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SHOCK: Rhode Island Wants to Give Rights to Gays! (Only After They’re Dead)


Even though 60 percent of Rhode Island voters favor same-sex marriage (and 75 percent favor civil unions), legislators still refuse to grant gays marriage rights. (The House has seen a marriage equality bill introduced every year since 1997. This year’s bill is effectively dead after the House Judiciary Committee recommended “further investigation.”) But you know where legislators are comfortable giving gays some rights? After they die.

The State Senate yesterday approved a bill granting “domestic partners” (“a person who prior to the decedent’s death was in an exclusive, intimate and committed relationship with the decedent”) the right to claim the bodies and make funeral arrangements for their dead loved ones. The bill now awaits a vote by the House, where it’s pending in, you guessed it, the House Judiciary Committee.

As for what qualifies you as a domestic partner? Let’s hope you’ve got a joint checking account. Providence Journal:

The bill that won Senate approval is narrowly framed. It adds “the domestic partner of the deceased” — right under the words “surviving spouse” — to the list of people a funeral director should consult about the arrangements.

It defines a domestic partner as someone who had been in “an exclusive, intimate and committed relationship” with the deceased, and had cohabited for at least a year at the time of the death. It also spells out the evidence necessary to prove the two were financially dependent, such as a joint mortgage, lease, checking or credit account, a “domestic partnership agreement or relationship contract.”

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  • Bruno

    Rhode Island voters really need to do more research before electing these people. Especially the governor.

  • detroitmak

    I dont know why they just dont do a pro-gay ballot initiative. They have the public support. For the size of RI, it wouldnt cost more then $1mil

  • sioraiocht

    @detroitmak: Depends on their states constitution, too. I’m not sure what can be accomplished by ballot initiative in Rhode Island.

  • Fitz

    I am from that piece of crap state… from what I saw of it before I escaped, this piece of news represents progress.

  • yeson8won

    This is great news.

    The attack on traditional marriage has been held at bay yet again.

  • Alec

    @yeson8won: By legislators refusing to implement the will of their constituents?

    Why not put it to the ballot? The fact that there’s no process for a voter referendum shouldn’t be an obstacle for the crazy anti-gay movement; after all, Maggie Gallagher demanded that it be put to popular vote in Vermont, despite the absence of a process for that.

  • Bruno


    Except that Governor Lynch of New Hampshire is about to sign marriage equality into law. Chew on them apples, buddy.

  • yeson8won

    @Bruno: How can it be marriage equality if polygamists, close family members, bestialists and pedophiles are still prohibited from marrying?

  • sioraiocht


    Please don’t respond to the trolls, it feeds them.

  • Scott

    Who needs gaydar? If he’s a young adult, cute, and living in Rhode Island, he’s gay.

  • Huh

    New State Motto
    Rhode Island – The Arkansas of New England.

  • KyleR

    I know not to feed the trolls, but maybe someone else can answer. How come any argument is made about gay marriage is brought up, the Repulsives bring up polygamy, pedophilia, incest and bestiality? How do they think that these things are tied into define marriage as between TWO PEOPLE instead of MAN AND WOMAN?! Are they just that stupid? And I can’t resist, I’m going to feed the troll. FORGIVE ME.


    What the LGBT community wants to do is define marriage as between TWO PEOPLE. Not just MAN AND WOMAN. MAN AND MAN. WOMAN AND WOMAN. We are not trying to change the entire Legal code. And lets break down this argument, shall we?

    What is marriage? Marriage is a contract BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE! FOR LIFE! Or divorce. What ever comes first. So there goes the polygamy argument.

    A CONTRACT, which a marriage license is, is only binding between TWO CONSENSUAL ADULTS! 18 and over. Therefore, a CHILD can NOT enter into a MARRIAGE do to the fact that legally that can’t understand what is happening. And this argument could be used against SHOT GUN weddings. Like a certain family in Alaska was trying to do.

    And on to bestiality. Are ANIMALS able to read, understand and comprehend the contract? Are they able to understand and comprehend HUMAN SPOKEN language? No and no. Animals are smart and intelligent, but they are not able to comprehend the HUMAN LANGUAGE in all its forms. Spoken or written. And as one man has pointed out, he does some great YouTube videos, I’m sure someone will provide a link for you; a GOAT is more LIKELY TO EAT THE MARRIAGE LICENSE THAN SIGN IT!!!

    And for the incest. I can’t think of any laws off the top of my head, but I’m no law expert. And there’s whats said about Kentuky. And if it’s between a MAN AND WOMAN what stops them from just LYING, because we all know that RELIGIOUS people are moralists and don’t lie.

    So, lets review shall we, your points are 1 for 4. I’ll give you incest just because of the fact that straight people just have to lie about their last name and their off to go stand in front of the alter and in front of GOD and say I do. So, how can you still deny MY RIGHTS based off this argument? That by GRANTING SAME-SEX COUPLES the RIGHT to MARRY that the pedos, bestiality, and polygamists are then able to legally get married?

  • EE Keller

    I hate to feed him, too, but we know that “yeson8won” is gay and screeching from his gay closet.

  • Lance Rockland

    @yeson8won: Go fuck yourself.

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