Should Tim Tebow And Others Keep Their Religious Practices Behind Closed Doors?

We’ve all heard bigots say variations of, “I’m okay with homosexuals as long as they don’t flaunt it in front of our faces.” Well, Outsports’s Cyd Zeigler Jr. feels the same way… about Christianity.

Here’s part of his rant on why he hates Tim Tebow, the Denver Broncos quarterback who appeared in the anti-abortion Super Bowl ad for the rabidly anti-gay group Focus on the Family:

We hear people say they don’t have a problem with gays as long as they’re not flaunting it. Well guess what: I’m OK with (football player) Tim Tebow as long as he’s not flaunting his religion. But he can’t help it. He appears in national TV commercials to promote his religion. He makes a spectacle of prayer before, during and after the games. He thanks Jesus Christ after a win, as though a guy who died 2,000 years ago is magically deciding whether the Broncos or Jets win, or that god would take time out of his busy day (see: poverty, war, natural disasters) to even care.

I think generally Christians get a really bad rap from the gay community. Christianity is not bad. While I’m not Christian, I think it’s (when not bastardized like it is so often) a beautiful religion. But many gay people are totally close-minded when it comes to Christianity. You can understand why. After decades of persecution in the name of Jesus Christ, the gay community would collectively rather see Christianity sink into the deepest corners of our society. It’s not how I feel, but I can understand why so many who have suffered at the hands of Christians feel that way.

Christianity isn’t bad. Tim Tebow is.

So when he gets on national television and thanks his lord and savior Jesus Christ…I hate him. He’s giving a big, fat middle finger to everyone who isn’t religious; To the people who have been kicked out of their church for being gay; To the kids who have been evicted by their families in the name of Christ; And to the kids who’ve killed themselves because they couldn’t reconcile their feelings with the teachings of close-minded religious zealots.

Zeigler also hates the Jets, but Tebow’s win over the New York Jets on Thursday makes Zeigler hate Tebow all the more. However hating Tebow for his on-field religious displays seems a bit like glitter bombing Dan Savage for his transphobia. Yeah, they’re both high profile targets who have continued their behavior despite offending others, but considering all the less famous religious and transphobic bigots actually fighting against LGBT rights with their public displays of hate, neither man makes the worthiest target.

Now here’s a video of Tebow with a five-second shot of Tebow in his boxer-briefs, just because he refused to do it on television.

Image via Jeffrey Beall

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  • Clive

    If you expect to receive tolerance, you have to give tolerance. As long as he’s not harming anyone else, accept it and move on.

  • sam

    It’s certainly a good point about “flaunting” however… Such an amusing double standard.

    Personally, I do get annoyed when I see Christians (or any faith) making a big stink about it. Like I would people who were… I don’t know… gay, black or what have you.

  • Cam

    If they actually read the Bible and believe what it says, then yes, they should do their praying in private.

    Matthew 6:5
    “When you pray, don’t be like the hypocrites who love to pray publicly on street corners and in the synagogues where everyone can see them. I tell you the truth, that is all the reward they will ever get.

    Matthew 6:6
    But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

    So isn’t it funny that somebody like Tebow, who CLAIMS to be so religious not only doesn’t keep the Sabbath Holy because he works during it. But he ignores the direct lesson from the Bible Demanding that a true believer pray in private because people who do it publicly are hypocrites seeking attention.

    Apparently to be a Christian NOW, the Bible isn’t important, you just have to loudly proclaim it publicly.

  • AxelDC

    Tebow has to pray away the gay, even in public.

  • andy

    Religion is weak. If I was a follower and didn’t question anything and just accepted the world as my parents presented it to me, then I would be a religious catholic; however, I have a brain and the critical skills to make my own decisions and I also have the guts to stand up against the dominant ideology that is religion and say no, i don’t believe in your hocus pocus baby jesus bs.

    This guy is weak minded in my opinion.

  • TMikel

    Jesus had this to say about the public display of prayer or religion, “Whenever you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, because they love to pray while standing in synagogues and on street corners so that people can see them. Truly I say to you, they have their reward. But whenever you pray, go into your room, close the door, and pray to your Father in secret. And your Father, who sees in secret, will reward you” (Matthew 6:5-6).” These things are best kept to oneself in private. Note his use of the word, “hypocrites.” Enough said.

