Shrine Asks Gay Author To Leave Lay Positions After Risqué Memoir

For years lawyer Scott Pomfret has worshiped and worked within Boston’s St. Anthony Shrine.

And, during those years, Pomfret made no secret of his homosexuality, activism or love of erotic fiction, which he co-authors with his boyfriend (pictured).

The Shrine’s Franciscan Friars seemed to have no problem accepting Pomfret and his boyfriend, but things got sticky when Pomfret published his personal memoirs.

In those pages, entitled Since My Last Confession, Pomfret not only declares his love for the church, but asserts that some Boston-based clergy may be getting down with dudes…

The book suggests that some local clergy, who are given fictional names, are sexually active, and is mocking toward Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley, the archbishop of Boston. The shrine’s executive director, the Rev. David Convertino, said some people had expressed concern about the appropriateness of Pomfret’s role at the church.

“There were people who felt it was incompatible for someone to stand up publicly and say, ‘I’m a pornographer, and I’m a lector at St. Anthony Shrine,’ ” Convertino said. “There’s a public stance that he’s taking, and it seems that most of this is to sell the book.”

Thus, as a bit of punishment, the Shrine, which does not operate under the broader Archdiocese of Boston, asked Pomfret to not step down from several leadership roles, including training laymen and his position as adviser to the social justice ministries.


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  • Psychofag

    Is that news?…EVERYBODY in Boston knows that the Franciscan monks get down and dirty….not only those, but also the one on Harvard Sq., on Memorial Drive…

  • Darth Paul

    Is that a Pierre & Gilles?

  • Trenton

    Barf. What a bunch of sensational crap…and that cover makes me want to vomit through my eye sockets.

    The church is within their rights to have him step down…and I would, too, if I were they. If, for instance, he had written an expose in a plain, documentary-style fashion, they would of course ask him to relinquish his position. It doen’t matter that he wrapped it in a layer of treacle and slapped a bizarro-Danielle Steele cover on it. In fact, that he concealed names and facts to protect those that would have been implicated only speaks to his duplicity. He was’t clever enough to come up with his own stories, so he used theirs, and yet he did not want to out any religious hypocrites because they are his buddies.


  • msafavid

    No suprise from a homophobic church w/ closeted gay clergy. It’s interesting action from an organization that has a history of protecting child raping clergy. Never mind that most Catholic priests our closet cases.

  • Insideguy

    Oh, Jesus, more Catholic hypocrisy.

  • AZgaybe

    if being gay is fucked up to some being catholic is worse!!!!!!! let us all join churches with archaic believes and say we’re gay-STUPID!

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