Short Stack: The 1980s Are Now In Asia

• Don’t ever try to predict what the people of New Hampshire will do. They Live Free or Die, for goodness sake, and that’s what matters. Which means… Well, they are quite unpredictable, having voted for George W. Bush in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004. All we know right now is they most definitely do not want to change their constitution to ban gay marriage, and we’re okay with that. [CBS 4 Boston]

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• HIV infection rates are rising in Asia-Pacific countries, often because safe sex is less of a concern than the ten years in jail a man might have to serve if caught with a penis inside of him. In the savvier country of Thailand, HIV is also on the rise, but is reportedly the result of increased confidence based on the level of acceptance in that country (i.e., it’s okay to be gay, so let’s bareback!). We are puzzled by the new data. Is it just a cycle? Does a country first have to be educated and then die in huge numbers before smartening up about safe sex? [MSN]

• Down in Connecticut they already have civil unions that grant the two parties involved every right of marriage, but that’s not good enough. Eight couples are suing for the right to “marry” in a “church” and eat “wedding cake” before arranging throwing the “bouquet.” No more should these words be reserved for the straights. [365 Gay]

• Next week the International Lesbian and Gay Association will bring attention to gay issues at a conference that coincides with a meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Commission. The goal is to encourage the U.N. to add “freedom of sexual orientation” to the list of rights defendable by the Commission. Some countries, however, hate their gays and strongly oppose such an addition. Is it okay for us to hate them too? Why, in the words of Brandon from Showdog Moms and Dads, do we always have to be the bigger person? [Reuters]

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