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Should Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard Waste His Time Suing Stupid Catholic Cardinal?

Do we really need Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard (pictured) filing a defamation lawsuit against Guadalajara’s Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iniguez — for claiming the Supreme Court justices were bribed to affirm the capital’s same-sex marriage law — to convince people the Catholic Church just makes shit up?

In a sermon, Iniguez called gay marriages an “aberration,” asking his flock, “Would you want to be adopted by a pair of faggots or lesbians?” before launching into a claim that Mayor Ebrard bribed the justices to go along with his city’s ruling.

Ebrand demanded Iniguez retract his statements or face a lawsuit, so now we know how that went. (The LAT reported at the time: Iniguez “received the support of the archdiocese of Mexico City and, when asked whether he had proof of his accusations, added, ‘Check their bank accounts.’ Such comments are virtually unheard of here, and some analysts suggested church authorities may feel emboldened by their closeness with the ruling PAN. Yet Sandoval’s reaction was too much even for some members of the party, who said that ultimately the court’s decision must be respected.”)

The cardinal’s claims are ridiculous, and even the Supreme Court has told him to go screw himself. And while I’m not saying the statements should go unchallenged, we hardly need a court to decide Ebrand’s reputation was harmed for any reasonable person to conclude Catholic Church leaders live in a fantasyland.