Shocker! Massachusetts Governor To Release Kids Into Arms Of Dangerous Gays

Mitt Romney Paul Guzzi

Mitt Romney, the gay-hating conservative governor of the only state in the Union that offers queers marriage rights, has changed his mind about gays adopting children. He’s okay with it now. Sort of.

Of course this is only so Catholic Charities, who have cut the neglected little monsters off from everyone, including straights in order to avoid legal requiremnets to adopt to gays and lesbians.

He leaves his aggressive hate at the door and decides to take condescending approach to spewing his venom.

”I know that there will be some gay couples who will say that this could be discriminatory against us,” Romney told reporters after an unrelated press conference at the Westin Copley Place hotel. ”Except that there are many, many other agencies that can meet the needs of those gay couples, and I recognize that they have a legitimate interest in being able to receive adoptive services.”

Well at least he got one thing right. Gays will say it’s discriminatory because, um, well, you see…it is!

Oh, that picture of a possible love connection you see above is Romney gazing lovingly into the eyes of Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce head Paul Guzzi. How Cute.

Romney shifts tone on gay adoption [Boston Globe]

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