Should the Homophobic Pope Visit Britain, Or Stay Home and Polish His Red Guccis?

And so begins the destined-to-fail petition effort to keep Pope Benedict XVI out of the United Kingdom, even if the Queen herself invited him, because he had to gall to say that equal rights legislation was for punks, and Britain’s Catholic leaders should fight it with “missionary zeal.” Which seems to be working!

Times: “Church of England bishops were among those who successfully amended the Bill in the House of Lords last week. Under the draft proposals, the exemptions from equality law enjoyed by religious organisations would have been altered. Churches feared they could face prosecution if they refused to go against their beliefs and employ gays and transsexuals and Catholics warned that they could be forced to admit women to the priesthood. The Church of England and Catholic bishops of England and Wales will now join forces to fight any intervention by the European Commission to win back the ground lost by the Government.”

To which we say: Let Britain welcome the pope with open arms. No, not with a blowjob, but with a grand gesture to show the world that they will let a Raging Jesus Homophobe into their bosom and, through therapy and prayer, change this man’s mutable characteristic. Why do you think the U.S. keeps letting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in? For laughs?