Should Sperm Banks Be Forced to Disclose ‘Gay Gene?’


This is a tough one. A professor in New Zealand has angered many in the gay community for suggesting sperm recipients be told there might be a little ‘gay’ in that turkey baster. On one hand, it seems the man is claiming a genetic link to homosexuality (which most scientists agree with but has not yet been proven.) On the other hand, what are the reasons behind telling prospective parents they might soon have a friend of Dorothy?

Sin told The Dominion Post that it is “not daydreaming” to suggest that sexual orientation could be inherited. Animal models have clearly shown the existence of a gene that controls sexual behavior, he said. Though there is nothing so conclusive in human studies, there is strong evidence–particularly from studies on twins–of a significant genetic component. Though he has nothing against homosexuality, Sin said, he feels people have the right to know the trait could be passed on.

A woman visiting a sperm bank is told many things about the donor (eye color, height, ethnicity, etc.) and maybe sexuality is just another characteristic. That being said, why do we have a sneaking suspicion the bitches touting the proposed rule have an agenda to push?

Professor says sperm recipients should be warned of “gay gene” [Advocate]