SHOCK: Sam Adams More Intimately Involved With Underage Breedlove


Portland Mayor Sam Adams’ fight to save his reputation was just dealt a huge blow: His claims that his “friendship” with then 17-year-old Beau Breedlove was extremely limited, and that Breedlove perused him, clashes with phone records showing Adams calling Breedlove some 33 times while he was just 17, including two phone calls placed just after landing at Portland’s airport. Meanwhile, in a public records review of Adam’s calendar, the date Adams says they kissed in a City Hall men’s room after a First Thursday event — June 2, 2005 — took place when Adams was supposedly on vacation in New York. Things are not looking good for Adams’ credibility.


Meanwhile, adds The Oregonian:

State criminal investigators have interviewed one person whose account suggests a different timeline for the City Hall encounter.

A former City Hall security officer told investigators that during a First Thursday event earlier in 2005, another guard reported discovering Adams and a young man in the second-floor men’s room.

Glenn Clark says he told investigators that he was working City Hall’s first-floor security desk while another guard, Jacoby Demissie, was stationed on the second floor. Clark was surprised when Demissie walked downstairs, stopping about 10 feet from him.

Clark recalled that Demissie told him “in a flat tone something to the effect of: ‘I just saw Sam Adams having sex with this younger guy in the bathroom,’” Clark said in a statement.

“I cannot be certain of exactly what Demissie said,” Clark said in the signed and notarized statement, which he gave to investigators and The Oregonian. “But the way Demissie made the statement made it clear to me that Adams and the younger man were doing more than kissing or making out.”

Because Demissie mentioned that the other man was young, Clark said, Clark was concerned that the young man might be underage. Clark said Demissie told him it didn’t look that way.


Breedlove, who’s now 21, appears only to be commenting on the situation to adult magazine. Adams, who’s still facing criticism over his decision not to resign, is staying mum too. But both he and Adams have previously acknowledged lying about the extent of their relationship.

So what unknowns do reviews of Adams’ phone calls and calendar show? (This timeline helps illustrate things.)

Adams and Breedlove probably first met at the state Capitol on March 24, 2005. At the time, Breedlove worked as an intern for state Rep. Kim Thatcher, a Keizer Republican.

Adams’ calendar for that date shows he had meetings with two Democratic legislators whose offices were near or next to Thatcher’s office. Breedlove gave Adams his phone number through another person.

Breedlove told The Oregonian that Adams sought him out about a week later. Adams’ cell phone records show that he called Thatcher’s office March 31 and that the call lasted three minutes. The records show that Adams then called Breedlove’s cell phone twice later that afternoon.

Adams personally gave The Oregonian his phone records and blacked out what he said were personal calls except for those to Breedlove. The billings don’t show the source of incoming calls, nor do they provide a record of text messages.

Adams made most of the calls between March 31 and May 9, and many lasted just one minute.

Adams made fewer calls in May and June but kept in touch, including soon after he was scheduled to return from his New York vacation.

According to Adams’ calendar, his flight home was scheduled to arrive at 8 p.m. June 4, 2005. Portland International Airport records say the plane arrived at 7:39 p.m.

Adams’ phone records show the first calls he made after the flight arrived were to Breedlove’s cell phone and the home of Breedlove’s mother.

Adams also called Breedlove on June 25 — the day Breedlove turned 18.

(Photo: Williemette Week)

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  • Alec

    @rogue dandelion: Well, having one of the most prominent gay politicians involved in an underaged sex scandal is not, you know, a plus.

    And the bathroom sex doesn’t help matters, either.

  • Tony

    This whole thing is sad really. Most politicians are in politics because they are extremely narcissistic (sp?) attention whores, not because they want to save the world. Any person with common sense would not pursue an underage partner, especially anyone who is in or hopes to be in any sort of public office.

    Typical douchebage behavior. Sadly, this douchebag is a gay douchebag.

  • Alec

    @Tony: Yup. Sometimes it is all about the power. Look at Spitzer.

  • Bruno

    People spend so much time slamming Perez Hilton for making the LGBT community look bad, while it’s this guy who’s doing the most damage. Typical stupid asshole politician, believes honesty is the enemy of any campaign.

  • jojoko

    all is forgiven since sam adams is hottt!

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)


    Where’s rogue dandelion??

  • Jason

    I realize some have criticized commenters on Sam Adams threads before for being too quick to throw him out, or that we should stand with our own or whatever, or that if this were a heterosexual politician then it’d be okay.

    Actually, it’s not. It’s pretty clear at this point that Adams has done something wrong and he should definitely resign. Gay, straight, or purple-people-eater, he needs to go.

  • AlwaysGay

    Neither did anything wrong. Move on.

  • Gggg

    Ahhh, get out of here! What a hypocrisy! Wake up, people!! Sure, it’s the law but that guy was 17, not 7.

  • Eagle88

    Actually, it’s not the law. Washington’s age of consent is 16, not 18. Adams has only done wrong in the eyes of public opinion, not the law.

  • Bruno


    If he were a purple-people-eater he should stay. This scandal would be the least of his worries in that case.

  • Xak


    That’s nice, but they’re in Oregon. ;-)

  • Buddy

    @Eagle88: But in Portland the age of consent is 18.

    Of course for me, it not so much the affair itself, as it is the spectacular bad judgment, the cover-up, and the smearing of a rival candidate who dared suggest such going-ons were, uh, going on.

    Not to mention the huge arrogance to keep on lying about it while staying in office. Ah, the douchebaggery, sigh.

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

    Whats the biggie??

    EVERYONE has underage sex in Britain!

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

    @Smokey Martini:

    Oh, okay..

    Cheers. :)

  • Ryan

    So judgmental, without having a shred of the actual facts. Breedlove was a big boy and clearly wanted the relationship. He was an adult, whether it was a few months before his birthday when the relationship began or a few months after. Let’s not all be so freaking puritanical.

  • alan brickman

    the republicans aren’t resigning who are against equal rights for gays…so why should he resign?

  • Helen

    I think this is really not all that important.

  • sparkle obama

    some of you gays are too fake.
    the world is watching!

  • MTiffany

    @Tony: Since when is sexual desire about common sense? I’m not condoning the guy’s actions, but, come on – the cock wants what it wants.

  • TANK


    According to the statute, it’s 18, not 16. If you can’t prove it, though…which you can’t…this is just tabloid journalism. Entertaining, though, don’t mistake me.

  • TANK


    What is this some of kind of an excuse? Sounds an awful lot like the traditional rape defense of “boys are boys”.

  • bloggingethics

    Interesting post, but did you have to use so much of The Oregonian’s story? You didn’t use a portion of it, you fucking hijacked the whole thing. This is the kind of stuff that gives bloggers a bad name.

  • MTiffany

    @TANK: First, did you not read far enough along to get to where I wrote “I’m not condoning the guy’s actions.”

    Second, invoking rape is just simply as inflammatory as it is specious. I quote: “Breedlove gave Adams his phone number through another person.” And given how the rest of Breedlove’s story unfolds, underage porn, magazine interviews, etc, it sounds to me like Ms. Breedlove has parlayed her circumstance into a rather profitable fifteen minutes.

    Breedlove sounds like a master manipulator. Youth does not automatically convey innocence.

  • Sam

    I think Sam should hold on. Lately, it seems like whenever the Dem politicians get hit with a sex scandal (Spitzer, McGreevey) they resign. Rep politicians, on the other hand, hold on as long as they can (Vitter, Craig, Condit).

    Why the double standard? If the morally self-righteous party of “family values” thinks politicians should be able to stay in office after getting caught patronizing prostitutes or trolling for gay sex in mens’ rooms, then surely it’s okay for Adams to remain mayor, even if he and Beau hit it a few weeks before he was officially an adult.

  • BrianZ

    “Because Demissie mentioned that the other man was young, Clark said, Clark was concerned that the young man might be underage.”

    Of course, because all gay men are pedophiles, right?

    @sparkle obama: You choose “Sparkle Obama” as a name and throw stones about being fake? Your quips are nearly as banal as your persona.

  • AJ

    Well, I am shocked.

    On a shallow, inappropriate note Beau is pretty hot with longer hair.

  • TANK


    Agreed, but we have no evidence to support that last conjecture..and we never will…and I’m okay with that.

  • sparkle obama


    well my real name is ethan, all right?
    don’t be mad!
    as far as being fake, if the little debbie snackin cake low-heeled pump fits your ass, by all means work it, sell it darling.
    gays need to grow up & quit being fake.
    it ain’t going to work; the world is watching.
    you can’t say, “well they are just as rotten as i”.
    gays can do better, like miss deena jones & the dreams:
    mama said i am special
    she said i’ve got to say
    i am just as good

    …we have got to be BETTER THAN, all right?
    whatshisname mayor suffers from PRIDE,

  • Alec

    @John from England(used to be just John but there are other John’s): I have a feeling that if a guy in say, his thirties slept with someone who was 15, in the UK, there would be consequences, no, if they were a politician?

    @Ryan: Personally, I don’t really care; it isn’t the equivalent of having sex with a young teenager. But the law is the law, and the “few months shy” argument is irrelevant. The age of consent is set by statute and removes his ability to consent at all.

    And if it is just a few months, surely they could have waited.

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