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Shocking Video Shows Brutal Homophobic Attack In NYC’s West Village


Last weekend in New York City’s Greenwich Village, a gay man was pushed headfirst into a restaurant window, and police are now investigating the assault as a hate crime.

Reportedly, the perpetrator shouted antigay and racist slurs during the attack, which was caught on surveillance video.

Fortunately, the window didn’t break — but the victim was still seriously injured. He’s currently recuperating in the hospital.

Commenting on the assault, State Senator Brad Hoylman said, “In Greenwich Village, the most tolerant neighborhood in the world, we’re going to stand up for our neighbors and make sure the perpetrator is caught.”

“We have to send a message loud and clear that this is unacceptable in our neighborhood,” said Councilwoman Margaret Chin.

The attacker has been described as roughly 6′ tall, and weighing about 240 pounds.

Anyone with any info is encouraged to call 1-800-577-8477, or to visit

You can watch footage of the attack here, courtesy of Gothamist: 

h/t: Pink News

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  • Kangol

    Pretty clear images so he should more than easy enough to find.

  • Brian

    New Yotk City is a homophobic city. Liberals create homophobia.

  • Bob LaBlah

    Thanks to the little queen in the Dallas Bar-b-que restaurant incident (she claimed the guy hit her first and video PROVED that to be a lie) I reserve judgement until ALL the facts have been presented. I lived in NYC, was a frequent visitor to the bars along Christopher street and am well aware of how that street and area morphs into a zoo beginning in the early evening. There were several young queens, too young to enter Boots and Saddles (before it relocated) but took over the entire front of the bar on the street and would get out of the way of pedestrians who walked by.

  • Baba Booey Fafa Fooey

    Only three posts – huh? Straight male articles generate 50 + posts and these articles never attract interest or reaction – ever. And, it’s not just here, it’s on every gay site I frequent. It’s the same pattern – gay men go crazy for straight males. I don’t know why that is – but it is but it’s definitely noticeable.

  • Baba Booey Fafa Fooey

    @Bob LaBlah: That “queen” (you homophobic asshole) practically had his ear ripped off by that attacker. He also had an incredibly long rap sheet. He’s in prison where he belongs. Get your facts straight – no pun intended.

  • Bob LaBlah

    @Baba Booey Fafa Fooey: Homophobic asshole? Honey I have been out of the closet more years than you are old. Clearly you didnt get the memo but here it is. Its the video that shows just WHO passed the first lick in that fight. Of course he went to jail. Its an election year, this is NYC, and take a GOOD look at the guy who went to jail. I say no more but stand by my previous comment about the little twit.

  • Baba Booey Fafa Fooey

    @Bob LaBlah: Are you a moron, honey? The victim at the BBQ didn’t deserve to get his head bashed in with chair regardless of what he “started”. Secondly, the perp has a long criminal history and evaded police. He would have ended up in prison regardless of smashing in a gay man’s head and nearly ripping his ear off. What part of “long criminal history do you mot understand?” I hope by your age, and I’m guessing old (by your own admission) I have the ability to think logically.


  • Bob LaBlah

    @Baba Booey Fafa Fooey: ” Are you a moron, honey?”

    I would ask the same of you but your moronic defense of that little twit proves that you are. You mention nothing about her running her silly little ass up in the face of a three-hundred pound man and slapping him in his FACE with her purse. Predominately gay area or not there are certain things you simply do not do to a man who is CLEARLY able to pick your ass up and throw you thru a wall. She decided to ignore nature while under the influence of alcohol and her boyfriend, unfortunately, paid the price for her IGNORANCE.

    The only mistake that poor guy (the attacker in your version, the defender in mine) made was being hungry and choosing that reasonably priced, good food serving restaurant to eat at where regrettably that little whore and her boyfriend chose to as well.

  • oralia_buggs

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  • Baba Booey Fafa Fooey

    @Bob LaBlah: Queerty – install a block button please. Trolls, trolls, trolls.

    And, with that you’re “blocked”.

  • Hussain-TheCanadian

    Anyone in NYC who knows what happened here? Why was the man attacked, and has the attacker been caught yet?

  • Baba Booey Fafa Fooey

    @ChrisK: He was brutalized – his ear was almost chopped off as the perp called him a “f-ggot”. I know a lot of gays hate other gays – but at least show sympathy – or try to, even for groups of people you hate.

  • ChrisK

    @Baba Booey Fafa Fooey: Damn. I didn’t know that. The black, guy is exactly where he needs to be then. You don’t ever take a chair and crack someone over the head while their back is turned. That’s never ok. This isn’t about race. This should be a no brainer.

  • Baba Booey Fafa Fooey

    @ChrisK: Yep – I followed this story quite closely. The perp was a criminal long before bashing the guy’s head in with a chair as his back was turned. It’s never okay – you are right. The victim did nothing to deserve that. It was just pure gay bashing and unadulterated hate.

  • Bob LaBlah

    @ChrisK: “You don’t ever take a chair and crack someone over the head while their back is turned. ”

    Thank you for giving THE reason why the admission of gays to into the army and marines was fought tooth and nail. You kill your opponent in a war, regardless of how you do it. When you go to the defense of a silly ass little queen who clearly STARTED the fight be careful of the consequences. The same mentality that applies to the army and marines is also the same in street fights. Many gay bar fights involved a lot more than hand-slapping, believe it or not.

  • Bob LaBlah

    @Baba Booey Fafa Fooey: “And, with that you’re “blocked”.”

    As you can see from reading this comment it didn’t quite pan out that way, huh? Lets hear you again deny that the little drunken princess didn’t start the fight.

  • Bob LaBlah

    @Hussain-TheCanadian: “Why was the man attacked”?

    That’s why I hold judgement until we know just what happened. It might be the “victim” isn’t exactly heavenly bound, shall we say. And I conclude that I have no proof of that. So lets hold our judgement on the attacker until more facts are presented.

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