  • Michael

    Tebow was living with his boyfriend in Gainesville. He once said in an interview he didn’t date women because of his morals and that’s when I knew he was gay because the Bible doesn’t say anything about not dating women….

  • Missing the point

    For those quoting scripture re: where the religious themselves think they should pray — you’re missing the point. The point is this: there is no difference between an opponent of gays insisting that gays “don’t flaunt it, keep it to themselves, keep it out of the public,” and an opponent of religion or the religious insisting the same thing of religious believers. Full stop. Having the temerity to then selectively interpret (because of course there is contrary text as well, e.g., “put not your light under a bushel …”) scripture that you don’t believe in to the people whom you wish to silence does not advance your cause, nor change the underlying similarity of the two positions.

  • Cam

    @Missing the point: said…

    “For those quoting scripture re: where the religious themselves think they should pray — you’re missing the point. The point is this: there is no difference between an opponent of gays insisting that gays “don’t flaunt it, keep it to themselves, keep it out of the public,” and an opponent of religion or the religious insisting the same thing of religious believers. ”

    That is a complete lie. You see, their very own religion, the exact same religion that they use to attack gays, DEMANDS that they be private about their religion. They are hypocrites because they completely ignore what their religion tells them to do directly and yet use that same ignored religion as an excuse to be bigots.

    Gays are not violating a “Gay Bible” by asking them to do what their religion demands of them…..but, nice try.

  • james

    I think the moment you start making ads trying to make woman feel guilty about their hard decision (abortion) is when you’ve over stepped. He is trying to bring religion into a mindless sport. We can’t enjoy anything anymore. Also I have a huge problem with that whole Tebowing crap. I mean how self centered is this guy that he thinks god decided to help him win his stupid game while letting those poor kids suffering of starvation die. I guess those kids didn’t pray enough!

  • ggreen

    Bitch is ugly as homemade sin. If she doesn’t lay off the roids she’ll have a 16-inch forehead. And she cant pass worth a sh*t.

  • Ambubear

    America was based on Freedom of Speech, and freedom of Religion, If the Man wants to be Public about his Christianity? Let him , Its his right!

  • JAW

    People have been showing signs of their faith in public forever.

    Many Catholic sports people make the sign of the cross before the begin… Divers, Baseball players at bat, some place kickers before they kick etc.

    Muslims and other Christians also show Thanks to God.

    I am sure that atheists can show some sign of thanks to whomever or whatever they want to

    If you do not like seeing Tim Thank God… then change the station… I doubt that most people responding here watch football at all… let alone The Denver Broncos

  • caris in jax

    It isn’t his public displays of faith that makes me dislike Mr. Tebow. It is that he chose to associate himself with Focus on the Family. It is that decision alone that makes me dislike him and suspect him of at least being accepting if not full on supportive of all of their positions.

    Now, do I personally find his kind of displays of faith over the top and tacky? Yes, but I have friends who find my indulgences in camp to be the same, so I won’t cast a stone saying that he shouldn’t do them in public.

  • Joetx

    @Cam: Exactly. I don’t know how the fundie Christians ignore those verses in Matthew 6. Are they not in the King James version?

    Of course, they’re hypocrites, so that explains things.

  • Scott

    The Koran says one may worship at home, there’s no need to go to a mosque. Christians should follow the same philosophy. Stay home and worship there. Once there’s no need for churches there’ll be no need to tithe 10% of your income. It disgusts me that the Vatican is filled with treasure and the world’s catholics just keep the money flowing in while the organization is filled with hypocrisy. Hey people, wake up! You can’t buy your way into Heaven. Religion is merely a political system designed to cross country borders and control you. Make your peace within yourself.

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    As is so typical of this site, Christians are depicted as evil fascists. But what if a Muslim kneeled down on the sidelines and prayed to Allah? Would you have the same animosity toward him? For, you know, publicly practicing the religion which has factions that want to see all Americans dead? The liberal masses tell us they’re untouchable. How very PC of you all. You can all look in the mirror and continue to feel superior.

  • AxelDC

    @Ambubear: And if I want to tell Mr. Tebow what I think of him, that’s my right as well.

    Freedom of Speech does not mean Freedom from Criticism.

  • the crustybastard

    That “rant” is just dumb as fuck.

    “I think generally Christians get a really bad rap from the gay community.”

    Oh, really? Please support your premise with examples of why you think gay people treat Christians unfairly.

