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Should Disney Give Hetero Families Refunds If They’re Scared of the Homos on Gay Days?

Disney’s Gay Days are not officially sanctioned or even recognized by the Walt Disney Company. But it seems that they’re happy to have us there, and in the twenty years the queers have taken over the parks with red shirts, there’s never been a situation I’m aware of where Goofy and Donald strong-armed us toward the exits. But one thing I did not know about Disney’s ten-foot-pole participation in the annual event: They’ll refund your money if you’re a hetero who unwittingly and unhappily finds himself in a sea of gay.

“A former Disney employee who was at the park on June 5,” writes John Cloud, “told me that every year, Disney issues refunds or free next-day tickets to angry moms and dads who don’t want their kids exposed to gay couples or gay-themed shirts. Some families don’t get past Main Street U.S.A. before turning around and taking the monorail back to the parking lots.”

Part of me wants to scream: HOW DARE THEY! How dare Disney give in to families who can’t deal with a bunch of homosexuals proudly on display, in the same manner heteros and their families own the park the other 364 days of the year.

But then I got to thinking: Disney is in the business of pleasing the customer. A Disney park employee will never tell a guest “no.” They don’t even kick you out of the park when it’s closing time; they kindly usher you to the exits in the friendliest of ways.

So when bitchy parents from Alaska or Arkansas or, yes, even that liberal-y New York complain at Disney’s City Hall that they’re not having a good time — whether it’s because Splash Mountain is offline or because they don’t want to explain to their kids why that boy has two mommies — Disney will go out of its way to please them. Even if that includes giving them a pass on Gay Days.

(Watch the video, around the 1:00 mark, and give that little girl an e-high five.)

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