Should LGBT Activist John Becker Pay Marcus Bachmann The $150 He Owes For “Ex-Gay” Therapy?

This past July, John Becker of Truth Wins Out signed up for ex-gay therapyin Marcus Bachmann’s clinic in order for that Becker to secretly tape his sessions and reveal Bachmann for the quack he is.

Becker signed a standard contract promising to pay for any missed sessions. He missed two after he got the footage he wanted and now Marcus himself has been calling Becker to collect the $150 that Becker still owes him.

But should Becker and Truth Wins Out avoid credit problems and just pay the $150 as a business cost for their reporting? Or should they refuse to pay as a way to keep Bachmann’s anti-gay clinic in the public eye?

More to the point, shouldn’t Bachmann drop the charge to avoid bad press? Or should he collect to make an example to Becker and to show his wife’s constituents that he’s hard on “barbarians in need of discipline”?

Via Jezebel. Image via Gage Skidmore