    “After decades of persecution in the name of Jesus Christ…people who have been kicked out of their church for being gay…kids who have been evicted by their families in the name of Christ; And…killed themselves because they couldn’t reconcile their feelings with the teachings of close-minded religious zealots…

    Hang on Mr. Zeigler! Those sound like perfect examples of why gay people SHOULD be entirely justified in thinking Christianity is bad. So are you now arguing, “Christianity is bad”?

    “Christianity is not bad….I think it’s (when not bastardized like it is so often) a beautiful religion. But many gay people are totally close-minded when it comes to Christianity.”

    So what you’re saying that gay people should somehow see the goodness and beauty of a religion that has for generations has been “bastardized” to attack and torment them? Isn’t treating religion and religious people as inherently suspect just a sensible response to religious persecution?

    “You can understand why…so many who have suffered at the hands of Christians feel that way.”

    Okay, we’re on the same page! That is, if you’re saying that under the circumstances it’s sensible for rational people who have been tormented by Christians, and who have witnessed Christian persecutions, to regard Christianity as something bad. Is that what you’re saying now?

    “Christianity isn’t bad. Tim Tebow is.”

    You sir, are a moron.

  • tallskin2

    My god, that tebow creature actually looks sexually attractive! I’ve never seen an american football player who wasn’t a great fat lardy arse before.

  • rocy13

    Hmmmm…after reading these comments, I see where the hate lies in this scenario.

  • Cam

    @JAW: said…

    “If you do not like seeing Tim Thank God… then change the station… I doubt that most people responding here watch football at all… let alone The Denver Broncos”

    It isn’t what we like, it is that he purports to be devote to a religion that SPECIFICALLY tells it’s followers NOT to be public about their devotion.

  • Joel

    Christianity is a choice! Being gay is not. Nuff said.

  • Cam

    @rocy13: said…

    “Hmmmm…after reading these comments, I see where the hate lies in this scenario.”

    Awwww, the phony victimhood of the right. The bully beats somebody with a baseball bat is just expressing their opinion. The person being beaten who pushes the bully away is hateful for not letting them be a violent bigot.

  • Pocket Otter

    Such a hottie. Give me a half hour with Tebow, I’ll make him see God for real.

  • Freddie

    Matthew 6:5
    And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full.

  • Queer Supremacist

    He’s not that hot. Jeez, some people here are so desperate they’ll fuck (or submit to being fucked by) anything with a Y chromosome and a pulse. There’s a reason I don’t use this site to support my gay supremacy.

    @Scott: Christians already follow the same philosophy as Muslims: kill Jews, kill gays, oppress women. They’re just a little more passive-agressive about it.

    @Politically Incorrect Thug: I have no more love for Islam than I do for Christianity, nor for the hypocrites who condemn Christianity while handling Islam with kid gloves, and vice versa. If you criticize one then logically you must criticize the other for the same reasons.

  • Theophile

    If Tim was told “stop the religious bit, or you’re banned from football”, then we would see how true a believer he is, notwithstanding Freddie’s Matt6:5 quote, but then Tim isn’t a preacher attempting to look holier than his congregation.
    The true believer will accept death, literally, rather than deny his God or belief, historical proof of this can be found in the pages of Foxes book of Martyrs:
    A true follower of Christ would never kill the infidel for their religion, but they might mention the fate that awaits unrepentant, unforgiven sinners, which is about the time their welcome is worn out(as probably like mine).
    BTW Hatred, Adultery, charging interest on loans, profaning the Sabbath(Saturday), fornication, lying, stealing, taking advantage of the poor, and homosexuality: are sin, that we choose to commit, and are equally abhorrent to God.

  • Shannon1981

    Tim Tebow did a commercial for Focus on the Family. That’s all I need to know. Not someone I admire or like at all, for any reason.

  • tiya2011

    Let me say this – Religion and Gay are totally two different subject. I don’t agree for Gay people to do what they like in public – to me it is gross. Then there is a man that loves what he believes in and all of a sudden everybody has issues with him. Tebow is someone who loves to thank his God and acknowledge him for being there for him and his team. What is so wrong about that? I don’t care what anybody said – TEBOW don’t stop showing those unbeliever who you are – someone who acknowledge your God for a safe and a good game. I don’t believe in Gay i’m sorry! I have my reasons why! and my reason is – I just like them at all. TEBOW – GOD bless you and your Team, do not be ashame to tell the world how much you love your God and it doesn’t matter what they believed be yourself and keep on loving your God. I’m happy for you, and my prayers is that what ever time you are on the field playing your game, i pray that you will win, win, win… Regardless! Since you are not ashame to tell the world about your God, i know too win or loose! don’t feel bad, just be happy and fix whatever is wrong and move on… much love Tiya..

  • Shannon1981

    @tiya2011: Stop trolling. You don’t believe in gay? Well I am sitting right now. Tim Tebow is a bigot and he flaunts it. That is unacceptable.

  • Ian

    @tiya2011: Gosh, I’m all choked up at your beautiful and heartfelt expression of love for your fellow man and woman. Bless you. Bless you. You truly are a light shining on a hill. Bless you.

  • Shannon1981

    @tiya2011: You’re also a hypocrite. We can’t do what we like in public, but religious zealots who wish to oppress us can? Disgusting. Go elsewhere, your rhetoric is not wanted here.

  • JAW


    LOL. TOOOOOO Funny

    why are you reading Queerty if you have such disdain for us???


  • Shannon1981

    @JAW: Got her panties wet for Tebow. Bet he’s in her Google alerts, which led her here.

  • rumpleforeskin

    @tyia2011…Gee, those curtains you hung up in the old schoolbus you live in ,why what a wonderfull way to reuse old newspapers…its amazing,gal, what you can do with your THIRD GRADE education

  • Cam

    @tiya2011: said…

    “Tebow is someone who loves to thank his God and acknowledge him for being there for him and his team. What is so wrong about that?”

    Because he is a liar and a hypocrite. He PRETENDS to be religious, publically flaunting his supposed belief and yet he refuses to follow the dictates of the Bible that order him NOT to publically flaunt his faith, not to mention the fact that by playing on Sunday he is ignoring the 4th Commandment. Rules supposedly handed down DIRECTLY FROM GOD according to his religion.

    So once again, he CLAIMS to be religious, he FLAUNTS his religion and yet ignores all the dictates of that religion. He is a liar and a hypocrite.

  • Dan Cobb

    My hypotehtical if I were Tebow’s business manager: I would consider the following:

    1) Tebow acts gay;
    2) Tebow moves in a gay way;
    3) Tebow is an awesome football player;
    4) Tebow (and I, his business manager, say) could make gazillions of dollars;
    5) Tebow is gay [let’s say]
    6) The best way to cover his rather gay ways is to make him a born-again Christian…
    why? because we all know that born-again Christian males are just such limp
    and lame guys…. and off the field, Tim comes across a bit limp and lame

    This is now me talking, Dan Cobb: 7) Tebow has a SMOKIN’ SMOKIN’ body! And is damn good-looking too.
    I think the born-against Christian act really is intended, in part, to stave off
    rumors about his mannerisms, and his sexual orientation. Let’s face it, the only way
    to do that otherwise is for Tebow to have a “beard”, and maybe he’s not interested in that. Plus, a lot of beards become gold-diggers after a short stint.

  • Mk_Ultra_Again

    It’s true that not all religion is bad. There are many believers who are decent people and use their religion as a source of personal guidance. I don’t think they should be silenced or forced to hide their religion. That would be wrong. But… there is also the powerful church/political-business complex. They don’t care about religion(it’s a front) because like any business their main goal is to generate massive profits and train as many people as they can to be “loyal customers”(re- blind and unquestioning followers). They use religion and politics as tools to manipulate the weak minded (of which there are many) and they have endless funds and much (whether hidden or not) political support. They use tried and true propaganda methods to confuse and misinform the public and have literally brainwashed their followers, who are no longer able to think for themselves and have been immunized against any logic or reason. Like zombies in a cult, they are used to fulfill political and financial goals, many times even against their own good. This is not religion. This is a political movement. If history has taught us anything, it’s that is’s a dangerous political movement that always ends horribly.

  • sheri

    Praise the. Lord for any man brave enough to spread the scripture period. Good for him & Who are we to judge:)

  • Zeus

    Newsflash: God doesn’t give a fuck about football.

  • SearchCz

    I think it is AWESOME when folks like Tebow are demonstrative about their religious beliefs. The problem is when folks who are motivate by their religious beliefs try to mask that motivation. For example, consider the key difference between the Westboro Baptists and NOM.

    The former group takes political activism to an extreme, but admit that they are moved by their religious beliefs, and as such their rhetoric is mostly dismissed or rebuked.

    The latter group (and those like them, such as AFTAH) are moved to political activism for the same reasons – religious belief – but are constantly hiding behind junk science, lies and hyperbole. I would have much more respect for them if they would STOP the posturing and HONESTLY admit that their political position comes down to their religious extremism. Then their BS might get the same reception as the Westboro Baptists’.

  • chuck

    What get’s me is when both football teams huddle together to pray just before a game.
    Are they asking God to forgive them or just their coaches?

  • Cam

    @sheri: said..

    “Praise the. Lord for any man brave enough to spread the scripture period. Good for him & Who are we to judge:)”

    He is violating the Bible by doing this. So you are applauding him violating God’s law.

  • the other Greg

    @Dan Cobb: Wow, that’s all totally logical and holds together.

    Guess he didn’t want to go the Troy Aiken route (oops, are we allowed to say that even at this late date?).

  • tallskin2

    Wow, there’s a lot of religious nutters on here, completely unashamedly showing that they’re sky pixie worshipping fuckwits.

    You loons who worship a non-existent entity might at least be shamefaced about it.

  • Larry

    I totally do not believe in religion…however if people stop focusing on his demolay prayer rip off…it will be over…soon he will praying to win instead of when he wins. he is getting more attention than he deserves

  • Dave

    good point sheri….this is the usa….where the right to speak and believe whatever God you want is suppossed to be accectable.
    Are people scared of Tebow that they have to make lude comments about the guy…….I don`t see where he`s hurting anyone and all you guys out there who`s hating on Tebow and his lack of skill….what teams do you play for?If you can`t do better SHUT UP!
    are any of you flunkies servicemen or veterans? so what gives you the right to even say anything….it`s like someone who doesn`t vote but complains about who`s running the country….get a life!that way you won`t have so much time complaining about someone elses.and yes I`m a vet,and I say go for it Tebow….more power to ya

  • AxelDC


    I’m confused. On the one hand, you claim that in America, everyone has the right to speak. On the other, you want to tell people to “shut up” because they disagree with you and T-bone.

    Or is that only you and those you agree with have the right to speak, and those who criticize you don’t?

  • jason

    Look, there’s a time and place for everything. Tim is entitled to his Christianity. However, I also think it’s disruptive and disresepectful to constantly pray like he does. If an Islamist were to put out the prayer mat everytime he scored a touchdown, I’d also be irritated.

  • tallskin2

    Jason, you say: “Tim is entitled to his Christianity”. Why ???

    Why should someone be entitled to hold to obviously insane beliefs in a non-existent sky pixie, without a visit from the men in white coats? And to say in response: “Oh, but a billion people are christian” is no defence of such insanity. A billion loons is still a billion people who should be told to wake up.

    Further, why should someone be entitled to hold beliefs that harm other people? I mean, we don’t permit nazi or (seriously) racist ideologies to be broadcast from bully pulpits every sunday, do we? So, why do we permit a very nasty ideology (judaism, christianity and islam etc) that calls for discrimination against a section of our society?

  • Dee

    It’s a shame that Tim, or anyone, that stands up for what they believe is so ridiculed, but read the Bible and you will find Jesus was also persecuted for his faith. I believe in Jesus as my Savior and find it encouraging that Tim has the GUTS to do the same in public.

  • Esculapio Mitiríades Torquemada de la Cueva

    @Dee: Jesus was persecuted for his faith? Faith in what? He WAS Jesus.

  • AxelDC

    @ Dee: Jesus said to pray in your closet, not in the end zone like the hypocrites do. Those who pray in public have their reward, but those who pray in private shall have their prayers answered.

  • Marjorie 0120

    The bible also says that being gay is an abomination in the eyes of God.

  • Marjorie 0120


    Abortion is an important issue to Tebow because his mother was advised to have one due to health issues and deeply considered it before rejecting it.

    The Dems have voted that people can have sex biased abortions, what’s next probing the fetus for the Gay gene and then eliminating that fetus? There are more important issues than whether someone waits to publically thank God for a gift.

  • Marjorie 0120

    Many people redicule religion, denounce it and try to convince themselves and others that God is the fake pixie in the sky, a fable, a fairy tale. They do this in order to convince themselves that there is no retribution or consequences for their sins against God.

    Belief in God is not required to validate his existance, he’s there whether or not you believe it. Those that protest and get passionately angry when religion comes up are those who truly believe in God and can’t shake that belief regardless of how loud or foul they talk against him. That’s what allows them to become so angry and passionate about it.

    When you know something is untrue like “mom there’s a boogey man in the closet”, you don’t get wigged out about it. But when someone talks about something you are guilty of and you don’t want anyone to know than the passion flare and denial, protestations get loud.

    As far as the I was born gay and those type of statements fly, that’s just an excuse like I’m an alcoholic so blameless for my drinking. If you were born with a genetically based heart valve problem you’d get it fixed. I came out at about age 15, spent 45 years in gay relationships. I woke up and decided not to buy into the BS that I was born that way and am now happily straight. All it took was the desire to change! Oh by the way, I thank God for that.

  • JAW

    @Marjorie 0120:

    silly girl… I guess that you do not read the bible… cause if u dud… u would get on timmy… cause in Matt 6:5-8… Jesus calls out timmy for what he did.

    Why does he ignore what the Bible says???

  • JAW

    as an fyi… The grammar and spelling etc were done so you might understand better.

  • LeoMarius

    @Marjorie 0120:

    I’ll never understand why religious nutcases spend time on a site called “Queerty”.

    Are you just afraid to come out to your parents?

  • Marjorie 0120


    I came out to my parents when I was eighteen once I was on my own and not dependent on them. They both eventually learned to live with it. It was an entirely different world then and some gays never came out to their parents.

    I don’t understand why I shouldn’t be allowed to speak here, wouldn’t it all be rather boring if there was not a mix of ideas. Think about it. One person would make a statement and everyone else would post “I agree”, boring…..

    There was a time I thought I was born gay as many of you do. It was a time I felt I had no choice, I just like to let people know there is a choice just in case someone is doubting themselves.

    I try to keep it civil, respectful and not resort to name calling. But when some folks feel cornered without an intelligent response, they resort to name calling kind of like you did, at least I think that’s why they do it.

  • Marjorie 0120

    @JAW: Did I write in a way that made you think I might be illiterate? Or does discussing gay issues mean you’re stupid? Not sure where your slaughter of the English language came from in regards to responding to me.

    Your community says on one hand that you want to be part of mainstream America, yet you want to segregate yourselves and not welcome anyone who is not gay. I don’t believe being hostile is the right way to go.

    People will come here for a variety of reasons, some as ignorant bigots just to be gay bashers or religious people trying to save your souls, others come just to learn more about the gay community and look at what you show them.

  • JAW

    @Marjorie 0120:

    Several things about your post suggest that you are here to create trouble…

    The fact that you responded to a post that has been dead for 6 months is the first flag.

    Then your first post #56 says that we and I guess that you too are an abomination…. not a great way to say Hi to us all

    In post #57 you attacked james about his post from last Nov about his view on abortion… you brought up a flawed bill that did not pass in congress. Once the word is on the street that you can not tell the clinic that the reason for the abortion is because you do not want the sex the child is nobody will. That is why the law did not pass… there was no way to enforce it… except for some uneducated person who says why they really want it…. The clinic would just tell the person it was illegal and give them the address of another clinic to go to. As an FYI… I am proLife myself.

    In post #58… you mention you came out at 15… but then in #62 you said that you came out when u were old enough to leave home… did u leave home at 15?… or were u confused?
    Sounds like when you thought that you were gay… your parents still loved you… very lucky girl.
    also in post #58… I am sorry that you are an alcoholic,,, perhaps AA can help you live with that.
    Just like you lived a lie for 45 years (thinking that u were gay) There are even more straight (or so they call themselves) people that are actually Gay and living a lie. You are not alone either way.

    My post #59… you did not respond to what the Bible said about Teabow and his openness.

    In post # 63… you said… “Your community says on one hand that you want to be part of mainstream America, yet you want to segregate yourselves and not welcome anyone who is not gay. I don’t believe being hostile is the right way to go.”
    You are the one that is hostile… You spent most of your life living as one of us… you still are one of us… that is why you came upon a queer site. You came here to cause trouble and tell us all about your view of Jesus.

    But you will ignore the parts of the Bible that you so desire.

  • JAW

    @Marjorie 0120:

    Also… if you look at my original post #14… you would see that I had no issue with timmy showing his faith… I brought up Matt 6: 5-8 to you so you would see what your Bible says about it… You never responded to that

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