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“Shouldn’t Barack Obama already be our ‘first gay President’ due to his liberal policies pushing the homosexual agenda?”

SOUNDBITES — “According to a recent 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll, 50% of respondents said they would support an openly gay person to serve as president. 44% said they were opposed. However if it was argued during his two terms in office that Bill Clinton was ‘our first black President’ because of his supposed liberal policies that would benefit African-Americans (though I’m not quite sure what President Clinton did, that he wasn’t forced to do, that would benefit any minority except for Chinese monks with political donations to spend.) With that argument shouldn’t Barack Obama already be our ‘first gay President’ due to his liberal policies pushing the homosexual agenda?” —The Family Research Council, arguing Obama is doing too much for the gays (via)

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  • Michael

    Um, The Family Research Council is a bit too late to this party since America has already had their first gay president with James Buchanan. Good ol’Abe, along with Washington himself, and even the beloved JFK are rumored to have been bisexuals. Hell, there’s even rumors via Chicago Obama cheated on Michelle with another man.

  • PopSnap

    this just in: conservative republicans said a thing.

  • Steve

    Barack Obama has been pushing the homosexual agenda?

    That’s a laugh. If he had been doing any such thing, something would have been done by now. Something like repeal of DADT, perhaps. At the very least, the medical bill just passed could have removed the extra tax from insurance benefits for couples.

    The Mathew Sheppard act doesn’t count. I’m sure it made Mrs. Sheppard feel good. But, it does nothing for any living gay person.

  • reason

    The Family Research council is so far off the chart, they believe anyone with a (D) next to their name, albeit a blue dog, is far left.

  • Pip

    Clinton was called “the first black President” because of his cultural affiliation with black Americans. It had nothing to do with his ‘supposed liberal policies’ or whatever. Stupid Family Research Council.

  • jason

    I think most American Presidents were at least bisexual in orientation. However, they lived in a world with stigma. Stigma, stigma, stigma. The male-male interaction is heavily stigmatized, even today.

  • Brown Gay Al

    What has this president done other than empty gay Democrats pockets and leaving them with little hope? Organize parties in conjuction with the HRC. LOL.

  • Cam

    How said john McCain must feel that more people said they would vote for a gay president than voted for him.

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