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Should Gay Travelers Get Pat Downs From Opposite Sex TSA Agents?

Bless his heart: World Net Daily‘s Tim Daughtry is concerned about whether gays traveling through the airport this holiday season are going to be subjected to pat-downs from TSA agents of the same or opposite sex!

Always looking out for you, Daughtry — who sometimes has “Dr.” in front of his namewants to make sure the original reason for having members of the same-sex do the pat downs on passengers is in line with the original reason men and women are separated in bathrooms: to keep everyone comfortable.

The pat downs for passengers who choose physical groping over radioactive voyeurism must be conducted by same-sex TSA workers. This requirement is based upon the government’s desire to avoid any discomfort or embarrassment that passengers might feel from being groped by a government employee of the opposite sex. We can pause here for a moment to allow you to regain your composure.

But the TSA’s political-correctness detector seems to have blown a fuse here. Have the masterminds at the TSA considered the experience of gay and lesbian passengers forced to choose between radiation and rubdowns conducted by a same-sex stranger? And what about the experience of gay and lesbian TSA workers forced to conduct same-sex pat downs? How would those experiences differ from those of heterosexual women forced to endure pat downs by heterosexual males in the TSA or heterosexual women in the TSA forced to pat down heterosexual men? The phones at the American Civil Liberties Union must be ringing off the hook.

It’s as if the Obama administration has replaced “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” with “Don’t Gasp, Don’t Yell.”

Following the dictates of political correctness, should not gays and lesbians have the same right as heterosexuals to governmental intrusion without the sexual overtones? That would mean pat downs by a worker of the opposite sex for gays and lesbians. But the only way to ensure the politically correct match between the groper and the groped would be to engage in profiling.

But profiling, of course, isn’t “politically correct,” Daughtry (not pictured) writes. Which means this country either surrenders itself to the terrorists, or endures the humiliation of gays getting off before their flight.