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Shocking Video Reveals Pope In ‘Action’ Over Priest Scandal

So, after his little get together with abuse victims, Pope Benedict XVI is promising “action” to deal with what’s clearly a scandal that’s not going away. Might we demonstrate what the pope’s “action” looked like on Sunday, at a Mass in Malta:

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    …..Countdown until the former boy nazi steps down “for health reasons”……..5,4,3,2,1…………………..

  • Cam

    Well my favorite part was when they tried to come out and throw John Paul 2 under the bus, saying that THIS Pope when he was a Cardinal was trying to push for more to be done with abusive priests. But two things happened.

    1. Lay Catholics freaked out because John Paul 2 was beloved, and the church had been pushing for his cannonization.

    2. Those letters appeared showing that THIS Pope had squashed investigations. Probably found and released by somebody who didn’t want to see the John Paul smeared.

    this Pope can do no right, I will not be surprised when some kids who they have paid off come forward to talk about him abusing them. It’s only a matter of time. Remember, he slapped a reporter a few years ago for asking him a question…somebody like that MUST have been much more abusive when nobody was around.

  • Parnassus

    Repent sinners, repent!

  • Fitz

    Bring in the lions!

  • Mike L.

    The Nazi Pope living in a castle with his band of Pedophile priests worshipped by the poor.

  • David

    Ratz can’t stay awake because he was up all night perusing internet kiddie porn.

  • 10042010

    Don’t blame him, listening to this organs I would fall asleep too. zZzZz

  • ossurworld

    How do I get a job as an official papal waker-upper?

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