Shrien Dewani’s Wife Was Killed In A Car Jacking. Here Come The Rumors He’s Gay, And Ordered The Hit

Shrien Dewani, a British businessman with a net worth probably that’s probably got a few more zeroes than yours, lost his wife Anni during a car jacking-turned-murder while on holiday in South Africa. Cue the allegations that Shrien had his wife killed because he’s gay.

In a Nov. 13 car jacking, Shrien, 30, says the assailants let him flee but took his 28-year-old wife, whose body was lady found in the car. She had been shot in the neck, hand, and chest. But Shrien’s story about how they wound up in that fatal scenario has raised some waxed brows.

There have been certain inconsistencies in Mr Dewani’s account of the ambush. He told one newspaper that Mrs Dewani had wanted to see “the real Africa”. However, he later told another reporter it was the idea of the driver to make the detour. Mr Dewani also spoke of how his attackers “forced me out the back of the passenger window as the car was moving”. In another interview he said the car was stationary when he was bundled out. In the same interview he added that he and his wife had been held for 40 minutes before he was bundled out, 20 minutes longer than in his first account. Since the murder he has repeatedly denied that he had any involvement in his wife’s death and was allowed to leave South Africa by police four days after the murder.

The couple’s driver is on the hook for the murder, already sentenced to 18 years. But the driver insisted in court that Shrien gave him roughly USD$2,200 to hire a hitman because he wanted to get rid of his new bride, whom Shrien was supposedly forced to marry under pressure from his family. (He’d been engaged once before, but broke it off.)

And while Shrien’s newly hired celebrity publicist Max Clifford says the gay gossip is a farce (“Every day there is a different rumour and just about all of them are as nonsensical as this one”), South African investigators continue to look into his story, including the part where a flight attendant witnessed Anni break into tears when Shrien refused to sit with her during a Bombay wedding night flight. The couple, who were engaged in June after meeting while Anni was visiting a cousin in Britain, wed in Mumbai in a traditional Hindu ceremony before jetting off for their South African honeymoon.

Which ended horribly.