Chocolate Fingers

Should Mars Market Its New Females-Only Candy Bar to Gay Dudes?


For the first time in 20 years, maker of delicious foods Mars is introducing a new chocolate bar. It’s called “Fling,” is just 85 calories, comes wrapped in a girly pink wrapper, and is described as a “chocolate finger.” Wait. This thing is targeted at just women?


And there’s no missing the ads inviting you to “Pleasure yourself,” which, when combined with a phallic piece of sweetness, could be construed as an invitation to do something else altogether. Which is exactly what Mars wants women to think. (The official tagline? “Naughty, but not that naughty.)

On sale only in California and the web so far, Mars is hoping for a nationwide roll out if Fling proves successful. And how to up their chances for a blockbuster debut?

Start marketing this new candy to a certain set of same-sex loving dudes — who will either jump at the chance for an 85 calorie sexualized indulgence, or be repulsed by the idea of a “chocolate finger,” which is often the last thing any gay guy wants to experience.