SHOWBIZ: Playgirl Reunion, Adele Does Bond?, Scissor Sisters, And More!

The May 29 issue of Playgirl might look familiar to longtime fans of the magazine: Cover model Robert Monzi first posed in the July 1998 issue and then again as 1999’s Man of the Year.  The years have be good to him, no? [Playgirl]

British pop star Adele might be the latest Bond girl: Rumors has it the “Rolling in the Deep” singer will contribute the theme song the upcoming James Bond flick, Skyfall. “There was talk of Adele lending her voice to the spy franchise in 2008 for Quantum of Solace, but since 2011 was such a huge year for Adele, Skyfall seems much more likely,” reports UK mag Attitude. [Attitude]

Have you picked up a copy of the Scissor Sisters‘ new album, Magic Hour, yet? Tickets for the band’s upcoming tour are going fast. [Scissor Sisters]

The gay newsmagazine series In the Life is debuting its June Pride month episode, “Orgullo Latino,” with a look at the Latino LGBT community in America, including profiles of Extreme Makeover designer Eduardo Xol, CNN News anchor Jane Velez-Mitchell, singer-actor Ricky Martin and Daniel Hernandez, who bravely protected Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords during the 2011 Tuscon shooting. [In the Life]