Shorter Days, Longer Art


More good news for you art-fags (and Chelsea boys, surprisingly): it’s a new season and that means galleries will be hanging their best to bring in all the coked-out critics, even more coked-out models, and grimy (yet still coked-out) posers. New York Magazine provides us with a comprehensive look at the upcoming shows at Chelsea galleries in New York.

Take a gander and mark your calendars so you too can experience a little culture, and probably spot a cute boy or two. (Yes, art-fags are cute. Perhaps a little scrawny, unkempt, and unstable, but cute.) We’re particularly excited by Ron Galella’s (pictured) show at Paul Kasmin, a glimpse of Catherine Opie’s new work at Gladstone, and newbie Seth Price’s examination of commercial video at Friedrich Petzel. As if you care.

Chelsea’s Season of Change [New York Magazine]