  • B

    No. 29 · Brian Miller wrote, “Sure, because with a “mere” 18 vote majority, passing laws is just impossible, isn’t it?”

    .. it is impossible to get anything through the Senate with an 18 vote majority if the others are willing to filibuster. I’m not 100% sure that they can filibuster if you try to change the rules about filibustering, but most likely they can.

  • Dexpat Mike

    John – I think the issue is that people are very dissatisfied with Obama, not that they loved Bush. Obama made a lot of promises, basically saying yes to everything everyone wanted so it was inevitable that once elected he would have to start saying no, or at least prioritize. So people who thought they were going to get change overnight are not too happy. This sentiment is coupled with a lot of animosity to a poorly crafted and even more poorly advertised/promoted health care legislation. The idea that the White House should use this crisis to pass health care is one many have taken issue with. Interestingly, most Americans don’t seem to connect that one of the reasons so many companies move to Mexico or Asia or Canada even is to avoid the high cost of health care in the United States with its incredibly inefficent system.

    As for us gays, I think a lot of us are pretty tired of being thrown under the bus. We all know republicans would like to ship us all off to Gitmo nevermind terrorists, but the Dems keep saying how much they love us. Sadly, they never show us the love. It was Clinton that reached the ‘Dont’ Ask, Don’t Tell Policy’ (DADT) in the military (a necessary compromise) but he also signed the Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) to neutralize the gay marriage issue and ensure he would win the 1996 election even though it was already in the bag. Obama promised to end ‘DADT’ and that has not happened. There has been nothing even said about DOMA; in fact we’ve had bad news on gay marriage from Maine and New Jersey recently. Pretty dissapointing for a President with a father who would have been lynched if it were not for progressives pushing to change the law in the US. So when the Dems ask us to send them lots of money, but yet do pretty much nothing when it comes to gay rights (oh yay, ending the AIDS travel ban, nice, but far from significant in my book, that should have been day two in office), people are pretty angry.

    I wanted Cokely to win, but to be honest, I am becoming a nihilist. I will not donate any more money and I may not even vote. I am from Connecticut and we have a Senate seat up in the air as well and it will be close run. People keep writing off New England as ‘blue’ states which is bunk – we are socially more liberally, but to say blue is foolhardy. So maybe now New England will get some attention,rather than just being asked for cash. The same might go for gay groups, but I doubt it. To be honset, Brown makes no difference in terms of legislation. The majority Obama has in Congress is huge – lets see if he does anything with it now…..

    Ps – I’m a particuarily good case of dissatisfaction as I live in London with my British partner and yes it ticks me off I can’t live in the US if I want to. Not that I mind, because I love London but I find it pretty rich that the IRS wants me to pay US taxes while they treat me like a second class citizen. BS.

  • jimmy

    The problem is leadership where the Democrats are concerned. Harry Reid is spineless. The Democratic Leadership Council and its ‘third way’ centrism is a failure when pitted against a very conservative and re-energized GOP. This is not what I voted for!!

    Somebody needs to tell these limp, middle-of-the-road Democrats that the only thing in the middle of the road is a yellow streak and a dead pole cat. I’m so disgusted at the lost opportunities that must be laid at the feet of Pres. Obama. He had better get the message that you don’t dicker around when you have power – that’s what the GOP understands…when you have power, you use it to its fullest – you don’t pussy foot around.

  • scott ny'er

    @Brian: Really? He seems kind of a goober to me. But I guess I can see something there.

  • A now confused John from England

    I bet NOM think it was their robo calls telling people to vote against Coakley because she supported gays is the reason Brown won! Little do they know it was the gays that voted for him too!

  • scott ny'er

    @Em: Exactly. Lesser of 2 evils. That’s how I see it. But I don’t live in MA.

  • A now confused John from England

    @Dexpat Mike: Ok,so let me see because after a year and inheriting a recession caused by the republicans, american gays are going to try and get as much republicans in the whitehouse because Obama hasn’t gotten rid of DADT or DOMA?

  • A now confused John from England

    @jimmy: Right,so despite the fact that Brown and the Teabaggers think Obama is turning the US into a communist state, you think the Dems are being too centrist? Out of curiousity do you post this stuff on right wing blogs? If you do, please send a link,would be a fascinating discussion..

  • scott ny'er

    @A now confused John from England: I know, right. Great logic. :rolls eyes:

    It’s like… wah, wah, I’m not getting what I want so I’m going to run to the only other party out there. Even if they are the enemy. And they do NOTHING for us.

  • jimmy

    @38: No I don’t. I would post that on the Independent Gay Forum, which is about as right wing as I can stomach.

    My point is, the GOP doesn’t give a shit that they are called fascists when they are in power; they go about their business of enacting their agenda with no regard for bipartisanship. The voters gave the Democrats a super-majority in congress and the White House and what do they do? They walk around mumbling bromides about bipartisanship. If Harry Reid had any guts, he would make these blue-dog Senators pay dearly by stripping them of their power and back-benching them. That’s how you use power. That’s how LBJ would have done it.

  • A now confused John from England


    Hey, for the record I do agree with you and we have a similar issue here but it’s more to do with integrative complexity and cognitive dissonance that anything else. Lefties tend to have high integrative complexity-they constantly analyse issues ad are less dogmatic because they understand life isn’t black or white and have low cognitive dissonance for the same reasons. The right see the world as black and white, when you try to debate with them about any issue in a healthy way, they get even more dogmatic and feel they are attacked-this is cognitive dissonance.

    So is it a surprise Obama rationally acted like an adult and realised that the world isn’t black and white or left and right. That we need to all work together for grearter good since he hoped or assumed that they had the Americans best interest at heart?

    But yeah, it was still a dumb move because they don’t care. Right wingers don’t care about anyone but themselves-immediate family etc-and so you have to fight fire with fire.

    I still think that you should encourage this debate in a right wing site because they think Obama is Joseph Stalin.

  • A now confused John from England

    @ Everyone

    Can someone fill your non American readers with how they gay movement advanced in America? Was it the Republican party that has advanced the gay movement? And was it until recently that the Republican party has seemed somewhat anti-gay wth like for example in New York or New Jersey or Maine were they have been the only party to all vote against gay marriage? Or in California with that gay hispanic guy that no Republicans voted for?

    And therefore why don’t you support GOProud more? They think just like you do.

    I’m really curious guys, you American gays are really fascinating! It’s like a social anthroplogy lesson!

  • jimmy

    @ A now confused John from England

    “I still think that you should encourage this debate in a right wing site because they think Obama is Joseph Stalin.”

    And they always will. Mr. Obama needs to stop worrying about what they think. In a very polarized electorate, there’s that portion that will always be opposed, no matter what. I don’t live in Massachusetts, so I don’t know what happened with that race. From all appearances, the dems put up a weak candidate.

    The Republican party has been hostile to the gay rights movement, which most historians agree started with the Stonewall riots in 1969, from the get go. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 caused a bit of a realignment of the parties, with the Democratic Party essentially becoming the home of American liberalism.

    Conservative and libertarian gays, aka Log Cabin Republicans and this new offshoot, GOProud, have made their political home in the GOP and continue to be ignored – sort of in the same way the Democrats ignore us, but at least the Dems gives us some lip service. GOProud was a sponsor of this years big, annual conservative convention ,CPAC, and were not even allowed at the podium! Log Cabin has not had one iota of influence in modifying the GOP platforms that are particularly homophobic, especially the support for a constitutional amendment to outlaw same sex marriage.

    I must retire. Too sleepy.

  • A now confused John from England


    It’s 11:00am here! G’nite!

    Anyhow, this will make the Dem party move even more to the right…so not sure how that will fare for gay rights??

    But ya’ll know best!

  • Jake

    Here’s the deal, I live in Boston, in a suburb outside of Dorchester. The reason Martha Coakley did not get elected into office was not because of her record, and her record as a District attorney was NOT good at ALL (a couple of kid rape cases come to mind) The people from the suburbs and rural areas of MA voted outstandingly for Scott Brown. I would call it hypocritical that a naked male model would be able to run for office and actually get a Senate seat, where if the tables were turned and Martha Coakley was attractive enough to model nude in her 20s, she wouldn’t be able to get the post of dog catcher much less district attorney.

    Yes Scott Brown is a misogynistic asshole who is probably going to do his best to set gay rights back about 10 years. But you know what, he’s not going to succeed. He’s going to have a hell of a time dealing with the people, who are going to ream him a new asshole if he tries anything stupid.

    I’m in agreement with the above poster who’s becoming a nihilist, and I’m also in agreement that we should have our own party.

    The best thing that could happen is that all the Democratic politicians in D.C. get their heads out of their asses and WTFU!!
    (That’s WAKE THE FUCK UP four the older set)

  • Mike

    @A now confused John from England:

    How lovely. A comment that argues for the “high integrative complexity” of the left while reducing the political spectrum of the United States to a shadow puppet show! You wouldn’t know social anthropology if it bought you a Pop-Tart.

    Go Brown!

  • Brian NJ

    Obama threw his gay veterans in a ditch for a year, and wrote red-hot briefs to keep DADT and DOMA good law. Even Schwarzenegger, a Republican, refused to defend Prop 8 in court because he believes it is unconstitutional, but Obama wanted and chose to defend the Federal facially unconstitutional laws — and he did it twice.

    When Coakley got in office she would not have been able to bump up repeals of DADT and DOMA on the list — recent reports prove gays were NEVER even ON the list. They decided gay veterans and families go to the very bottom, now we have to show the Democratic Party that we are not just a toilet bowl they can re-flush every election cycle.

    I am a lifelong Democrat, but now I realize that by continually voting for the Democratic Party, I am actually part of the problem. So the letter-writing campaign stops, and civil disobedience of the government starts.

  • jason

    I think the turning point for Obama and his relationship with the gay population was when Californians voted for Prop 8. Obama was incredibly silent during this. Then we saw Democrat-controlled states like New York and New Jersey vote down gay marriage. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    Democrats need to realize that we in the gay populations aren’t going to be the useful idiots anymore. We aren’t going to vote Democrat automatically. We don’t like being lied to. We don’t like being taken for fools. We will not tolerate sneaky promises and stabs in the back.

  • sam

    While we don’t want to see Republican religious wacko’s in government, we also don’t want to have promise-breaking Democrats who simply want our vote. The religious freaks are a problem but so are the Democrats who lie to us.

  • rf

    civil disobedience of the government starts. – Agreed!

    Anyhow, this will make the Dem party move even more to the right…so not sure how that will fare for gay rights?? –

    John, there are three issues here. 1. Coakley was a rubber stamp candidate who never felt she had to do anything to get elected, and apparently the national Dems agreed. Not only was that not a good move but that lackadaisical attitude played right into America’s zeitgeist–we (all Americans, not just gay) are still waiting for change.

    2. The Democrats are no better than the Repugs and America is now seeing that. Aside from whatever master plan Obama may have, all we have seen is pure Illinois-Chicago politics (see Blagoivich) where backroom deals to special interests run everything. We just got handed a useless healthcare bill with no public option that 4 senators not only hijacked but openly bragged about the deals they got for supporting it. Oh, and the insurance industry stocks soared. What does that tell you. We have no clear message on how to fix unemployment. Big banks are still not regulated. No change! No hope!

    3. The power does not come from getting Dems in office. the power comes from having the ability to take them out. That’s what makes them try harder next time. I think we need another 1 or 2 cycles of revolt where incumbents are taken out–whoever they are, for anyone in washington to get the message.

    I think the best message could we send to the dems, about a year before the next presidential election, if nothing happens for gay rights, is to all join and economically support the republican gay groups. yes, it may hurt for a while but pain is progress!

  • Brian NJ

    And we are the problem, when we pull down voting levers like Borg drones.

  • A now confused John from England

    @Mike: Don’t be stupid and self hating Mike. It’s not attractive nor very longterm. At least Brian et al have the balls to even start thier own party! You see, I pose a question and you feel even more defensive. Silly Billy.

  • Brian Miller

    All this talk of filibusters is silly. Any real effort to repeal DOMA and DADT would aim to peel off GOP moderates too.

    Bush was able to avoid filibusters despite his unpopularity. But the spineless, unimaginative Dem leadership somehow claims powerlessness despite an 18 seat majority. Bullsh*t!

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Obama and the Democrats just got fucked up the ASS without a condom! New York is now in play for the Republicans! As a Gay registered Democrat, it’s difficult to balance never getting civil protections OR not likely getting civil protections. Karma is a Bitch in a pantsuit! Call it “Hillary’s Revenge” or “Obama’s Karma” but November will see the House and maybe Senate switch sides! We should expect a Republican to win in 2012 (or Bloomberg who can actually win as an Independent!) OR we build a coalition around an Out Lesbian candidate! It’s time for our own to run this country!


    @Brian Miller:

    Do you want them to go more to the left or to the right? You know they are moving more to the right? And with that thinking it’s scrap the health care thing, spend more money on War, spend even less time supporting gays etc etc…

    Well, you lived 8 years of it and we just had the repurcussions in the UK…


    What have gay republicans achieved? I went on the GOProud website and LOG Cabins and they don’t seem to mention what they do to advance anything for gays but they do mention they want more cut taxes and smaller govt.

    @Dexpat Mike:

    Hey, our NHS isn’t that bad…what’s up with Americans??

  • Kieran

    Let’s see, as Gay voters we have a choice of voting for Democrats who say they support equal rights for gay citizens—and then do nothing for us once in power, or Republicans who say they don’t support equal rights for gay citizens—and then do nothing for us once elected. Some choice.

  • Sam

    @Brian Miller: Exactly. Bush was able to ram his agenda through and he NEVER had 60 seats. I think the most he ever had was 54. If the Dems can’t get their agenda through with 59 seats, it’s incompetence, not impossibility.

  • Cam

    No. 6 · Tyson said…
    At this point, I won’t be surprised if it’s a one-term presidency for Obama, and he has noone but himself to blame.

    I’m a progressive Democrat, and I worked very hard for Obama, but I could not be more disappointed with his first year.

    Exactly! That is what both parties don’t get. The GOP thinks that this guy won because people support their platform. I think he won for two reasons.

    1. he ran a failry nice campaign against her nasty one, and he didn’t mention Jesus as an explanation for everything

    2. The Dem base is demoralized because the White Hour, Congress etc… seems to think that it is now their job to ignore them and only court the GOP. So why should they go out and vote? Reid already couldn’t do anything with 60 votes.

  • stevenelliot

    I, frankly, am one tickled pink triangle this morning! I couldnt be happier that a bigoted, homophobe (although quite hot!) republican won that Mass. senate seat.
    You know why. Because I feel we gays have been thrown under the bus. We were courted and flirted with before that SOB Obama was elected, now we are treated as non-entities. Along with several other “progressive” groups….
    Well if I had been a citizen of Massachusetts, I would have voted for Brown too, and then I would write the president and tell him why I did it!
    Hillary should have won. I always thought that!

  • Jones

    Im moving to Canada. Have had it with Dems and Reps.

  • OnCloud9

    Brown is a hot daddy.

  • Brian

    There is no political solution to LGBT Equality. It makes you wonder why we waste billions of dollars playing that game.

  • Dean

    I’m moving to France.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Brown is already pimping his daughters. It’s like W and the Bush Twins go Blue State!

  • Robert, NYC

    Serves the dems right! I have no sympathy for any of them. They’re in for a rude awakening come November 2010. I for one won’t be casting my vote for them so readily. I’ve already informed my representatives, supporters or not, that they can no longer take my vote for granted. They’re getting not one more cent from me either until they deliver the goods, in fact that’s what our financial support should be contingent on. Let them deliver on equality legislation, then they’ll get our money, not before.

  • Brian NJ

    I think gays are part of the problem by being too nice. Who wants to do anything more than repeatedly fuck a bitch bottom? To flush something they think of as a toilet every election cycle? By writing letters and always being Borg Drones for Democratic politicans WE are to blame.

    Mind-melding with the Democratic Party, giving standing ovations to Obama at HRC dinners. Look at the bright-eyed, fresh face losers at the HRC thinking they are “working with the administration.” You won’t see one bad word for the Administration at their fuck-my-fanny website.



    Look in the mirror. Sorry dude but if you guys were more of a community you wouldn’t be in this state but hey blame the Democratic party!

    The Dems have to appease the blacks, latinos, the gays, conservative gays a la Lieberman and the progressives….

    Although I will say the top down facillitation of all these groups is appalling, I will also say that you all need to make yourself heard..

    (not by ranting off on gay blogs or voting for a homophobe because he’s cute, no wonder you’re belittled..)

  • Brian NJ

    @ A now confused John From England

    If you are confused about our American balls, just remember how we kicked your ass across the pond in 1776. Maybe that will refresh your memory.

