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Should New Hampshire’s Gays Be Scared About a Possible Marriage Repeal?

newhampshiremapWill New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch’s veto be enough to stop Republican lawmakers there from repealing the state’s same-sex marriage law? We’ve been down this path before, with legislators making a stab at repeal just six weeks after the law took effect this time last year; it failed.

But now Republicans have gained significantly in both the State Senate and House, and the Concord Monitor says it “seems likely” a repeal of the law will make it through both chambers. Throw in some of NOM and FRC’s attack dollars, and you’ve got folks scurrred:

“For now, there are at least two proposed repeal bills in the Legislature and one constitutional amendment. Only the constitutional amendment has the potential to go on a statewide ballot, but not until 2012.

Rep. David Bates, a Windham Republican who proposed two of the bills, said he anticipates moving forward with a repeal bill this session but perhaps not pursuing the constitutional amendment until 2012. A constitutional amendment would require a majority vote of 60 percent in the House and Senate, and a two-thirds’ majority of the state’s voters. The governor would not have a role.”

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  • Cam

    So NH rep David Bates is a closet case….ok we get it Bates, try being a little less obvious next time.


    When will these scumbag legislators end their crusade against all things Gay?? To pander to the vile rightwing lunatic hatefilled lunatics they introduce measure after measure to put a hurt on the Gay community……….

    Never mind the law has been on the books for over a year. And not a single one of these reprehensive vile scumbags can come forward and explain just how Gays being allowed to marry harms them in any way. Nothing but pure unadulterated hate cast in the name of religion and “morality”………………

    These scumbags are allowed to attempt to harm our community with impunity and zero retribution for their hatefull acts……

    I am beginning to agree with those who urge that those who look to hurt our community are dealt a serving of hatred on them, see how they like it and possibly others may heed the warning that actions taken sometimes cause others to take action

  • Kev C

    It’s hard to boycott New Hampshire since they have nothing anyone wants.

  • Merlyn


    I agree. Maybe when they see that GLBT can and WILL fight back, they will start to put the brakes on their garbage. I am so sick and tired of these people. They can’t come up with laws that might actually BENEFIT the state–nope just nasty vengeful crap like repealing marriage equality.

  • ForeverGay

    Cam, STFU! I can’t stand gay people like you who can’t stand up to haterosexuals. Anti-gay bigots are HATEROSEXUAL or pretend to be haterosexual. Stop blaming the victims of this hate.

  • Charlie

    Dear people in NH…. act now. March now. Make signs now. in California we felt secure and waited to march AFTER the bill passed.

    Make a REALLY big deal about this now.

  • MikeE

    what a sick and unhealthy political system, that allows the REMOVAL of rights from a part of society. particularly after having finally granted that group the very same right.

    I wonder.
    How would the courts react if a state government decided to remove equality provisions for racial minorities?


    @MikeE: Based on square state logic where if a court does exactaly what is laid out in the constitution and grants equality to its Gay citizens, the state government and scumbag citizens look to remove judges who institute equality for its Gay citizens…………You can bet a whole lot of coin that judges in future cases of Gay equality will have that weighing in their decisions……..

    As I stated above in post #2 I used to believe the old turn the other cheek, however when that cheek keeps getting smacked real hard by those who relish with glee tossing hate and hurt on our community the time may come to change methods……….

  • Jeff K.

    I think the NH Republicans and the people that back them deserve some cocktails named after a certain Soviet foreign minister…

  • Schteve

    @MikeE: So legislatures may only grant rights, never remove them?

  • Steve

    The statutes in several states to grant marriage equality to gays, are still only statutes. We still do not have equal “rights” in those states, because the grant of marriage equality is not yet a “right”.

    With any luck, the Federal courts will soon rule that marriage equality for gays is a right. They have already ruled in other cases that marriage is a “fundamental right”, and that fourteen different classes of people each have that right which was once denied by most states.

    In the mean time, protests and petitions are appropriate, to keep the statute in force. Letters to specific legislators are far more effective than protests that can be ignored, but both do help.

  • Jaroslaw

    Uh, Schteve, you Schtupid Schmuck – they didn’t grant anyone the right to a free Cadillac did they? The right to call people up and harrass other people at 3 am? This is a step towards equality; what a concept! Could you please state rational objections to that? Or give an example of a right granted you think should be repealed?

  • Merlyn


    WHy should our rights be revoked? GLBT people have nothing to deserve the hate of the Religious Reich. We pay taxes, we obey the laws of this country. But that’s not enough for the haters–they want to deny us the right to marry the one we love. Why? Just so that their religion can lord it over the rest of us? This is nothing more than right-wing mean-spiritedness and the desire to ram their agenda down our throats.

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