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Should NYC’s County Clerk Be Selling Gay Marriage Mugs to Couples Who Can’t Gay Marry?

“I Went To New York City To Get Gay Married And All I Got Was This Lousy Mug.” While gay couples cannot marry in New York, if you bother trotting down to Manhattan’s City Clerk’s office, you can take home a wonderful parting gift from the shop: mugs featuring a male or a female couple with little hearts that say “We do.” They cost $10. And they’ll go great with your marriage certificate domestic partnership paperwork. Too bad the city’s professional gays won’t be drinking from them.

The mugs are a “slap in the face,” says Ron Zacchi, executive director of Marriage Equality New York. “I think that the store and the city probably feel that they’re progressive by including LGBT paraphernalia in their shop.” But: “It’s celebrating inequality.”