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Should We Be Impressed by Katie Holmes’ Judy Garland Send Up?

If anyone knows what Katie Holmes was doing on last night’s So You Think You Can Dance, please share, because Ms. Holmes is not exactly known for her dancing prowess. In a (pre-recorded) routine, Holmes performed an “homage to Judy Garland,” so of course the gays are supposed to clap and bow at her feet.

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  • Michael

    Pre-recorded and (badly) lip-synched. It was awful.

  • Woof

    She is one of the co-founders of the “Dizzy Feet Foundation” that helps get dance to under previliaged kids, whats wrong with that?

  • GJR

    Um, if you’re going to do Judy, you have to be damn good… that sucked…

    In other news, I am now totally in love with John Barrowman now. I’ve been watching that Torchwood: Children of Earth mini-series…Totally could care less about the aliens but loved the sexual tension between Jack and Ianto, with the potential of them diddling when the tension subsided. But then they kill off Ianto in episode 4 and all we get is the sweet romantic moment? I feel robbed. He’s better be resurrected and they’d better get it on in episode 5.

  • ThatguyFromBoston

    @Woof, does this foundation help them to learn to spell “privileged”? Because if it does, sign me up.

  • Adam

    Queerty… SIT DOWN! Do you seriously think Katie Holmes did SYTYCD to get gay people “to clap and bow at her feet”? Get over yourself please. The poor thang needs all the publicity she can get. I seriously doubt it was to specifically get gay support.

    And I’m offended that you think someone singing a Judy Garland song is going to instantly make us like them. Queerty, every day you set gay people back about 10 years.

  • osocubano

    That really sucked, even compared to Judy Garland, who wasn’t all that, either.

  • kiltnc

    This my friends was the “jumping the shark” moment for SYTYCD!

  • Cam

    Ok, I am not a person who dislikes Katie holmes. YEs, I think her hubby is a bit creepy but I was looking foreward to seeing thie because I thought that since they were promoting this for ages and she had had weeks and weeks to rehearse it would be fantastic.

    I mean the dancers on the sho have one week to learn something like 5 new dances, Katie spending weeks to learn one routine…surley it would be something spectacular right?

    All she did was walk around in her heels, tough her hat and mug for the camera. I was really dissappointed, I assumed that she must have been a dancer, or taking dance lessons for years, she is obviously only getting cast in musicals because of her celebirty it was almost painful to watch.

  • Cam

    @Adam: Said “And I’m offended that you think someone singing a Judy Garland song is going to instantly make us like them. Queerty, every day you set gay people back about 10 years.”

    What Queerty was doing is called Sarcasm…it was invented in New York in the 50’s and slowly made it’s way west. I’m surprised you’ve never heard of it.

  • sal(the original)

    sorry katie this was a hot mess

  • Billy Jack

    Looks like a lackluster performance –
    A primetime “audition” for future musical roles filmed on the Paramount backlot – which Tom Cruise obviously helped deliver for his wifey. Vile.

  • Alexa

    She was terrible. Terrible.

    @GJR: aaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh. I have Torchwood tivoed to watch this weekend!!!!!

  • villager

    terrible. F.

  • I pliss

    She was not that bad. Who cares about the performance. She was not there to be judged. She did it for a worthy cause! I didn’t care what she looked like but I do care about what she did for underprivileged kids! So I thank her that.

  • Timothy

    Holmes is a founder of Dizzy Feet because of, um, her “dancing”?

    If so, I hope last night was on off night for her because that was dreadful.

    All I could think was, “What Scientologist put this disaster together?”

  • Big Tony

    WOW! That was really bad!!!! She looked like an idiot, side stepping and such – I could have learned those moves on the commercial break – Pathetic, just like her husband.

    Sorry Katie, NEXT!

  • Michael

    @I pliss:

    HOW exactly did she do ANYTHING for a “worthy cause”? All that shark-toothed homohating closet poof coproducer of the show said was that she “donated her fee” to the project which means that THEIR money not HERS went to it and they could just as easily have given it DIRECTLY as it IS THEIR project.

    Now, it IS a great project but that’s beside the point. And I’ve always liked Holmes, thought she was a victim of the Luv to Hate “Dawson’s Creek” freaks [when the show did more for gay teens than any other show before or since], but, why, oh, why, would they select someone with minimal singing ability and even less “dancing” ability for their 100th show special? Something else is going on like building publicity for her. There’s nothing wrong with that, per se, but the hypocrisy about her alleged musical/dancing talents and “movie star” status and this being a magical, historical moment in the history of television nonsense it was wrapped in turned me off as much as her amateurish performance …. EVEN IF it weren’t a failed rip off of a movie musical legend and legendary moment in movie musicals.

    The REAL magic of that moment is mostly lost when squeezed down to YouTube size [thanks anyway, Matt] but it’s entirely different seeing it on a movie screen and, in fact, in some theatres, when Garland’s performance of this number was first seen long, long ago, some members of the audience stood up and applauded. When I first saw it that way many years later, despite much about it that still screams “50s”…Garland did not disappoint and many in the Castro Theatre burst into applause.

