Short Stack: Brooming With Pride

• “Abstinence only” could soon be the law of the land in Kansas. We are excited about this new law because it might mean that all the homophobic jerks in that state will not know how to reproduce if and when the time comes. [KAKE]

broom handle

• ” ‘Brooming’ was the name given for the practice of poking a camper, while clothed, in the area of the butt,” says future teacher (and son of an Arizona state senator) Clifton Bennett, who is facing charges that he assaulted young boys with a broom handle. Why didn’t these sorts of things happen when we went to summer camp? [Pink News]

•A prison guard in gay old Massachusetts was reprimanded for making his prisoners horny by showing them Brokeback Mountain. [365 Gay]

• Finally a black church person who doesn’t hate the gays. [AP]