Showdown In Budapest!

Budapest’s gays are going to have a complicated pride. Not only are they currently fearing for their lives after two bomb attacks, but revelers will now have to contend with anti-gay activists, who have been given a permit to march alongside the pride parade.

Far-right activists György Budaházy and László Toroczkai made an online appeal on for “Hungarian patriots” to go to Oktogon in Budapest on 5 July to demonstrate against this year’s gay pride event.

“We will not tolerate foreign perverts of whatever colour forcing their alien and sick world onto Hungary,” they wrote on the website.

The Rendszerváltó Fórum (System Change Forum) has been given permission to demonstrate on the same day and along the same route as the Gay Pride parade.

On its website the organisation says that it is organising a parade of what it describes as “healthy and morally acceptable people” to show that Hungary’s future is secured by “productive pair relationships, reproducing and well-functioning families”.

Budapest Police spokeswoman Éva Tafferner said that the police will do everything in its power to prevent attacks on homosexuals and clashes between demonstrators and counter-demonstrators.

Somehow we doubt that…