Shopping For Your Sensitive (Possibly Gay) Nephew? Try This.


This one hits close to home.

While last weekend’s Saturday Night Live made national headlines because of a certain sore winner unable to control his wounded ego — we won’t mention any names — another skit flew mostly under the radar.

There’s no giant punchline or payoff in “Wells For Boys,” a fake commercial about a new toy for sensitive young boys, but SNL’s writers hit the nail pretty squarely on the head.

“Some boys live unexamined lives,” the motherly narrator explains. “But this one’s heart is full of questions.”

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“On days when he’s had too much, he’ll lean on it and contemplate his reflection. Some kids like to play; others just sort of wait for adulthood.”

This gets real, quick.

Towards the end, another boy holding a football approaches and says, “That thing’s weird. I don’t get it.”

“That’s because it’s not for you,” says Mom, played by Emma Stone. “Because you have everything. Everything is for you. And this one thing is for him.”

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The ad ends with, “Don’t just give him a Barbie. It is like that, but that’s just part of it.”

We have to wonder how heads this flew right over, but for everyone else, the sketch is gold.

Watch below: