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Should Queerty Let the Mormon Church Advertise Here?


We’re pretty sure we’ve never done this before, but our CFO was all, “Hey, it’s the holidays, let’s have some fun,” so we’re breaking new ground: We’re going to let Queerty readers vote on whether we should accept an advertiser’s campaign. And just who might this advertiser be? Oh, just a little organization known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Why, you might wonder, would the Mormon Church even want to reach Queerty‘s audience? That is a good question! It is also one we have yet to receive an answer for! So, we don’t know. But with all the negativity aimed at LDS’s leadership from Queerty‘s writers and readers, maybe they’re trying to get in good with us? Or at least try to convert a few souls?


Because of business contracts in place, we can’t tell you the pricing arrangement (read: how much we would stand to lose by declining the campaign), but suffice to say it’s not an insubstantial amount of money. (The only details we were given, or allowed to share by the higher ups, are that it would easily pay a few months of someone’s home mortgage. Or for a healthy sized family to fly to and visit Disneyworld for a week.) Whatever that means. But it sounds like more than we make!

But given the controversy surrounding LDS, we’ve been given 48 hours to let readers decide whether they want to see the Mormon Church’s ads on this site — or miss out. It’s sort of a crazy proposition, letting readers choose whether we get money or not, especially given the state of gay media today. But anyhow:

You tell us.

More detailed explanations are welcome in the comments.

UPDATE: By a vote of 46-53, you’ve told us you don’t want to see LDS ads on the site. So we’ve declined the ad campaign. Democracy in action! Still think Queerty readers made the right call?