Should Obama Take Stand On Chicago’s Gay School?

As Barack Obama jets around the nation shoring up support for his presidential campaign, lawmakers in his home base of Chicago are preparing to vote on the erection of a “gay” high school.

Though he’s not voting on the proposal, a local Fox News channel began to wonder where the Senator stands on the matter.

And the politician’s support, they say, has been anything but resounding…

The Chicago school board is set to vote next week on a first-of-its-kind high school geared toward gay students — but while the issue is unfolding in Barack Obama’s backyard, the Illinois senator has yet to take a clear position on it.

The publicly funded school, called the Social Justice High School-Pride Campus, would serve gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students. It would be open to all students, but officials say it would be particularly suited to those facing harassment of bullying because of their orientation.

Asked repeatedly about the development, the Obama campaign eventually issued a one-sentence statement, and referred to a bill Obama introduced last year supporting “positive behavior” instruction in schools.

“Senator Obama believes we must work to ensure that all schools foster an environment free of violence, harassment and bullying, and he has introduced legislation to keep our schools safe,” spokesman Ben LaBolt said.

It’s not surprising that Obama would keep some distance between himself and the school – even gay activists aren’t convinced the school’s such a good idea. Rick Garcia, who heads Equality Illinois’ political department, expressed his hesitation: “I just don’t like the idea of segregation. Every kid should be safe in every school. If we’re going to set up a separate school, why don’t we put the bullies in those schools?” We’re also torn on this issue.

Obviously we want gay guppies to come of age in a welcoming, nurturing environment, but “separate but equal” has always rubbed us the wrong way. What are your thoughts, attractive and opinionated readers?