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SHOCK: Was Andre Bauer’s Outing the Work of Gov. Sanford?


South Carolina Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer called on his own boss, Gov. Mark Sanford, to resign. Then Bauer himself gets slapped with the “he’s anti-gay and gay himself” storyline, confirmed by professional outer Mike Rogers. But now word circles that it was Sanford who put the gay hit on Bauer in an attempt to smear him. Say what?

That’s the word going ’round! State Sen. Jake Knotts is the one standing by Bauer, claiming Sanford leaked Bauer’s sexuality to discredit him, which would help Sanford, since the two are now sparring for the state’s top job. Knotts wrote a letter to fellow legislatures requesting them act immediately to remove Sanford, who’s ethics record is, already, soiled beyond repair.

For the record, Sanford’s camp denies the leak, and Bauer isn’t talking. The two parties, also, aren’t exactly on speaking terms with each other.

Does this mean Bauer is not gay? No. Rogers, the blogger who originally reported Bauer’s sexuality, claims to have multiple sources backing up his report. And yet: Rogers is on the hook for playing puppet to Sanford’s smear campaign. But Rogers insists his report was absolutely not linked to Sanford’s office, but backed by his own reporting. (The only reporter who called Rogers about the story to see if there was a link, meanwhile, was Politico‘s Andy Barr, who hung up on Rogers, the blogger claims. Barr’s report doesn’t mention Rogers once.)

It’s certainly not hard to believe Sanford was putting out damaging information about Bauer, and vice versa. This is a political office that’s already plagued with scandal, and now we’re just pouring on the icing. And loving every minute of it. These two men are despicable.