  • romeo

    The ones coming in here to sigh about how cute he is are trolls, not gay guys. We’ve seen this before. They come in to diffuse the discussion.

    As for Massachusetts, so much for it being the progressive, intellectual center of America. May as well call it Alabama North now. The voters there knew that election was about the whole country and not just Massachusetts, and, selfishly, they chose to stab America in the back. Now there will be no reforms, no solutions to the agonizing problems we face. The tyranny of health insurance companies will go on unabated, The super rich will continue to loot and plunder tax payer dollars, and unemployment will continue to rise because the economic base has been ruined by the Republicans and new hiring is a profit drain.

    And, of course, there will be no justice for us. One thing, though, if we see DADT repealed, we’ll know they’re about to re-institute the draft. They won’t want guys to have an easy out.

    Even when the democrats win, they can’t win. And expecting them to grow a pair, or some brains, between now and November is unrealistic.

    At least our porn models are better looking than this dufus. Looks like Mitt has some competition for his presidential aspirations. LOL

  • Libertarian and proud of it

    You may laugh at me for saying this, I think there are elements of the GOP we should cling to. Ted Olson: REPUBLICAN. Meghan McCain: REPUBLICAN.

    Ron Paul, Gary Johnston, Rand Paul, Jeff Flake are all Republicans who support our rights in some regard. While they don’t have perfect records each of them has progressively moved towards demanding a level playing field. Jeff Flake has gone on record flipping on numerous gay issues. Imagine, we get a somewhat pro-gay Republican in 2012 he/she will go out of their way to please the gays unlike Dems who take us for granted.

  • Robert, NYC

    Brian, NJ, we may have kicked their asses, but look what they have, far more equality than we in all 50 states could ever imagine. A civil partnership law conferring identical marriage rights and I wouldn’t mind betting that will change to full marriage recognition across the UK faster than we get in the form of defeats in Maine, New York and New Jersey. They have full employment protection, we don’t even have ENDA passed, they can serve openly in the military, they can adopt children, they are protected in the delivery of goods and services, long before civil partnerships were legal, they could and still can bring in binational partners and they don’t even have to have a legal partnership. Gay couples can get invitro fertilization to raise families of their own and paid for by the national health service. What have we got? Five states with limited marriage rights, two of which can expect an overturn of marriage equality legislation currently being challenged in New Hampshire and Iowa. What does that say about us? British gays are having the last laugh on us, kicked asses or not. Water under the bridge.

  • Jim Stone

    Brown strongly believes that marriage is between a “man and a woman.”
    I am sure the National Organization for Marriage is thrilled right now. They were calling Mass. voters to urge them to vote for Scott. Scary!

  • Republican


    I can see how some gay guys might find Brown attractive. He’s good looking in that daddy sort of way. So don’t go dismissing anyone who makes a comment about his looks as a troll. That having been said, anyone who makes a comment about voting for him BECAUSE of his looks has his priorities mixed up. Whether you’re a gay republican or a gay democrat, looks should be one of the last things that you care about when it comes to voting.

  • sixsixpalmsprings

    I am making plans to move to Vancouver, BC. & become a Canadian citizen. I will address all of the negative comments that will come my way because I have the audacity to move somewhere they actually want me (and you!)@ the end of this rant.

    I am sick of paying more taxes than I should because I don’t have a “legal” spouse.
    I am sick of educating other people’s children while being told ‘we only want your money, not you’ & ‘no, we’d rather let kids die than let a gay person raise them, but send a check anyway)
    I’m sick of being a 3rd class citizen in my own country. (Illegals get better rights)
    I’m sick of both parties being huge liars. I want a system that has a ‘vote of no confidence’ clause so that if you lie to get into office, we the people have the ability to boot you out w/out waiting to see how much more they can ruin or steal.
    I’m sick of the US citizens paying a lifetime retirement benefit (more than most people even make in a year) for the rest of an ex-senators/congresspersons life, EVEN IF THEY WENT TO PRISON (WHILE IN OFFICE) OR SERVED JUST ONE TERM.
    I am sick of gays & the overweight being the last groups that the whole country feels happy & joyous to kick around.
    I am sick and tired of being told I DON’T MATTER! (And neither do you, btw!) In my opinion it’s only going to get worse, not better, as our ‘president’ has shown he’s no friend to us.

    And finally;
    I’m sick of the negative comments about people who choose to leave the USA due to governmental mistreatment, such as: “Good, leave”, ‘Don’t let the door’ or, whatever other clever retorts may come my way. Instead of condemning me, ask yourself, ‘why doesn’t my government think I’m valuable?” Why do non-gay people have “special” rights? Why does my government penalize me and reward others who aren’t gay? If you have anything at all it’s because YOU earned it, not due to the government giving it to you. But if you were married? They’d give you plenty! Honestly I think marriage and/or equal rights, etc. are all covered under ‘the pursuit of happiness’ clause. But GOD runs the USA now. So, we’re excluded from that one, apparently the GOD that’s in charge of the US doesn’t like gays either. It appears that Canada has a different god. Canada is now accepting US gays under the same laws that they accept other political refugees. The same laws used when it’s unsafe in the immigrants home country for a number of reasons (violence, prejudice, threat of death, etc). With rush, o’reilly & the Republican party and the daily violence against gays that they promote, Canada realizes it is a very dangerous environment for gays in the USA. Our current president has shown himself to be nothing but a republican in dem’s clothing. He’s proven he’s more Ronnie than Teddy (K).

    And yes, he’s a one term president. I won’t be here when the republicans get back in to finish the job of destroying the country, but w/obama’s help, there may be nothing left to destroy. Sure, I’d love to see ALL gays move to another country that appreciates them, but of course I know that’s not possible. Money, family, jobs whatever, preclude most from leaving. I hope things change for you and yours in the near future. But, this election in Mass. proves it’s going to get much worse before it gets better. The Dem didn’t bother to try & the Republican got in due to the Dems typical arrogance. I’ve been a democrat my entire life, now I’m just disgusted.

    Our politicians want you to remain under educated (stupid), they want you to live in fear of the ‘the big bad evil fag’ or the ‘scary, smelly fat person’. This is why they keep insisting it’s gays who molest (it’s 99% straights) & the lie that gays will ruin the military (newsflash: they’re already in the military) Why? Because stupid people vote out of fear. Why do you think ‘beshly’ aka beck-rush-o’reilly are such fear mongers? If they told you things were looking up, would you keep listening?

    Best of luck to you all, but I’d rather live in a country that doesn’t pride itself by showing how much it hates it’s gay citizens. For those of you who can, check out Vancouver during gay pride, it’s everything the USA could have been. Oh, and has anyone noticed? It’s been years since Canada legalized gay marriage…nope, god hasn’t struck down the country. On the other hand, look @ what’s happened to our country since then. Most here still cling to their prejudices, hillbilly attitudes & their guns.

  • Brian

    @romeo: I think Massachusetts chose the more believable candidate. We were already screwed in the US Senate, Brown just confirms that reality.

    Politics is a waste of time, money and energy. It will NOT lead to our equality. You’d think we would have learned that after +50 years of our obsession with politics.

    WE need to create our equality. We could start by ending our belief in the false hope of a political solution.

  • Attmay

    @Libertarian and proud of it:

    Imagining won’t make it so. Just like imagining Democrats would make all our civil rights dreams come true didn’t make it so. It requires hard work. And it requires going out and talking to people, finding them, and if they are worthy, supporting them.

    But most people here would rather cling to their outdated, discredited beliefs and hateful attitudes.

  • romeo

    @ Republican, on serious issues I’ve noticed that there are always some posters who come in to say off-the-wall and beside the point things, and it is obvious to me they are just trying to make us look bad, and superficial. Why else would anyone make statements like that? This blog is open to anybody to sign in on an ID and do whatever. Let’s just say I have a sixth sense about such things.

    Not that there aren’t superficial gay guys. Sure we have ’em. But generally they don’t join relatively complex political discussions. LOL


    @Robert, NYC:

    Thank you.

    The gay community is just as disparate and maybe its because like you’ve said, we leave it to the govt to decide on fairness NOT people(!?!) who will come with preconceived notions BUT to be fair, the UK would still vote for equality towards gay because we don’t like to be mean as people..even if we are behind the curtains!

    You’d never be able to have a Gareth Thomas-OUT national sports hero in the US nor have so many prominent gay story lines on national main time TV.

    Eastenders gay story line was the big Christmas cliffhanger seen by 25 million and won the ratings war….Emmerdale has one of the hard nut teen boys slowly coming out as gay…Coronation Street….Hollyaoks…..

    I could go on.

    But doesn’t mean this country hasn’t got as many homophobes as you guys have…we’re just a bit less emotional when it comes to rights.

  • Cam

    No. 74 · sixsixpalmsprings said…
    I am making plans to move to Vancouver, BC. & become a Canadian citizen. I will address all of the negative comments that will come my way because I have the audacity to move somewhere they actually want me (and you!)@ the end of this rant.

    As long as you go there with your eyes open and don’t think that you are moving from hell to heaven. A good friend of mine, gay, etc… decided to go to grad school in Cananda because he was demoralized towards the ned of the Bush years. He was there for several years and just returned. He said it was fine, but Canada has their own set of problems that he wasn’t aware of when he moved. So if you’re going to go, just be aware that no matter where you move there each location comes with it’s own set of probelms. Don’t become one of those foreigners who gets there and then starts bitching about how it isn’t everything you thought.

  • romeo

    @ Brian #75: I’m inclined to agree with you about the illusion of political solutions. However, the way the government is set up, it’s either Robert’s Rules of Order or insurrection. We’re locked in. Unless, of course, we can organize in a truly effective way. Form a “state within a state,” impenetrable, secretive, independent. With our sheer numbers, our own institutions, AND our own protection in the form of our own trained and paid security, maybe then the injustice toward us would be taken more seriously by the rest of America. Actually, the Constitution implicitly grants citizens the right to do exactly that.

    @66PalmSprings: I was unaware that Canada gave American gays refugee status. Interesting. Vancouver is beautiful, but I’d be more inclined toward Toronto. Who knows? Maybe I’ll take my graduate degrees up there and give Canada the benefit.

  • sixsixpalmsprings


    Hi and thanks for your response. Yes, I’m aware there are many issue in Canada also. And yes, they’ve got anti-gay prejudices among their issues also. The huge influx of foreigners will bring even more controversy as those people (like me) bring their their points of view w/them. My reasoning isn’t because they don’t have problems and issues to be dealt with, my reason for moving is that I want to be treated by my government as someone to be appreciated not someone to be tolerated.

    The USA keeps harping on tolerating gays (etc). Really? Tolerate? I tolerate a cold UNTIL IT GOES AWAY! I tolerate many things. People aren’t one of them, although I may ignore a few. I’m very lucky because I’m in a position to move. I know many who’d love to, but can’t for whatever reason. It’s the violence here that concerns me most. It amazes me how much we want to own guns! Why? Because it says we can in the constitution? It also says a number of other things that have been ignored, forgotten or bastardized to the point that it’s unrecognizable.

    I do appreciate your thoughts & know what I’m getting into. I simply want to live somewhere that doesn’t bill me yearly for screwing me. At least take me to dinner or something first! People are so afraid of paying more taxes, but you’re going to end up paying them anyway w/nothing to show for it. Why do we stand for it? Life’s too short to pay taxes to a country that makes it a point to show how much they hate me (and you) and would rather I (and you again) left!

    Cheers and Good Luck!

  • Wen

    @74 sixsixpalmsprings, I personally think it’s a very wise and healthy idea to move to Canada and Ive seen many more people thinking of or actually going to move there, on the internet feeling the same as you do. Its also not a sign of weakness, but one of selfrespect, refusing to be treated this badly by your own government, and fellow country men & women. I wouldnt put up with it for sure for too long (I dont live in USA, but as an outsider watching all this happen, you know this could take 50 more years-unless SCOTUS rules for gay marriage if Olsen&Boies case will go there), and why keep living with that bad prospect?
    I read today they wanna put NH on the ballot as well, cold after 3 weeks of gay marriage. Who wants to live with that kind of hate and injustice? I;d probably wait until SCOTUS rules but if no, I would move and find a much better life in Canada.

  • Robert, NYC

    A Now Confused John of England, #77….plus, in the UK political system, religious extremists aren’t allowed to meddle in politics and get referenda on ballots to take away rights and in some cases rights already granted as we have here in America. Not bad for a country that has state religion but where religion plays little or no part in daily life. I can’t imagine any British politician running on a religious agenda either, it wouldn’t be tolerated by the people, unlike here. Another thing, there is a limit on what politicians there can receive in donations to help them get elected, a miniscule amount compared to the obscene amounts that their counterparts in America receive. Remove the money and you get a better politician not consumed by power first which is what our system is all about. It never used to be that way, but the past 30 years have seen a change for the worst in the American political system, money and power being the primary source of it. At least you have a true left and right party system in your country, a distinct line in the sand at the outset of any election campaign. We really don’t have that. We have a leader who’s afraid to draw a line even for some of his own party members who vote with conservatives at the federal and state levels. Our democratic party has morphed into a center right party, at times almost indistinguishable from the republicans.

    Sixsixpalmsprings, #74… I totally empathize with you, many of us feel as you do, and rightly so. We’re like rats caught in a maze and can’t get out. We need to empower ourselves, give politicans an ultimatum, either with us or against us. If not, goodbye to our support. We have to turn to our straight progressive allies, build a coalition under one umbrella and scare the shit out of the politicians just as they do in France, make them answer to us and remind them that they work for ALL of us, not for the majority who happen to be straight. The 14th amendment of the constitution guarantees equal protection of rights for the minority. That is the key to our equality. We are the only voting group of taxpayers who have been disenfranchised from that amendment. That has to be changed and addressed if we want to call ourselves a democracy.

  • scott ny'er

    i would definitely consider to move to Canada and would like to become a dual citizen. Don’t know if that’s possible. Plus, it’s really cold in Canada, no? And I can’t stand the cold weather.

  • Brian

    @romeo: Maybe we just need to make our case with “the people,” instead of the politicians. It’s something we’ve never done in an orchestrated manner. It is also something that could actually work.

    Harvey Milk rightfully suggested we needed to “come out,” but, then what? It isn’t enough to simply be “visible,” we need to figure out how to get people on our side. We need to enroll people. When we get lost in the illusion of politics we stop working and we almost completely expect others (Democrats) to do the work for us. They won’t. They are in a game, a money-making game and we are repeatedly used and abused.

    Maybe the last few months will open our eyes and we’ll finally realize that all of our eggs no longer belong in the political basket. Maybe this inspires us to seek a real, sustainable solution to LGBT Equality. Maybe, just maybe.

  • sixsixpalmsprings

    @scott ny’er: Well, Scott, yes it is really cold in Canada (although more wet in BC). But Australia & Spain have lovely weather when it’s freezing in Canada, my friend. And Vancouver is beautiful in spring and summer! So that issue is pretty easy to overcome, valid as it is…

    And I’d like to point out that my original post wasn’t meant to piss anyone off or say that I hate the US & her citizens (in general). Quite the opposite actually, but sadly imho, we’re heading backwards at a very fast rate. As 3rd world countries pass us in citizens rights, including gay rights, we’re still wringing our hands over seeing 2 women kiss! Heaven forbid 2 men should kiss in public. In that regard we’re closer to Iran than Canada in the country’s attitude towards it’s gay citizens (D.A.D.T. = we’re happy if you die for us!) If o’reilly, beck, coulter, rush or any other left wing (yes, left because they are far from being right for the US & there’s little difference anymore anyway) had their way we’d be EXACTLY like Iran in many ways. Sadly, it appears they may very well have their way too. How can a country based on freedom from oppression & the ‘right to happiness’ (among others) be so heartless, cruel, bigoted & oppressive?

    I believe individually we are the most charitable people in the world. And we’ve proven it, our generosity to others is amazing and unending in it’s desire to help those in need or crisis. I don’t think that will ever change.

    How sad it’s not applicable to our own fellow citizens.

    Cheers & Good Luck!

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary


    It’s always good to have dual passports or move to a liberal state like Washington, Oregon or Vermont, or liberal cities like San Francisco or New York (well, just Manhattan) when the pitchforks are sharpened. The European Union IS Gold – dependent on your skill sets. Runners ups are: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Cayman Islands ($$) and Uruguay. The gay politicos need to change tactics and push for civil rights as a back-door to Marriage Equality through the Courts and not ballot or voter-driven initiatives. Simply, we have lost the War! The tide is against us as we risk losing New York, too!

    The NYC anti-gay Demo-blacks are going to take us through a bruising race-baiting Primary Race with a Southern Outsider and a vulnerable woman who was appointed by an appointed Governor, possibly embroiled in another affair. New York could go Redder than the Red Sox with a Republican Governor (Peter King or Rudy Giuliani) Republican Senator (Rick Lazio is “our” Scott Brown and that’s not a compliment…and George Pataki is itching for some Senate action) and Gillibrand might not be as tenacious as Hillary, or simply too wounded by her own party…

    AND a Republican Mayor in 2013 (whoever Bloomberg and Giuliani both endorse) from pragmatic Republican Dan Halloran to Police Commish Ray Kelly (who is trying to look less like Jimmy Cagney as Al Capone!) With Thompson all but expected to win the Mayoral throne with multiple challenges from Quinn, Weiner, De Blasio and Liu, it’s a bruising free-for-all of epic proportions because of the media buy-in. Out Lesbian City Council Speaker, Christine Quinn seeing a minority block on a Gay Mayor could jump ship and throw the race if homophobia is at play. If Harold Ford Junior is a close runner-up to Sen Gillibrand, he will re-emerge as a Republican Mayoral candidate if Quinn is the victor against a weak Thompson. Cue Alicia Keys and Jay-Z for the inauguration and kiss Gay Marriage goodbye and Al Sharpton’s ass!

  • A now confused John from England

    @Robert, NYC:

    True but we had some similar issues with Blair and it was similar as what I see here being done-still playing with the big private companies but also trying to be left by overspending on public services. This got us in this mess we’re in. Brown was over spending.

    Also the left have a similar problem of not listening to what people want but telling them what they need. EXPLAIN to people why it’s actually a benefit for them to pay more taxes or have universal health care but they aren’t doing that.

    Obama keeps on appealing to peoples good nature in the States but no offence but you guys are not a socialist country, you’re one for all and all for one, so why he has used this line baffles me. He needs to play on populism, has he not learnt anything from the past?

    But you Dems keep on playing that same old tired game of ‘morals’ and ‘democracy’ and it the Right keep on winning and winning and winning.

    Tell you who has a decent model interms of politcians and funding, Germany. The state gives the funding to any political candidate which makes it fair in terms of what you start and end with. You don’t get ‘big money’ policians because you are not allowed to take ANY private donations. At all.

    And they’re pretty fiscal, though the Socialist party has gotten in if I’m not wrong.

    Sweden is another. Is like the 3rd least unequal country in the World. Japan was first.

    Blair made us even more unequal than Thatcher did.

    You guys were one of the worst in the developing world. America has the highest percentage of richest people in the whole world and the highest percentage of poor people.

    But that’s what happens with a right wing mind set of ‘divide and conquer, as long as my back garden is ok, to hell with you!’

  • A now confused John from England


    The gay community need to reach out to Al Sharpton but also don’t be so deluded that intelligent blacks even follow what Sharpton is about.

    His support of this guy is corrupt at best and is hugely embarressing for the AA community.

  • Robert, NYC

    DontblamemeIvotedforhillary #86, if democratic AG Andrew Cuomo runs for the governor’s job, Lazio is history. Lazio lost big time to Hillary, he’s a light weight in the realm of GOP politics.

    Sixsixpalmsprings #85, freedom from oppression only applies if you’re straight in America. The majority of them don’t give a damn about equality for LGBT people as long as their rights aren’t affected and they aren’t. As long as we’re the last minority they can hate, villify, denigrate, dehumanize and deny rights that are constitutionally ours, we’ll remain what we have and always will be, scapegoats. Only we can change that by fighting back with our votes, withholding of financial support and abandoning political correctness. HRC is one classic example of PC gone awry. They lull themselves into a false sense of security which is more about denial than anything else. They actually believe our voices are being heard in Washington but in reality, they aren’t. Only when election time rolls around do they bother to speak to us. Well, those days are over and they need to know it and that time is NOW, not in November.

    Get involved, join “Don’t ask, Don’t give” sponsored by Daily Kos and get the ball rolling by clicking on the link below and signing on. Pass it along to all your friends who feel disempowered. Its a good place to start to let the bastards know we’re not playing their games any more.


  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Carl McCall, John Sampson, The Conservative (and virulently anti-gay) Democrat black and Spanish coalition (including Espada and Rev Ruben Diaz Sr and Secret Kingmaker Rev Floyd Flake) will undermine Andrew Cuomo against current Governor David Paterson who is running as a spoiler and will send the Al Sharpton Vote to Peter King (who was smart to criticize Harry Reid) much in the same way as Bloomberg won in 2001 against a badly bruised Democrat. Former failed gubernatorial candidate, Carl McCall is vengeful against Cuomo who dropped out early against McCall who left it too late in his career to run and finished in Ruth Messenger numbers. These are corrupt party hacks who don’t want transparency and who are drunk on the “minority majority” in New York City and deathly afraid of Gay Marriage and the new Manhattan anti-corruption. I personally think Leticia James of Brooklyn should run for Mayor because she is honest, or at least Borough President. Lazio is a lightweight but they might just run him if the mood is anti-incumbency and it is! A.G. Cuomo’s worst enemies are in his own party. Unfortunately, Reverse Racism is alive and well in NYC!

  • A now confused John from England

    @Mike: Lol! Yeah because the net is country specific…riiight??

    I’ll, erm, go back to that mythical net were you can only access English news-this ain’t China y’know!-when you Americans stop posting on our Guardian sites, The Times, The Daily Mail, Attitude…etc etc

    (And trust, you guys expecially post on the Guardian..)

    This issue has the brits quacking and talking about how ya’ll messed up.

    This link is interesting, for anyone who likes a decent and non petty debate some bright sparks debating…

    “Obama screwed Obama.

    He campaigned on standing up to special interests and lobbyists, and then cut backroom deals with them. He campaigned for a public option, and then didn’t pressure his party to adopt it during last summer.

    Even if it’s passed, the “reform” will slap a massive tax on the healthcare plans of middle class people; it will cut abortion rights; it won’t have a public option; and it will force millions more to buy healthcare even if they can’t afford it. It’s actually worse than no reform at all. And it won’t even kick in until 2014, so if the Republicans take back Congress before then (which they can easily do) then the whole thing can be repealed anyway.

    The only reason for progressive Democrats to pass it now is to save the President some face. But he’s already lost face by being subordinate to the special interests, the bankers, the lobbyists. To think that passing this pathetic bill will save any Democratic seats from being lost in November is to be living in a fantasy world. It’s done, it’s over.

    Either they pass it through reconciliation, which means there is a chance for some reforms, or they should just pack up and go home. Obama tried to negotiate, he tried to be bipartisan – from a position of strength. Now he is invariably weak, and has no choice but bipartisanship – but that won’t work because the Republicans just don’t want to compromise. If only Obama was as resolute in his convictions.


    When Labour lose the election, they should oppose every stupid illiberal measure the Tories bring in. Develop a positive narrative too, but never give up on badgering the Tories and forcing them to cave in. It worked for the Republicans.

    Time Obama and the Dems grew some balls.”


  • TomEM

    @B: Yup.

  • Marc

    Its not a shock. ??? Its only a shock if you are an idiot who wasn’t paying attention. And, why are so many people on the left who so supposed all about tolerance bringing up his Cosmo photo as if it should be some slander against him.

    1. Cosmo is not a porn magazine. It’s a renowned women’s feminist magazine. Isn’t its founder Helen Gurley Brown a feminist icon?

    2. He wasn’t actually naked. The images are very tasteful.

    3. He was 22!

    4. He was billed as damn sexy and was in fact damn sexy.

    What is it with the Obama that anyone not of them has to be billed as inferior… not as smart, he drives a pick up truck, oh how less than the grace of Al Gore.

    Republicans have a strategy. Right-of-center Libertarian gets independents.

    What we will now see if Obama is the pragmatic centrist he claimed to be or just on the left?

  • Libertarian and proud of it

    Most of you have to realize this election was not in any way, shape, form a referendum on us. It was completely about Obama’s incompetence as President and the failure of Democrats to address the economy.

    Scott Brown has ZERO effect on LGBT legislation. ENDA will pass with support from Snowe, Collins and possibly a few more Republicans. DADT might not even come up for a vote and if it does it too will pass with support from the same cabal.

    DOMA is YEARS away from even being touched.

    We need to stop giving money, time and votes to people in power. POLITICS DOES NOT EQUAL EQUALITY! Grassroots communication, civil disobedience, and campaigning DIRECTLY TO THE PEOPLE will set us free.

