Short Film 'Roxanne' Aims to Raise Awareness of M2F Trans Sex Workers

‘Roxanne’ The Movie, Starring Miss Cairo

‘Drag Queens of London’ star, Miss Cairo, is set to star in a short film entitled ‘Roxanne’. The film, which is currently funding on Kickstarter which successfully raised funds on Kickstarter, is about “an isolated transgender sex worker [who] begins her journey to self acceptance, when she meets the motherless 12 year old Lily”. The aim of this film is “to raise visibility and awareness of male-to-female transgender sex workers”.

“Roxanne is the story of a transgender sex worker who has become cold and isolated after years of hardship,” film director Paul Frankl revealed to us directly, “When she meets Lily, the 12 year old girl who has been abandoned by her mother, her life changes forever, and she begins to care about another person for the first time.”

The beautiful star of the movie, Miss Cairo, gave us some insight about her role as Roxanne: “I play the role of Roxanne and hope to bring honesty, vulnerability and respect to her and the issues surrounding the film. Being someone who identifies on the trans/gender queer spectrum, I hope to humanize societies ideas of transgender as opposed to playing up to the exoticism of a world [that] many people have no experience in. The film will focus on Roxanne’s relationship to herself and the world around her, and not about her as a sex worker.”

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Frankl added: “We want to make a film that, rather than focusing on issues of gender and transitioning, instead focuses simply on a strong character in her own right, and her journey to self acceptance. Themes of difference, self acceptance and friendship are universal themes that everyone can relate to, whether part of the LGBT community or not. For us, showing someone of fluid, or third gender, simply as being, and without being defined by their gender, is an important step in the journey to a more accepting and holistic view of gender and sex.”

The ‘Roxanne’ Kickstarter campaign will end on June 1 and has currently raised just over 25% of its minimum goal of £10,000. If you can, please help bring this story to light by donating what you can.

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