    Last night [and I only tuned in to this segment of the show which I normally boycott because of the verbal fag bashing of the reptile mentioned above] I paid more attention to the male dancers around her than to Holmes once it was obvious that not only her voice was weak but her dance “attitude.” It did well mimicking the minimal dance movements that Garland herself used BUT Holmes had none of the stage presence that Garland had in her DNA. It was a pathetically poor imitation not a recreation. The difference between born star and starlet wannabe.

    I look forward to seeing Holmes in other things but the grade here must be F for fail.

  • curt wilde

    free katie…

  • scott ny'er

    @Alexa: Agreed. So terrible.

    I couldn’t believe that after all the hype it was just mugging and bad lip-synching. She can kick high tho. I’ll give her that.

    That was pretty embarrassing I think.

  • edgyguy1426

    Ahhh it was ok…sashay….sashay…get lifted…land on feet…sashay…get lifted… it really wasn’t a mess…

  • SteamPunk

    OMG, I loved it!

  • GranDiva

    Small detail:
    The union-mandated appearance fee that Katie Holmes donated (a little over $700) came from 19 Entertainment/Dick Clark Productions, the So You Think You Can Dance producers. The donation was made to Dizzyfeet, which is explicitly not the same entity, but a separate 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, in which the thoroughly obnoxious Nigel Lythgoe and three others are principals. It was neither Nigel’s money to give nor receive, as Nigel is only an employee of 19 Entertainment, albeit an executive-level employee (President of TV Production, if memory serves).

    Beyond that, the “performance” really stunk to high heaven.

  • Random Gay Guy

    Whatever happened to just giving money and guest judging? That was really bad. SYTYCD should take a page from AI. If you are promoting your charity with performances, at least require the performers to have a minimum amount of talent. Is Katie trying to branch off into musical theater or something? First Eli Stone, and now this train wreck. If I didn’t believe Judy Garland has risen from the dead and is actively trying to throw Katie out of a window, I would think she was rolling over. Liza, time to shine for mama.

    Free Katie!….or Break her legs.

  • BobP

    That was painful to watch. Someone should tell her to stop it.

  • Mark

    I told her to stop and promptly received a letter from the law firm of Hubbard, Xenu and Xenu.

    I give up.

  • Dawson

    What a bunch of rude people on this site. Katie was fine and promoting something she truly believes in. What’s wrong with that? They promoted it so that people like all those who have been so rude here would watch and hopefully donate and draw attention to something helpful. There is nothing wrong with that. Is she the greatest dancer in the world? I don’t think that is even the point. What did you expect her to be a prima ballerina? What you are showing is how shallow and stupid you are by your need to feel so hollier then thou. Grow up. If someone is doing something worthwild give them a little credit. Sometimes being a gay man can be embarrashing when you see how small the community can be at times. What is the point in being so mean? Why not show your true character and show some grace for someone who is doing something positive. Being bitchy says more about you then anything else. I bet you have very few true friends.

  • Otto_Erotica

    This was the MOST significant gay story since the Michael Urie ‘outing’ incident and QUEERTY, You dropped the ball!

    Katie has already scored the Gay Gold Star with her husband. Why would she need any other gays?? A better angle would have been, WHO SUGGESTED THAT AMERICA’S FAVORITE GAY-WIFE SHOULD EVEN DO A JUDY IMPERSONATION!!! Did Tom say, ‘God, you know what would be great?? You dressed up as Judy Garland! She’s the coolest singer since Carol Channing!”

    Or an even better scenario is that a fag on the show said, ‘Katie Holmes? Ha! What’s she gonna do? A Judy impersonation?’

    This proves that the TomKat is the gayest combo since Sigfried & Roy.

  • Jack

    The real story is that today’s reality shows will pimp anywhere to fill time on their shows. It did crack me up that Mrs. Cruise “donated her fee”. Like who would pay Catie anything if her name was Jane Lipshitz? (My apologies to Jane…)

  • Pete Acton

    To osocubano:

    You are an ignorant a-hole. What, were you born in 1980 who, like most your age, know nothing of art, culture or music. Your knowledge start and ends with Madonna and Britney. Hence the reason I don’t date you guys. They are stupid as can be. Have nothing to talk about and can barely read.

    So dumbfuck, you might want to go investigate not just gay history but musical history and the fact that generations around the world think Judy Garland infinitely more talented then drug addled douche bag Michael Jackson, whose televised death we are supposed to be somehow saddened by. Oh, and I’m 36 in case you want to know my age.

    Also, Katie Holmes is a beard for gay-for-play Tom Cruise and his Scientology cult. She’s a nobody, a nothing. A whore basically.

  • TANK

    judy garland blew! She was fuckin’ mediocre. But this…wow, katie holmes does a great job blending into white walls, or disappearing behind bland curtains…she should stick to that. Usually, she’s far too boring to be noticeable, but this was terrible.

