Should We Get Ready To Kiss Marriage Equality In Iowa Goodbye?

If you like operatic music and the insinuation that Iowa’s pro-equality judges and legislators are a bunch of job-killing and baby murderers, you’ll love this Iowa ad from the same right-wing consultants that advise Rick Santorum. The ad seeks to persuade Iowans to elect Republican Cindy Golding over Democrat Liz Mathis—if Cindy Golding gets elected, you can kiss Iowa’s marriage equality bye-bye.

In 2010, Iowa voters ousted the three Iowa Justices who joined the unanimous 2009 Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage.

During the same elections, Democratic control of the Iowa Senate dropped from 27-22 to 26-24. Then this September, Democratic Senator Swati Dandekar announced her resignation. Her district—which is almost evenly split between registered elephants and donkeys—will either to either Mathis or Golding in a special November 8th election.

If Golding wins, it will be a lot easier for state Republicans to try and pass a ballot measure allowing Iowans to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision as early as June 2013. Golding’s spokesperson has already said that Golding thinks Iowans should have a voice in the matter.

The phrase you are looking for right now is, “Awww, crap.”

Via Towleroad