Short Film About Growing Up ‘Different’ Goes Viral, Delivers All The Feels


It’s a raw, conflicted moment for queer and LGBT communities — on the one hand, we’re celebrating our increased rights and protections (at least in some parts of the world), the fruits of some serious labor. On the other hand, the events of last weekend cast a shadow on everything we’ve accomplished — a stark reminder of the hostility we still face.

A short film called “Golden” has been making the rounds, offering a hopeful message to anyone who ever felt they didn’t quite fit in.

In an email to Queerty, filmmaker Kai Staenike wrote:

“In the wake of the tragedy in Orlando a friend asked me to put my short film Golden online so she can share it with some friends. If it can spread just a tiny bit of love in these devastating times, the film fulfilled its purpose. Wherever you are and not matter how tough times are right now: You are never alone. You have a place in life and together we gonna make sure it’s a safe one. Here’s to all streets being safe spaces one day!”

Watch below: