SHOWBIZ: Will Smith On “The Kiss,” Etheridge’s Ex, The Great Gatsby And More

Last night on The Late Show, Men in Black 3 star Will Smith explained to David Letterman why he bitch-slapped an amorous male reporter on the red carpet in Moscow.“He says, ‘I’m you’re biggest fan, can I have a hug?’ So I go to give this joker a hug, and he tries to lean in and kiss me… That’s why his ass got [struck].” [CBS]

Former flames Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels have cooled down their feud long enough to work out a joint-custody arrangement for their 5-year-old twins, Rose and Miller. Michaels had claimed her $23,000-a-month stipend wasn’t enough to live on. In an rambling blogpost, in which she facetiously referred to herself as a “gold digger,” Michaels wrote “u can pay the rest of your household needs from the spliced-over remnants of the stipend:. doctors, dentists, groceries, gas, clothing an adult and 2 growing kids, school stuff, utilities, misc. bills, a babysitter if needed… and if you run out before the 1st… you have friends you can borrow $.02 from for those last few days.” [TMZ]

Openly gay Italian artist Claudio Bindella is getting molto positive attention for his homoerotic paintings depicting nubile lads frolicking naked, with comparisons to classic Venetian painters like Veronese and Tintoretto. “Sometimes people ask me why I don’t paint landscapes, female nudes, and all that traditional stuff,” he tells the Advocate. “I suspect that they ask me because they feel uncomfortable with the content of my work, but that’s their problem, not mine.” [Advocate]

Eternally vibrant diva Joan Collins, who turned 79 years young this week, is selling her Upper East Side apartment for a cool $2.2 million. “The first thing Joan said when we walked in was, ‘I bet you’ll want me to take down all the pictures of me, ’” said realtor and Selling New York host Tom Postilio. “[I said] ‘Absolutely not. We’re going to glam it up even more.’” Joan still has digs in London, Los Angeles and the South of France. [NY Daily News]

Baz Luhrman’s 3-D version of The Great Gatsby will either be his Titanic or his Titanic in 3-D. Discuss.

Photo: Joan Collins 

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  • Daez

    Impossible to live on a $23,000 a month stipend? There are way to many people that live on $23,000 a year that they actually have to do work to earn. I’m sure Melissa probably pays for the nanny to actually raise these children, so exactly what does this bitch do to earn a penny?

  • hunnylvr

    Oh here we go again.. the loud mouths who see only a partial picture, sitting back and judging and right away slinging names. Really mature. Really classy. Here’s a thought: you don’t know the whole story and this has played out ad nauseum in the “news”. It’s going to be spun this way and that, but here’s a little factoid that might put it into perspective. Melissa hauls in over $175k PER MONTH. As her ex-wife, Tammy is ENTITLED to half that. End of story. This isn’t about what Tammy can or can’t “live on”. And, she’s not a “bitch”.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Why is Will Smith acting like some ghetto street tough, when he was a wealthy suburban kid, and now a pampered celebrity? Someone needs to remind him that he only plays tough guys in movies.

    And the only good film adaption of The Great Gatsby was the 1974 version.

  • Karl

    Will Smith needs to remember the reason no-one wants to see his shitty movies anymore is because they are designed to push his own philosophy on how to live your life, his way. That stupid film with his bratty son where he told everyone how to raise his son…who the hell does he think he is, on British television last week he did a chat show with the legend Tom Jones and wouldnt let him get a word in edgeways – prick.
    And all his movies have the same phrase…OH MY GOD! over and over again.
    Now hes shitting his pants on Letterman over that slap in case anyone thinks hes homophobic.

  • anthony

    As a kid from the only white family in Will Smith’s West Philly neighborhood when we were both growing up I can assure you it was NOT the suburbs. And as the only one of my 3 brothers who was not involved in one of the areas street gangs who watched lots of of funeral processions for our peers -from gang related violence, I can totally see why Will still has the swagger and reacts like that. I still find myself involuntarily strolling and giving the mad dog face when I go back home to visit my dad.

    Now as to speciafically why he slapped dude for kissing him, thats a whole nother thing. As some one who doesnt know Will I can only speculate the dude’s actions were a little too close for comfort in one way or another.

  • jason

    Will Smith is a stupid little pig. He’s a rich black guy who’s not at all in tune with the ordinary black person.

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