    When we can convince more Americans through TV, popular culture, non-profit outreach and outside methods that we deserve to marry, when we use the courts in conjunction, the politicians will fall in line to save their political asses.


  • Brian

    @Libertarian and proud of it: I agree with everything except the idea of “civil disobedience” or other forms of protest. Expressions of anger (in any form) do not help us. They never have and they never will.

    What does work – as you’ve pointed out, is letting go of the idea that there is a “political solution” to our equality – there is not. This lie has been told for 28 years by HRC and it resulted in $550 million in contributions to play politics. It didn’t work and that half a billion dollars was wasted.

    We will only be equal when people believe we are. People, not politicians.

  • schlukitz

    Hello, Mr. Obama.

    Are you paying attention…or simply rehearsing another speech to impress everyone with your orating skills?

    All talk.

    No walk.

  • Attmay

    Expressions of anger (in any form) do not help us. They never have and they never will.


  • Joyce

    Eat your heart Dem’s. You only wish it was you. Here is a man who actually campaigned on what is good for the country and actually listened to the majority of the people in this country. Can you say that for your Obama, who has a socialistic agenda, and is in the power grab mode. If this unbelievable change can happen in Massachusettes, it can happen in any state.

    Democrats, we employed you by voting for you, and now we are going to fire you, for not caring about us. You should worry. Try listening to the people, instead of bribing and paying off politicians in back room shenanigans. Shame shame shame. The people have spoken, and will keep speaking. Listen to us.

  • alan brickman

    Maybe people should vote Libertarion already..

  • Nick

    Wonderful. Let’s all vote Republican because we’re mad at Obama because he didn’t wave his magic wand and made it all better overnight. After all, things were so great when the Republicans were in power–the economy was great, there was full employment, there was a budget surplus, there were no wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, there were no terrorist attacks, and everyone loved the gays. What a bunch of whiny little shits….

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Nick, If the dems feel threatened by our lack of support, they will act. If we continue to vote for them without any strings attached, they will continue to count on our votes and cash without assisting with equality issues. Joe Salmonese has proven that nice doesn’t work. HRC has had a half a billion $Chances$ to effect change and nice isn’t working. Dems need to bleed.

  • schlukitz

    What a bunch of whiny little shits….

    Well, yes. Perhaps.

    But, would you care to share with us how you really feel?

    You know, way down deep inside? lol

  • Robert, NYC

    #99 Joyce….really Joyce? He campaigned on what’s good for the country? He opposes any universal health care, in fact believes solely in the status quo. What was your hero Bush doing in the past 8 years on health care? Its ok to have 45 million people without any access to care? I’m sure you’re happy to keep on paying exorbitant insurance premiums annually at the whim of insurance companies. Tell that to someone who has a pre-existing condition and can’t get insurance, ends up losing his or her home home, everything they’ve worked for to pay for catastrophic illness. That’s the status quo that Brown and other independents who vote republican are all about. Selfish, heartless and mean-spirited. What exactly is their solution anyway? What is there plan? Don’t give me the bullshit about lower taxes, the magic bullet they believe solves all of society’s ills. It brought us 8 years of corruption, the economic disaster, the worst since the depression of 1929 because of deregulation and abolition of Glass/Steagall and in fact that very deregulation under the GOP is what caused the depression, not under the Democrats watch.

    Well now, Joyce, it was the GOP under Bush 43 that brought about the economic collapse in this country last year, an administration that inherited a net surplus from the Democrats and then spent and spent and spent it all. Let me remind you that it was Bush who brought about the bailout, not Obama. I’m not defending Obama either. Last year more than 750,000 jobs were lost, this year….down to 50,000, fewer foreclosures, Wall Street rebounding. Not bad for less than one year in office.

    Further, Brown doesn’t believe that gay people should have any equality, in fact tried to get marriage equality overturned in Massachusetts. He’s nothing more than a reincarnation of Dick Cheney. His term in office will be short lived once they see that he’s nothing more than an independent in republican clothing, an obstructionist.

  • Robert, NYC

    Joyce, another thing, you trot out the “socialistic” agenda mantra of which you know nothing about. No such word, its socialist or socialism. Obama is not a socialist and you in your ingnorant teabagging mindset wouldn’t know what socialism is if it bit you in the ass. The democratic party is far from a socialist party, in fact its centrist slightly to the right. If you’re so opposed to big government, why aren’t you and your right wing gang out campaigning to get rid of medicare, medicaid, the military, police and fire depts., EMS, public school system, public libraries, mass transit, FAA, FDC, CAA, HUD, FEMA, and provide us with a plan on how to privatize them? Who is going to fund all of these government run (socialized) programs, the GOP? YOU? Do tell. I don’t see Brown or the GOP coming up with an alternative. What would you do if you lost your job, your home, everything you have in the bank, health insurance? Where would you get help from, the GOP, the right wing independents? How would you get access to health care for instance? Tell us!

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    The only progressive party in the world is the Green Party and could be a viable third party if promoted by celebrities, gays and liberals who can lead the way out of this Duopoly of Corporate Lobbying. The jhave a 100% pro-gay Civil Rights platform. Libertarians are a hodge-podge of egoistic interpretations which were contorted by homophobic Ron Paul. Their main appeal is the abolition of taxes. Gay may be the New Black but GREEN certainly is the New GAY! Fly the Green Flag with the Original* Rainbow Flag!


    The Original Rainbow Flag include Sexuality (Pink) and Harmony (Turquoise)

  • Robert, NYC

    #106, I’ve always espoused that. The problem is ourselves. We buy into the false belief that supporting a third party wouldn’t work. It would and it has in other countries in Europe. Since we get nothing from the dems, just empty campaign rhetoric about gay rights and of course zip from the other side, putting all of our efforts into the Green Party would send an extremely strong signal to both parties, and would take away a lot of votes from them leaving them with less power than they deserve. They’d be out in droves courting us to come back and I’d love to see them grovel at our feet.

  • romeo

    @ Robert,NYC #107: multiple parties work in Europe because they mostly have parliamentary systems. Our system is set up so that we can have only ONE party with two faces (Democrat/Republican), neutralzing any real opposition to the status quo. A third party could work if the American people could be made to understand the trap that was laid for them by the founding fathers. It could happen. “Independent” voters are growing more numerous.

  • Robert, NYC

    Romeo, yes, I was aware of that and thanks for bringing it up. It explains why we get nowhere fast on equality, 50 states with 50 internal governments with different laws in each state acting as if they were independent countries. Its one of the major stumbling blocks to equality. Parliamentary systems of course have centralized government for the most part and I think its easier to get legislation passed with a more progressive party in power as we’ve seen in Spain, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, South Africa and Canada and to some extent the UK. Our system is definitely stacked against the people, no question about it and our electoral system needs thorough overhaul, starting with the abolition of the electoral college. Ours is the most bureaucratic, belabored system in the western world and needs to be changed. Only the people have the power to change it and if the majority of gay voters supported the Green Party, I think it could have the potential to affect change and attract more independent progressives, diminishing the stranglehold of the two major parties and the civil libertarians at the same time. Its doable if we’re prepared to take that step. I’m ready.

  • schlukitz

    How would you get access to health care for instance? Tell us!

    Robert, Robert, Robert!

    You are confusing the dear lady with the facts.

    She’s already made up her mind. lol

  • A now confused John from England



    What are you talking about? Like Robert said ‘Do you know what a socialist is?’

    People like you make American look bad and Americans look stupid.

    France has been socialist for over decades since Sarkozy….our Labour party now has a HUGE socialist stronghold….the socialist party has succeeded in Germany…

    Silly girl.

  • A now confused John from England



    What are you talking about? Like Robert said ‘Do you know what a socialist is?’

    People like you make American look bad and Americans look stupid.

    France has been socialist for over decades since Sarkozy….our Labour party now has a HUGE socialist stronghold….the socialist party has succeeded in Germany…

    Silly girl.


    Have you tried to contact Obama? I’m serious. Everyone is stumped and I’ve been talking about the gay angle in Mass. People don’t realise this because they think it’s idiotic gays would vote for someone anti-gay.

    From what I’ve seen, and it’s the same with the Labour party here, though they’ve had to listen to the wrath of the internet, the Dems aren’t going to troll through websites to see what people are thinking. They don’t seem to ‘get it’.

    You may be a minority but you’re more likely to go out and vote, than say a desolusioned blue collar worker.

    Yes, a huge percentage of the world doesn’t have internet but the percentage that do are active and spread campaigns.

