Short Stack: Morrissey’s Inscrutable Conscience

• An AIDS pill already on the market has stopped monkeys from being infected with HIV. Humans tests will be underway soon. [AP]

Morrissey seals

Morrissey loves baby seals too much to play a concert in Canada. [Pitchfork]

• Young straight couple kills old gay couple in Louisville. The mystery is the motive. [365 Gay]

• Former Canadian hostage James Loney was rescued from his Iraqi captors last Thursday, having been kept alive for months along with two other members of his Christian Peacemaker team. Loney decided it was better not to tell the religious extremists about his preference for penis, which was a smart move by everyone’s estimation. [CBC]

• Taiwan legislators voted to include gays in their domestic violence protection law, citing the rough sex in Brokeback Mountain as evidence that gays are capable of causing each other physical pain. [Taipei Times]