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Should Jo-Vanni Roman Let Howard Bragman Handle His Little Situation?

What’s so funny about all these do-gooding gay activist groups rallying around Jo-Vanni Roman, the escort to George Alan Rekers, is that among those offering their gratis services is publicist Howard Bragman. Which is a nice gesture, but isn’t it Bragman who needs the crisis management advice these days?

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  • imho116

    Well, if Howard gets invloved we’ll learn more salacious details at least 2 days before the press conference set to announce them. Go boys! Seriously, I think this guy (Jo-Vanni) is going to need all the help he can get, but I think the likes of lawyers and body guards rather than publicists are what he’s going to need when the ugly right machine gets it’s bearings.


    Silly me, I didn’t know that Jovanni was an very obscure Lesbian country singer who hasn’t been in the limelight for ten years………

  • Lanjier

    Jo-Vanni has done a lot for the gay community. He deserves star treatment. When he learned that his travel companion was destructive to the gay community, he stepped up. He worked with journalists to get what was essentially a phone admission from Rekers, after Rekers lied and said his purpose was to reform Jo-Vanni. Jo-Vanni is smart, and recognized that if he did not act, it would cast a long-term aspersion on Jo-Vanni’s character. He defended his own character and integrity, and in so doing defended the character and integrity of the gay community.

    I want to see him succeed for his efforts on behalf of me.

  • jeffree

    DUH: It’s Professor Pastor Long Stroke Rekers who needs a PR agent, and Bragman’s skills at reviving the dead.

    Jo-Van needs an attorney, media help, body guards, friends & a scholarship to stay in college.

  • TheRealScoop

    @Lanjier: Geez, falling for that old canard of the hooker with the heart of gold, no?

  • Lanjier

    The Real Scoop: I don’t know if he has a good heart. I am only saying he has courage.

  • Oscar

    @Lanjier: Let us not go overboard here. Rekers is a douchebag, but I do not think an escort is the best person to represent the gay community. He may look like a sweet, innocent kid, but he is not. He chose to do this kind of work, and for a while now, advertising in several websites (not only Rentboy but Adam4Adam as well). He had a written contract with Rekers, so he is not that naive. And in the end, we do not really know what his motivation has been in all this. In no interview has he said “I did it for my community”. As a matter of fact, he at first refused to speak to the media, and the reporters who first interviewed him did not reveal his name, and they actually wrote that other media outlets should leave him alone. What he has said afterwards confirmed what Creepers Rekers had said, that they did not have sex. And in his interview on AC 360, he did not add one iota of significant information. Due to all that, the story is already passe with mainstream media. And if the escort looked as much a sleazeball as Rekers does and not as a twink, I wonder if all those calling him “a hero” would still be doing so.

  • Lanjier


    Just because he is a sex-worker, don’t go underboard. He defended the gay community, and deserves our thanks and appreciation. It does not mean he is a hero, it simply means we should be appreciative for his demonstration of moral courage.

  • edgyguy1426

    Bragman is a bigger douche. When that El Coyote restaurant owner donated $100 to Yes on 8, Bragman said he wouldn’t eat there cuz he wouldn’t fund his own demise and he wouldn’t go where he wasn’t wanted. But when the Hyatt owner Doug Manchester gave $125,000.00 to Yes on 8 and then found himself in a public relations mess, who did he get to represent him? Bragman. So it seems even Bragman has his price.

  • edgyguy1426

    And yet in that CNN interview Jo-Vanni stated he still wished to remain friends with Rekers….well with friends like that…..

  • Oscar

    @Lanjier: Read again what I wrote. My qualm is not just because he is a sex worker.

  • Oscar

    @edgyguy1426: Inded. Can someone explain this to me? Why the escort would want to remain friends with the creep?

  • B

    No. 12 · Oscar wrote, “@edgyguy1426: Inded. Can someone explain this to me? Why the escort would want to remain friends with the creep?”

    Why? Isn’t it obvious? A rentboy’s marketing costs drop if he can get repeat customers, just like in any other business.

  • Riley

    Apparently Jo-Vanni has said thanks but no thanks to Howard Bragman and his ‘free pr advice’. Jo-Vanni was at Blue Water Grill in NYC yesterday afternoon with Len Evans from Project Publicity.

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