Short Stack: Goths Grow Up To Be Useful

NOTE: “Short Stack” is your morning news round-up, posted every weekday morning around 9:30.

Rick Santorum has unwittingly leaked the Republican master plan to the gay elite! [Terrene]

Goth girl

• Goth teenagers are more likely to do well in school and be successful, well-adjusted adults, according to this detailed report. Our rich, goth friends have been telling us that for years! [The Guardian]

• Another minister, this time Unitarian, has chosen not to sign marriage licenses for straight couples until samesex marriage is legal in North Carolina. Not to be pessimistic, but these guys are pretty clever to eliminate an annoying administrative job in a promise they know will last maybe the rest of their lives. [365 Gay]

• Supreme Court Justice John Roberts has sent a coded message to The Gays about “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Can we take the hint before 2008? [Village Voice]

• The penalty for suggesting that Islam could somehow be reconciled with Democracy and human rights? It’s uncertain, but certainly your “safety cannot be guaranteed.” An Islamic theologian was recently pressured not to make a speech suggesting Islamic reform in the UK because of such veiled death threats. [Pink News]