Short Stack: Short Skirt And Fake Boobs Could Get You Arrested

• Gays have no constitutional rights whatsoever according to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia. At least he tells us how he really feels. [365 Gay]

Tara Reid

• Washington D.C.’s new “Prostitution-Free Zones” open the possibility of arresting anyone who has no “apparent lawful reason” to be in designated areas of the city. Some say the new law encourages profiling, and transgender activists and Tara Reid are all very concerned. [Washington Blade]

• Portugal is now accepting gay blood after lifting its ban. We wonder if Portuguese donors have to be celibate like the Red Cross would require its gay donors to be under its proposed new policy. [Pink News]

• The celebration for equal marriage rights for gays in the Australian Capital Territory may be shortlived. Prime Minister John Howard has promised to overturn any such law that is passed, much to the relief of homophobic jerks everywhere. [BBC]