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Should New Hampshire’s Gays Be Scared About a Possible Marriage Repeal?

newhampshiremapWill New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch’s veto be enough to stop Republican lawmakers there from repealing the state’s same-sex marriage law? We’ve been down this path before, with legislators making a stab at repeal just six weeks after the law took effect this time last year; it failed.

But now Republicans have gained significantly in both the State Senate and House, and the Concord Monitor says it “seems likely” a repeal of the law will make it through both chambers. Throw in some of NOM and FRC’s attack dollars, and you’ve got folks scurrred:

“For now, there are at least two proposed repeal bills in the Legislature and one constitutional amendment. Only the constitutional amendment has the potential to go on a statewide ballot, but not until 2012.

Rep. David Bates, a Windham Republican who proposed two of the bills, said he anticipates moving forward with a repeal bill this session but perhaps not pursuing the constitutional amendment until 2012. A constitutional amendment would require a majority vote of 60 percent in the House and Senate, and a two-thirds’ majority of the state’s voters. The governor would not have a role.”