Should Gay Employers Tell Potential Hires They’re Signing Up for Homosexual Offices?

When somebody interviews for a job at Queerty, it’s kind of a given that everyone is a homogay of some sort around these parts. But when somebody interviews at the Washington D.C. marketing and communications firm OmniStudio Inc., it’s less clear that the boss is a ghey! Should potential employers reveal their homosessuality to potential hires?

NO STUPIDS, IT’S NOT RELEVANT, say some employers who think sexuality disclosure has no place in the workplace.

“If it’s not relevant, then it shouldn’t be brought out in an interview,” says Eileen Kessler, who is gay and the owner of OmniStudio Inc., a marketing-communications firm in Washington, D.C.

YES OF COURSE, say some bosses who don’t want to deal with employees running for the door if they find out the person signing the paychecks goes to bed at night with a member of the same sex.

Paul Orefice, a partner and creative director at The Watsons LLC, a New York-based ad agency, says he recently told a candidate for a production-manager position that if hired, he’d be working among an all-gay staff. “Normally it wouldn’t matter,” says Mr. Orefice. “Work is not a place where you’re talking about your sex life. However, because we are eight gay people and sometimes we talk about things that happen to be gay related, I just felt compelled to tell him.” Mr. Orefice says he didn’t know for certain if the candidate was straight when he brought up the subject, but he turned out to be correct—the candidate “would’ve been the odd man out,” he says. “As much as I wanted to find out if he was talented, I also wanted to find out how much of a non-issue it was going to be with him.” The man accepted the job.

Hrmm, ok. It’s only fair, then, that straight employers, or companies that knowingly run very heterosexual workplaces, disclose to potential hires that, should they be gay, they’ll be the odd man out and possibly have to hear disparaging remarks about women! Also, alert white applicants if there might be any blacks roaming the cubicles!

Sound ridiculous? Exactly.