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Shocking HLN Investigation Finds Anti-Gay Bigots Are Upset With ‘Invasion’ of Gays On Television

It wasn’t just CNN’s moronic poll asking whether the “surge” in gay television characters is “bad for society.” HLN, the Time Warner cable network’s sister channel, aired a whole segment about it on Showbiz Tonight, a television program that is actually less watching than Entertainment Tonight.

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Last week Showbiz co-host Brooke Anderson broke the news that gay characters keep. popping up. on TV. CANYOUBELIEVE! The news “sparked a huge debate today,” although what caused this outbreak in fraidy cats is unclear. But Dan Gainor, of the Culture And Media Institute (headline from today: “ABC Promote Kimmel Masturbation Jokes as ‘News'”), is on hand to explain why the homosexual invasion of the small screen is bad for America. Unreasonable theories only, please!

We’ve gone over a million times how irresponsible it is for CNN and other media outlets to pretend they’re representing “both sides” of a “controversial” news story by inviting proud bigots on their programs, something they never do when issues of race or gender come up. But so long as the fags keep securing plotlines, CNN will be there to tell us about the alleged outrage.

Luckily, so too will Bryan Safi.