Short Stack: After High School Join A Fraternity

• The SoulForce Arrest-A-Mobile is scheduled to stop at Brigham Young University. They need to watch Big Love on HBO, those Mormons don’t play around. Some of them carry guns! We’re worried. [BYU]

Delta Lambda Phi logo

• Gay fraternity Delta Lambda Phi comes to the University of Florida. Let’s hope those Gators don’t bite. [Alligator Online]

• The bad news: A lesbian high school student can’t bring her date to the prom of her Catholic High School. The good news: The school is closing because no one wants to go there anymore. [Buffalo News]

• A British man cut off his own penis, and… wait for it… threw it at police officers who were trying to arrest him for disorderly conduct! Is it possible to arrest someone for being extra disorderly? [Pink News]

• Colorado’s State House of Representatives passed a domestic partnerships bill that would give gays some rights equal to married couples, including hospital visitation, inheritance without a will, and shared job benefits. If the bill passes the Senate, then it will be a ballot initiative this November, leaving the fate of gay Coloradans in the hands of the notoriously assy Colorado voters. [Washington Blade]