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SHOCK: Vegas Pastor Billy Eckstine McCurdy Charged With Molesting 2 Teen Boys

Eddie Long is leading the welcome party: Las Vegas pastor Billy Eckstine McCurdy, 57, was indicted on six counts of sexual assault and five counts of open or gross lewdness for allegedly molesting two teen boys at his home. The Revival Temple Church of God in Christ leader coerced the boys into sexual relationships by using his church authority and Biblical readers, the victims told a grand jury. (Snaps to both of them for having the courage to come forward.) The allegations come five years after McCurdy was accused by a boy of sexually molesting him in bed; no charges were ever brought. But there could be more to come: On youth trips to Arizona and California, McCurdy was surrounded by young boys and held sleepovers at his home with them; some lived with him for extended periods, including the two victims. McCurdy is free on $3,000 bond.

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  • scott ny'er

    did this dude preach against gays as well? i’m betting he did.

  • tallskin2

    I guess he’s like catholic priests who consider fiddling with kids as a perk of the job.

    It’s so unfair that we should want to take that away from them, after all they work hard to fill and indoctrinate children’s minds with sh*t, so why not allow them their perks?

    Shheeezh, you atheists are SO godlessly ungrateful.

  • ewe

    Now hold on. I think i should just go buy a popcorn machine. DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    charlatans and hyprocrites. My favorite plot to watch.

  • Tom

    There are all types of criminals all around us in the gay community. However, until they get caught you never know about them.

  • Jayson

    Oh no! Tell me this isn’t true. I’m throwing away my Billy Ekstine albums away when I get home

  • ewe

    @Tom: He is NOT in any gay community. That was a backward comment and completely out of left field.

  • Cam



    Please provide any proof that this man ever particiapted in anything gay, or as a PART of the gay community. As far as I can see, he did everything to NOT be a part of our community, choosing instead to be part of the straight, homophobic, hypocritical religeous community.

  • Aunt Sharon

    I sure hope he’s not kin to Billy Eckstine, the musician. What a fine legacy to spoil.

  • Jen

    Here’s the incident from 2005 –

    (Parents! Do not let your kids have a sleep-over with a minister/priest/pastor/rabbi!)

    @scott ny’er: McCurdy’s church was a Church of God in Christ, which is Pentecostal. The Pentecostal sect considers homosexuality a sin which goes against god. The CoGiC considers the Bible to be the inerrant, infallible word of god. And – eep! – it claims a membership of over 5 million members.

  • wmcarpenter

    $3,000 bond? seriously?

  • Ted

    Allegations is all we have. Its easy to point to someone and say he/she molested me. Its a whole other thing to prove it in court. I’ll reserve my judgment.

  • ewe

    @Ted: Great. good for you. May i suggest you find this piece of dirt and cut off his fingers then. practice what you preach and we can take you seriously.

  • Tom

    @Cam: I never suggested that this scum bag WAS a part of our community. I simply stated that there are criminals all around us and within our community as well. Hence this link: to further reference my point.

  • ewe

    @Tom: and i will tell you what the word IS is. It is the person who implemented DADT. It is the person who made it impossible for poor people to claim bankruptcy on their student loans while billionaires can continue to claim professional bankruptcy. It is Bill Clinton and YOU DID NOT SAY “AS WELL”. Fess up.

  • UpStaircase

    Let’s be fair, though. These ARE just allegations. He could be innocent. Let the courts decide. (But, I’ll admit, looking at that guy……would you leave your kid with HIM !?)

  • Michael

    Looks like the guy that works the Belagio parking garage. Another photo foul-up?

  • Michael

    So much for the “What Happens in Vegas..,” thing.

  • Derek Washington

    This asshole has a cousin, also a Pastor, who attacked me right in the middle of our Government Center screaming “Faggot! You’re a abomination before Christ! You fags gave every man in my church AIDS!”

    The only thing that saved him from an ass kicking is all I could think of was, “I am not going to let all these white people see two black man fighting in the middle of the Government Center.” LOL.

    Dumbfucks seem to run in the family.

  • JoeyO'H

    Another man of the cloth in yet another sex scandal? How shocking!

  • linda Reid

    Well the sin is out now repent that’s what he would have told us to do.

  • notgonnagothere

    Conservative/fundamentalist gay clergy are deliberately molded into psychotic roles as soon as one steps into the seminary. A severely homophobic sermon is not just a denial of personal sexual drive but also an affirmation of the theological impossibility that anyone could be gay. Successful clergy buy into the neurosis/psychosis because it is the only way to survive and even advance in an extremely homophobic/homoerotic environment.

    Any abuser is solely responsible for his/her actions. Still, the only way to sexual health among the conservative clergy is open discussion of all sexuality.

  • Renard

    People are so quick to judge going off what the next man right in the news paper now ask yourself do you even know this man? If you read up on these “MEN” you will see that they both are over 21 in 2007 when these false accusations happen, not that that even matters they both are known liers and thieves. One of the “MEN” already admitted he lied on the news, and the other is in jail, so what does that say about they’re character “LIERS and criminals”. I expect people to run off at the lips they lied on ,talked about, and crucified Jesus the bible told us to arm ourselves like wise with the same mind. We always have to endure people coming against us, these two Men are mad because the were rebuked in the open and taken down from their position in the church and vowed revenge. People are so quick to say don’t judge me or only God can judge me, but so quick to judge people themselves now who’s the hypocrite? If the enemy isn’t after you or trying to take you down means he already have you.

  • guy eckstine

    This person is in no way, shape or form, related to the entertainer Billy Eckstine, or any of his offspring. McCurdy just happens to (for whatever reasons only know to whoever named him) have the same middle name. Maybe his parents were fans or something. As an Eckstine family member, we find his behaviour absolutely vile. Just thought I would clarify that.

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