    You guys need to send a message through HRC or something because your government isn’t getting this and are thinking of going even more to the right, which, well, isn’t great for gays.

    Again, I’m shocked by what you guys have done. How short sighted.

  • Wen

    @111, John, the funny thing is, Obama compared to many western european countries (with each having at least one socialist (=left wing)) party, is FAR RIGHT (righter than most european right parties are), so Americans who call him a socialist dont understand what it means.
    @019 Robert NYC, I like your posts/views and find myself agreeing a lot.
    @110 hi schlukitz, how have you been?

  • Joyce

    @A now confused John from England:

    Where did you ever get the idea that American look bad. I live 2 doors down from a couple from England. They are here, because they hate the socialized medicine you have in your country. What do you think Massachusetts was all about. Why don’t you come and get Obama and take him to your country if you think he is so wonderful. We’re more than happy to give him up to you.

    My grandparents lived under Socialism, so don’t tell me what Socialism is all about. America has a Constitution that was founded on Judeau Christian values and freedoms. You don’t have that when you have a government that controls every phase of your life. America is also a country that is much loved by most of the world, minus the countries with evil leaders who are threatened by our freedoms, and hate us for that very reason.

    You need to get a life. I see you have responded to about everyone on here.

  • Wen

    @Joyce, you dont have a good idea about what living in a multiparty representative democracy means, and no european country is really only socialist, not even France, although John mentioned it, as the current party ruling is a conservative right wing party (Sarkozy). Also, this might be news to you, but many europeans dont like America at all, Bush made it much much worse, Obama could make it a bit better. Keep in mind that socialist countries (socialist only) do not exist in europe.

  • Joyce


    Wen, most Americans don’t agree with you. Let’s put it this way, more people in this world like America, more than the people who don’t like America. Obama will absolutely not make this country better, because he has made us an unsafe country, and believe me, countries with terrorists love it. We were much more safe under Bush than we ever will be under Obama. We can disagree all day and all night, but you ask the majority of the people, and that includes most of the Democrats that I know, that voted for Obama, and wish now they had not.

    The election in Massachussetts is only the beginning of the people in this country, rebelling against Obama and his corruptness and what he is doing to this country.

    American is a wonderful country, and we don’t want a government that has an agenda of complete control over the people, and most of the people in this country feel that way. He shmoozed all the people during his campaign, and now they are seeing him for what he really is. I don’t really care where socialist only coutries are, I only know…..WE DON’T WANT IT. We want to keep our Constitutional rights and the freedoms and the country we were founded on.

  • Wen

    @116, Joyce, I dont want to insult you, but youre a good example of what europeans dont like about America. Too selfish.

  • Joyce

    Stay in Europe then. We don’t want you here.

  • Wen

    Thats what I mean, Joyce. Too selfish.

  • Joyce

    If loving my country, and defending it to people who put it down, is being selfish……….then call me selfish.

  • schlukitz

    No. 112 · A now confused John from England


    Have you tried to contact Obama? I’m serious.

    I know that you are serious. And yes. I did write to President Obama. It took a couple of months before I got a reply.

    It was the usual stock response that politicians give you when one writes to air their grievances.

    And of course, there was the usual “Your opinions matter to us and we thank you for taking the time to express them.”

    I can add Mr. Obama’s letter to the pile of letters I already have from my Representatives, Congressman, Senators and assorted other political types.

    I find it interesting that almost all of them use a pretty much standard form letter for responding to their constituents. Different words, perhaps, but the the same old brush-off.

    These people aren’t listening to the LGBT community. They only hear and suck-up to the religious right whose votes put them in office in the first place.

    What a perfect waste of good stationery and postage!

  • AndrewW

    @schlukitz: This is further evidence that there is no “political solution” to LGBT equality.

    Politicians won’t save us until we change the minds of their constituents. The good news is two-thirds of those minds have already been changed in our favor. We need to figure out how to demonstrate that.

  • schlukitz

    No. 113 · Wen

    @110 hi schlukitz, how have you been?

    Very good, thank you. Dodging all of the sticks, stones and bottles flying around on these threads and which I see you’re also having to do as well. lol

    And how are you, my dear? Very well, I trust?

  • schlukitz

    Joyce wrote America has a Constitution that was founded on Judeau Christian values and freedoms.M/i>

    And with that Godwin’s Law comment, we can flush this conversation down the toilet!

  • schlukitz

    Sorry. Second paragraph is mine. I screwed up on my closing italics.

  • schlukitz

    Wen, you wrote: Also, this might be news to you, but many europeans dont like America at all, Bush made it much much worse

    I’ll go you one further, Wen. A large number of European countries as well as those in other parts of the world, now view America as the biggest threat to world peace.


  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Sarah Palin – Scott Brown for President 2014

    (You get Tits and a Dick………..but No Brains!)

  • schlukitz

    Sorry, No. 116 · Joyce, but I cannot sit idly by and listen to this pack of crap you are spewing.

    You need to get a life. I see you have responded to about everyone on here.

    And I see that about everyone on here has responded to you…and not in a positive way.

    Wen, most Americans don’t agree with you. Let’s put it this way, more people in this world like America, more than the people who don’t like America.

    Utter rubbish. The BBD put it this way:


    Obama will absolutely not make this country better, because he has made us an unsafe country,

    Oh really now? Obama declared war on Iraq, did he? And what of all the abuses of power during Bush’s two terms?


    We were much more safe under Bush than we ever will be under Obama.

    Oh really? In what way(s)? You make one unsubstantiated claim after another with absolutely no documentation or sources to to back up your assertions.

    We want to keep our Constitutional rights and the freedoms and the country we were founded on.

    And did you write to Mr. Bush while he was still in office and when the ACLU posted their list of the top ten power abuses committed by him and his henchmen?

    Keep blowing all that hot air, honey. It’s mightly cold here in New York City and you could thaw a mountain of snow and ice.

  • Robert, NYC

    Joyce, you fool. You haven’t answered my question, why are you avoiding it.

    Let me reiterate assuming your teabagging peabrain can understand English. What would you do to get access to health care if, among other things…

    1) You lost your job?
    2) You lost your health insurance and if you’re married, your husband too lost his?
    3) You lost your home?
    4) You lost your savings and other financial resources?
    5) There were no social security?

    Explain to us how you and your family would get access to health care? Forget about medicare, medicaid, those are socialized programs, nothing you would want of course.

  • Joyce

    It’s apparent that you really have not followed what is going on with this health plan, or you would know that the Republicans have submitted 2 bill laying out how we can insure those that need it, such as those you mentioned above in your comment. However, Nazi Pelosi refused to listen, and then they call the Republicans the party of “NO”. Obama campaigned on bi-partisan participation, and now we realize that Obama and Congress thinks bi-partisan means only if you agree with them, their idolog, leftist, socialist agenda. Well, look what is happening now. The people spoke in Massachusetts, and now the Dem’s are arguing amongst themselves.

    I don’t believe the Democrats have nearly as much love for their
    country as they do for their own political fortunes. And with Obama, their fortunes are rapidly becoming toast.

    The Democrats can keep on blaming Bush for EVERYTHING, but that game’s already begun to wear real thin. He has quadrupled the debt that Bush passed on.

    Their mantra was “WE DON’T WANT 4 MORE YEARS,” which the STUPID people bought, since McCain was nothing at all like George W Bush.

    The new mantra will soon become: “WE DON’T WANT 6 MORE MONTHS.”

    If you pull your head out of the sand, and stop listening to only MSNBC or CNN, you’d know what is really going on with the health care bill, and you also would know the people of this country and the republican want a plan that will take care of the on 15% of the people that don’t have medical insurance and can’t get it (just want Obama campaigned on), but WE DON’T WANT THE GOVERNMENT TO RUN IT and making our health decisions for us.

    As far as the security of this country. You really aren’t listening to what this adminstration is doing, if you think we are safer now than when Bush was in. It’s all commons sense.

    He’s personally invested in totally insulting America ‘s ONLY REAL Middle Eastern ally (Israel) in favor of Palestinian murderer’s. He’s traveling the world apologizing for the USA while lecturing others on how to do it right, when in fact and truth he has no experience at doing anything other than getting elected. He went around badmouthing this country to evil leaders of evil countries, who want us dead. You think they aren’t thrilled Obama is in office. You bet they are. Look how many attempted attacks we have had just in this last year.

