Shocker of The Day: Lesbians More Materialistic Than Gay Men


We’re not sure if we believe this, but it seems lesbians put more items on their wedding gift registries than gay men. We always assumed it would be the fags that would be the ones who, blinded by a registry gun and a Crate and Barrel catalog, would OD on wedding day swag. Guess, you ladies are closet shop-o-holics.

John Lewis noticed that ‘Mr Listers’ – same-sex male couples – requested fewer gifts on their lists with an average of 25 presents.

But their female ‘Mrs Lister’ counterparts opted for a ‘scattergun’ approach, requesting an average of 83 presents for family and friends to choose from.

Domestic-minded ‘Mr Listers’ wanted white crockery, serving spoons, Le Creuset cookware and pillowcases for the marital home

Lesbians have a more light-hearted approach to their wish lists, although they have registered equally practical items such as heart-shaped oven gloves, toilet brushs and Egyptian bath towel. A fun twist is evident on most ‘Mrs Lister’ lists with sponge mops, body fat scales and hand-held space invader games popping up frequently.

We’re not even gonna’ comment on that Space Invaders game thing, but we are still shocked by all of this. Maybe all of these department stores have hefty automotive sections, and the increase is accounted for in brake pads, jacks, and tire irons.

Come on! We are only kidding, people!

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