Should This Lesbian Couple Be All that Surprised the Boy Scouts Won’t Them Them Volunteer?


While we feel for Cate and Elizabeth Wirth, it’s sort of like, “C’mon ladies, get with the times.” The lesbian Vermont couple wanted to help out their 10-year-old son’s Boy Scout troop after the district director Erik Tanney asked for parent volunteers, but were rejected because Tanney supposedly said “we wouldn’t want you pushing your lifestyle on the boys.” (Which they so would!) Except, anti-gay attitudes is always what the Boy Scouts — which turns 100 next year — have been about, and the Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision in 2000 they were allowed to discriminate about The Gays. So either quit trying to volunteer and remain content with being allowed to even participate in the Boy Scouts with other parents in scouting activities, or, we don’t know, PULL YOUR KID OUT OF A HOMOPHOBIC ORGANIZATION.

Which they won’t be doing: “I still think Scouts is a good thing for him because he doesn’t have a dad and he’s really drawn to a lot of stereotypical male stuff that Scouting does, outdoorsy stuff,” says Cate Wirth. “I don’t want my personal issues to impact his life in that way. I was concerned if he knew about it he might be uncomfortable going. Politically, if he weren’t a 10-year -old boy I’d feel differently about it. I wouldn’t support the organization. But his needs come first.” Indeed.

(NB: Elsewhere, we really enjoyed Charles Fleming’s take down of the Boy Scouts today.)