    He went to the Muslem world in Egypt to declare that America IS NOT A CHRISTIAN NATION while he heaped praises on Islam, where he compared the “plight” of the Palestinians to the Holocaust. This is pathetic.

    The Russians think he’s a putz, The French think he’s rude.

    The Germans want him to stop spending.

    The Indians want him to get his nose out of their environmental business.

    The North Koreans think he’s a joke, The Iranians won’t acknowledge his calls.

    And the British can’t even come up with a comprehensive opinion of him. I’ll bet the most sane Brit I have listend to, Daniel Hannon has an opinion…..and it won’t be good.

    As for the Chinese, he’s too frightened to even glance their way. [After All, China now owns a large portion of the United States.

    This is just the beginning of the things he has done to this country. It’s like Scott Brown said, instead of cancelling our defense systems so we can defend ourselves against these terrorists, he gives them lawyers at our expense and tries them here in the country they attacked.

    This is the most pathetic, corrupt administratin I have seen in my lifetime.

  • romeo

    Thanks for sharing, Joyce. But let me be plain here. You are an idiot. All of the problems you spoke of were caused by Republicans, including the fact that China now owns our ass. The Republican administrations starting with Reagan have looted and plundered this country, and now brought it to its knees.

    You can dream on, Joyce, but the worst is yet to come. Neither Republicans nor Democrats can do anything now to help this country. The Republicans have destroyed us, and our fate is sealed.

    Don’t believe me? Wait and see. When the people face the kind of economic losses that are coming with nothing but a cold-hearted and abusive government, then history shows that all bets are off, and no one can predict or control the outcome.

    Deal with it, Joyce.

  • Joyce

    Well Romeo……….from one idiot to another idiot. Of course I don’t believe you. You’re a crape hanger. I have a more positive attitude about what will happen to our country. We have gone through worse times in history, and came through it. Go bury your head, and come back later. Then you deal with it…and see how wrong you were.

  • Robert, NYC

    Joyce #130, respond please to my questions in #129.

    Folks, Daniel Hannon, the only supposedly sane Brit that this neanderthal Joyce enthuses over, is a paid British conservative shill and homophobe for the Republican party. He was paid a nice piece of change to come over here when the health care debate was starting, to spread a lot of false information about the British national health service. He’s been castigated by his party in the shadow government, the NHS itself and by a lot of others for doing just that, but this teabagger closet case Joyce doesn’t tell you that of course. He’s an extremist who would feel quite at home in the Grand Old Party of hate and obstruction. She/he will deny all of this and deny that she/he is gay. I wonder if the other neanderthal scum Letterman is a colleague? Wouldn’t surprise me.

    So Joyce/Joe whoever you are…..you’re an idiot. Tell us why you troll gay blogsites? Prurient interest perhaps? You’re nothing more than a psychopathic liar and phoney.

  • Robert, NYC

    Yes, Joyce, the Chinese own a nice chunk of the American economy thanks to your poster boy Bush 43. Happened under his watch, not Obama as did the economic meltdown and the bailout started with your poster boy, his idea, you fucking moron.

  • Joyce

    WOW….such language, but after reading all these comments, I can see that it is probably part of your daily vocabulary. First of all, I got on this site by accident, but it has been very entertaining. Someone sent me this picture of Scott Brown, and I didn’t realize, when I commented, that this was a gay site. I realize how mis-informated most of you are. Your all pretty sick and pathetic, and that is a comment made, not because you are gay. I don’t have a problem with you being. However, just beause you wonder why I am commenting on this site, makes me believe you have a bigger problem than being gay. I think you must have a problem with anyone that is not gay. My comment is made because your lack of information about what is really going on with this administration. No wonder you think Obama is good for this country.

    I done with this site……due to your ignorance, not due to you being gay. Your pathetic in your way of thinking.

  • Robert, NYC

    Folks, guess what? After reading that lost post #135, methinks this is Letterman back in drag. Read it over and you’ll see some of the similar language and constructions he used in his previous rants. Methinks too that this closet case of a “lady” doth protest too much Coming in here by accident. Puleeeeeeeeeeeeeeez, you’re one sick pathetic bastard.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Dear Robert, NYC—You are on to something there. Words that should be in the sentence get dropped out. It’s like seeing a painting with a chip in it. Likely his eyes are rolling back in his head when he’s typing. ew.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Joyce, huh? She dresses up to speak.

  • Robert, NYC

    1EqualityUSA, hi….I noticed a marked difference in his last post compared to the others. I’ve looked at some of Letterman’s previous comments and the syntax, structure of his words are identical to “Joyce’s”.

    I think he must have decided the only way to get back in here was to use another disguise because he’s recent threats of a lawsuit would preclude him from posting here as Letterman. No lawyer in his right mind in the issuance of a subpoena to Queerty to provide information on the member he has a case against would advise him to post here, quite the opposite. A cease and desist order would have been placed on him and his lawyer would be speaking for him directly to Queerty, certainly not on here. He’s a sicko and a liar to boot.

  • schlukitz

    Yes, Robert, NYC and 1EqualityUSA…I agree with you both. Joyce’s words certainly do have a familiar ring and contain the same scorn, contempt and derision that we had to put up with for so long.

    I done with this site

    Me thinks not.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    I smell a rat. Nahanenu sent my hoo-hoo-o-meter off too. M….ma….mag….magg…maggie!

  • schlukitz

    Hi Robert and Equality.

    Isn’t it interesting how people like this have this built-in urge to self-destruct?

    They simply cannot cease and desist and always feel the need to get the last word in, even it if destroys them.

  • Robert, NYC

    Hi Schulkitz, yes I agree it is. What astounds me though is that people like this go out of their way to find gay blogsites to vent. That’s hardly what I would call normal, straight behavior. Any self-respecting straight male or woman comfortable in his or her own orientation wouldn’t waste their precious time and energy, let alone feel threatened by our gains even if those gains involve a few losses along the way. Why would anyone want to bother? It serves no purpose, gets them nowhere, in fact they end up becoming more bitter and twisted than they really are. These people are in dire need of psychiatric help for sure. Damaged goods no doubt.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    If they focus on us, they don’t have to face their own pain.

  • schlukitz

    Damaged goods says it succinctly, Robert.

    Ruth Westheimer (Dr. Ruth), the colorful and outspoken, German-born sex researcher said it best when she stated that…

    “Anyone who is having a healthy sex life, could care less what anyone else is doing in bed.”


    I think that she was onto something. ;P

    Hope you’re having a great day.

  • schlukitz

    Excellent point, Equality, based on the theory that one cannot concentrate on two things at the same time.

  • Robert, NYC

    Schlukitz, yep, Dr. Ruth was absolutely right on about that. What a sad commentary it makes about those in denial who come in here to spew their venom. They give themselves away for sure. Amazing how none of us go to straight blogsites and do the same isn’t it. That’s the first clue as to how these people are psychopathically unhinged.

  • schlukitz

    No. 147 · Robert, NYC

    Amazing how none of us go to straight blogsites and do the same isn’t it.

    Twue. Twue. How the hell wants to listen, non-stop, to a the baby-buggy stroller crowd gushing about what little Jimmy or Judy learned how to do today…besides piss and shit their diapers? lol

  • hephaestion

    Coakley was an un-electable pompous idiot. I’m extremely liberal and even I could not have voted for her.

  • AL

    No. 129 · Robert, NYC

    The answer to your question is very simple. The government has no constitutional right to take away the earnings of one individual to pay for the expenses of another individual. Government has no legitimate right to single out and limit the rights and liberties of any individual in favor of others, just like the government has no right to define marriage or regulate the relationships between individuals. That’s a dangerous path towards socialist fascism. This is not just some “crazy right-wing” talk, it’s the reality of present-day political climate of the Western world. The “Republican-Democrat” or “conservative-liberal” dichotomy is an absolute joke. Both parties and ideologies seek to control and/or regulate certain aspects of people’s lives. This is exactly what’s killing America in every way. The U.S. Constitution is now viewed as some type of obsolete and ancient piece of scripture.

  • Robert, NYC

    No 150 AL….”The U.S. Constitution is now viewed as some type of obsolete and ancient piece of scripture”.

    Now, if only government would uphold the 14th amendment in regard to Gay and Lesbian tax payers we’d be a lot better off and further ahead on equality. It deliberately ignores it at the whim of religious bigots whose beliefs trump the rights and protections of an entire group of tax payers. We as a group do NOT have full representation under the amendment.

    Unfortunately, the entire world works the same way, government interfering in relationships.

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