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‘SHOCK’: Serbian Non-Doctor Reveals Cure For Homosexuality (It Involves Lots of Bowel Cleansing)

Though Mirojlub Petrovic is not a doctor, that’s not stopping the Serbian bigot (or the press) from calling himself one, or opening a facility to cure you of The Gay.

Petrovic, who practices something called “original medicine” — I’m sure he’s got the cure to cancer buried in his doctor’s office magazine shelf — says the “problem of homosexualism” has been running rampant throughout his country, but really took off with last year’s attempt at a pride parade in Belgrade. And now, with his certification from the the International Institute of Original Medicine, he and some cronies are seeing their Cure The Gay outfit really take off. But how does this magic work? He explains to RFE’s Jamie Kirchick:

Quite simply: Patients must cut out junk food from their diet, “drink a lot of water,” “reject anything that is diarrhetic, alcohol, caffeine,” engage in “physical activity,” “rest [at] appropriate times.” Plus, one “must think about good things.” Oh, and receive regular enemas.

When I asked if Petrovic had any success stories, he replied in the affirmative, and that he has received a flood of new patients “especially in the last two weeks” because of the publicity surrounding the march. In Petrovic’s eyes, he isn’t just curing gays of an affliction; he’s saving them from a possible death sentence. Though he acknowledges that “you cannot execute homosexuals” at this point, he supports a system that would ultimately give gays a choice: change your behavior or face the death penalty.

What’s amusing is that I know dozens of gay men and women who already follow that exact diet. Because gays are fitness and diet freaks! They are obsessed with drinking a lot of water, working out, avoiding toxins like booze and coffee, and yes some of them get enemas. Regularly! And yet: They’re as gay as today is purple.