Short Stack: Mary Wants To Marry

• The man who murdered prominent Jamaican gay rights leader Brian Williamson has pleaded guilty, but the police refuse to call it a hate crime, saying it was a “robbery gone wrong.” We are unsure why a robber would bother stabbing someone 70 times in the neck if they didn’t have another agenda. [365 Gay]

Mary Cheney

Mary Cheney supports gay marriage! Who knew? [ABC]

• Cuba gets its own Queer As Folk, except there is only one queer and he’s not shown kissing or touching his partner. But they talk about it, and that’s enough to offend some Havana residents. [BBC]

• A gay London police officer may run for mayor, but only if asked. How polite of him. [Pink News]

• Nine men are being held in a Cameroon jail for being gay. The government refuses to release them despite international protest. [UK Gay News]