  • BigTony

    The reason people are picking on Katie is that she is putting herself out there to be picked on. She goes on a show that has very talented contestants and she can barely keep the beat?!
    Either, she is not very bright, or she has a terrible PR people….I believe the latter, but probably a little of both (she is involved with a cult follower).

  • Joshua

    SUUUUUUUCKED! I agree with the above poster who said that if you want to pay tribute to Judy you need to be REALLY good. I don’t mean to pick on someone, but you’re singing a Judy Garland song for god’s sake. She’s one of if not THE most definitive voices in American history and you need to be able to keep up with that kind of amazing. Either do that or change the song completely to fit your voice, but don’t do a crappy knock off and call it an homage.

    Final thought… I think I’ll go watch the original since it’s too amazing to duplicate. :P

  • TANK

    IF you want to pay tribute to judy garland, marry a gay guy, drink a lot of alcohol and abuse a child by making it go to countless auditions, eventually selling it to a studio. Dakota Fanning is a judy garland tribute…not very good, but a tribute.

  • SM

    Just another thread where bottom feeder gays bash straight people.

  • TANK


    Those straight people are constantly being victimized by those awful gays! It’s terrible! Appropriating terminology to connote serious instances of violence and oppression to characterize the oppressors…check… religious rightwing propaganda…check. WIth allies like you, who needs opposition?

  • SM


    No TANK…you fuck off.

    I have to DEFEND gay people I like in my everyday life because of FUCK UPS LIKE YOU!


    Karma is a BITCH TANK

  • TANK


    This isn’t my blog. And you have to defend gay people in your everyday life? LOL! Time to get new friends.

  • TANK


    Oh, by the way, you must do a horrible job of defending gay people if all you can do is call them bigoted toward straights simply because straight people deny them their rights…what are the chances? LOL!

  • SM


    I stick up for LGBT people everwhere I go. IDIOT.

    You are the loser that is here 24/7. You and your multiple online personalities.

    You know you are a joke when you life is acting like a hotshot on

  • SM


    How about I start printing out the articles and comments here. Everytime I hear LGBT people complain about being called something, I’ll hand them a copy and tell them not to feel bad because LGBT people DO IT TO.

    You all are worse than all the straight people I’ve ever encountered COMBINED.

  • TANK


    You must run in some pretty bigoted circles. And by that, I mean you chase your tail….ZING!!!!!!!!!

  • TANK


    But you’re really bigoted toward gay people. Your brother who has aids and is gay (I don’t even know if that’s true…) must be really happy to never talk to you, and hang up the phone when you call him to blame him for his predicament and call him a bigot.

  • SM


    I run in bigoted circles? Hardly, ASSWIPE.

    I’m not a coward who has to hide and I can stick up for LGBT people ANYWHERE…walking down the street to the fact I have family in a Conservative state.

    Someone has to have the SPINE to go into Conservative areas and speak up for LGBT becase we all know you all were too LAZY to show up for No On Prop 8.

  • TANK


    that’ll do, pig that’ll do.

  • SM


    Karma is a bitch TANK.

    I think that will go on my next sign for a Marriage Equality rally.

    You are such a low class insult to the LGBT community. I feel sorry for you ass.

  • TANK


    Your parents named you karma? How ironic.

  • TANK


    No, I don’t think calling yourself a bitch will play very well for marriage equality.

  • SM


    TANK…I’ve had the spine to speak up for LGBT people in many places where you all are TOO CHICKEN TO GO.

    Nothing you can ever post online will effect me. I’ve looked people in the eye that you all are too fraidy cat to meet or live openly around and I speak my mind.


  • SM


    You thrive on HATE. Dude…post all the links you want. I will NEVER click on them.

    You are such a little badass TANKY hiding behind your computer!

  • schlukitz


    A copy and paste from one of SM’s posts.

    bottom feeder gays.

    I love the way SM reprimands us for bashing straights, while she bashes gays.

    If she could only hear herself.

  • schlukitz


    You all are worse than all the straight people I’ve ever encountered COMBINED.

    Then why don’t you just drop us like a hot potato, start minding your own business and get on with your own fucked-up straight life?


  • Cam

    @SM: You said “@TANK:

    I stick up for LGBT people everwhere I go. IDIOT.”

    You are a liar. I live in a political town, I work in a political town, I’ve worked in some incredibly straight homophobic areas and even I don’t have to defend gay people 24/7. So ONCE AGAIN, you managed to turn all your posts into “Look at how great a person I am, look how wonderful I am for telling people not to hate the dirty, sick queers.” It’s a shame that we couldn’t just give you a gigantic parade and a medal of honor for everything you have to go through. You poor poor thing. Using your words must be SO much more difficult for you than not having civil rights are is us.

  • Cam

    Oh, and Lastly, They said that Katie had been working with Broadway Coeographer Tice D. for months and months to get this one routine ready. Look at the link I’m posting here. How is it that several hundred prisoners in a Filipino jail can learn to dance better in a few weeks WITHOUT a world class coreographer, than Katie holmes can in nearly a year with th4e best teachers in the world?

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